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Anybody have a spare W58, U67, open chamber A87 or 210 head in decent shape please let me know. My lil bro bought a "running/driving" 521 from a well known dude in Arizona & turns out the head is cracked. Been one thing after another with this one so I'm trying to help him out. Poor guy is working double's at the local State Mental Hospital as a Psych Tech so, as you can imagine, he's pretty stressed out as it is. Having his beloved 521 down is a real golden stream in his Cheerios.

Need a decent replacement asap as this is/was his daily driver!


Please let me know what you have.





Thanks a bunch.VideoCapture_20211029-182927.thumb.jpg.4f88a712e5942a673d893e63067270cb.jpg



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While any L head will fit and work, the L16 really needs a smaller combustion 210 head. Even a peanut chamber head is larger and drops the compression to 8.2 while the much larger A87/ W58 or U67 will drop it to 7.72. Like I said they will work but not very efficient. Try to find a 210 'number head'.



It's an L20b in there

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I think Mike will agree........L20B you should use a large INTAKE PORT head ie W58, U60, U67............not a small port 210.  What is the casting # on the top of the rear intake runner?  An L20B should be a W58 which is a big intake port manifold.


What EXHAUST MANIFOLD is on it?  Early cast iron square port, later round port OR a tubular header?


Are you looking for a head to simply install (NOT recommended if USED) or just a head CORE that you guys would rebuild?

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  Chances are the L20B probably has the stock 521 exhaust manifold anyway. Angela, if an L20B you want an open chamber head like a U67 or W58, even an A87. The W58 has round exhaust ports but will work with a square port exhaust manifold.


What you don't want is a 210 head unless temporary as it bumps the compression to 9.3. I used a 210 head on my L20B back in the '70s but gas was way better back then.

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