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  1. The gauges were working when the starter was not. Starter connections look good. Found a loose ground and tightened it up.
  2. I get power to all gauges, CD player, etc. I will check the starter. I have some other strange electrical stuff happening. Oil pressure gauge bounces with the turn signal click. Radio crackles and sometimes dies when I break. Gets clear when I accelerate. Now she is starting up just fine. Like it never happened.
  3. Now that’s a slick ride! Inspiring. I love the 4x4 center console. 🤙
  4. I stopped for gas on my way to work this morning. After my tank was filled, I went to fire her up, and I had nothing. My battery and starter were replaced a month ago, so I know they are solid. When trying to start her there was just nothing. No sounds or indication that anything was happening. As luck would have it, a friendly old timer “Nissan guy” offed to give me a push so I could pop the clutch. I popped it and it made some noises but didn’t go, and didn’t seem very encouraging. Got parked to figure out my next move, Nissan guy says “crank it now” I did and she started up. I drove 45min to work. When I took the key out I figured I would try to start it. Nothing. Got pulled to a spot where I was going to try popping the clutch, before we even attempted that I tried cranking it. Boom, fired up. What’s your take? Where should I start looking? I live in Oregon and it’s been raining a lot. She has been my daily drive for about 6 years. Just hit 200,000 last week. Thank you!
  5. I see. They have been torn for a while. Either way I’ll have to pull the whole axle if I’m understanding you. You make a good point for repairing them. Do the manual hubs come apart with the removal of the snap rings? my Hanes manual mentions using a magnet to separate the driven clutch from the the free running hub. Thanks for the help🤙
  6. The boots tore. So I can really just clean, grease and re boot? That’s great news. I asked the mechanic that and he looked at me like I was a nut. Is that all that’s wrong with them you reckon?
  7. I found the drive axles. Does anyone have any advice for a first time cv axel job? Is there any tricks to taking the manual hub apart?
  8. I need some advice friends. I have an 84 720 4x4. I got a quote from a shop to replace my cv axels, upper and lower ball joints and front shocks. There is other work that needs to be done but this has been deemed the priority. I am a novice when it comes to working on trucks. I have done some small jobs and enjoy learning about it. I was entertaining the idea of doing the ball joints, cv axels and front shocks myself. I have been reading the Hanes repair manual and watching YouTube videos. Is this a job a newb could pull off with proper tools and guidance? Should I just cough up the loot and know it’s been done by a professional? Thanks for your thoughts and opinions.
  9. Hello, little update/ hoping someone can point me in the right direction. I tried yet again to free my front pipe from the manifold with a huge breaker bar. All I managed to do was sheer off one bolt. I’m still needing to do the shop vac test. A question I have is what are some good options if I end up replacing the manifold with a header. I would like to keep the emissions system intact (I think I do anyways) so I’m looking for a manifold that will accommodate the egr tube and the other two tubes. Please drop that knowledge :) I learned to weld so I could do my own exhaust a while back. It’s ugly but it freaking works and saved me a few hundred bucks. I reused all my old pipe and it fits a little funny now. Thinking I could pull it all out and weld in some new pipe and install the header. Just lack experience here and am wary to order anything with out knowing it will work. Sorry for any stupidity. And thanks so much for the help.
  10. Oh man, let me know if you grab that. I was going to try and get the cash together and swoop it. I would grab the brush guard and some other stuff for sure!
  11. Rat baby

    Lack of tach.

    Sprayed down the whole carb big time with cleaner. Lots of gunk came off and right away she was idling at 700. It’s been about a week and I notice the idle is creeping back up to the 1k mark. Still purring nice though.
  12. Very helpful. The shocks I was looking at said they would lift my rig 1-2” but now I understand what I’m really after is something to help under load. The last load of wood I got had me bouncing big time. Not very fun. Don’t like to strain my old girl. Would I just need bags on the back or would they be needed up front too?
  13. I have an 84 720. She is my daily driver and work truck. I make trips with heavy loads of fire wood, soil and gravel. My rig is all stock and I run 15” tires. Hoping I can get a small lift from the right shocks. Any feedback is greatly appreciated!
  14. Rat baby

    Lack of tach.

    Ok right on. I’m doing a carb inspection today. Cleaned it a week ago and man it sure liked that.
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