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  1. Dang, you guys are right. These kits are nutso pricing. I'll sell mine if someone truly needs them, since I want to change out to balljoints. Send me a DM. Show special of $100?
  2. Pretty sure I got a kingpin kit from Rock Auto last year for like $50...
  3. Sorry to revive this, but does anyone have a good method of taking these oem style mirrors apart? I just bought 2 off ebay, and want to get them apart to model or reproduction casting
  4. Would this cause the popping/clicking/hanging up feeling I get when I'm disengaging the clutch? It's fine going in, but when I let it out, it's like it hits a burr or something, then click/pops out
  5. If it makes you feel better, I bought my truck for $1100, spent $4000 to get it here from California, then spent another couple hundred on ignition parts and a battery (since every used car ever comes with a shot battery), and then another $3000 to do body work (which looks like crap) and reupholster the seat. Let's not talk about buying panels that are garbage, from Greece, or the wheel and tires. Basically, I will NEVER get what I paid for this truck, back. I'll never sell it, and I love it to death. I just try not to think about the money.
  6. I've got luk brand on mine I think. Just make sure to get one that has the exact same position for the hard lines. I had to take one back off because I didn't realize it was wrong. Of course, it likely because at the time, I thought my truck was a 74 instead of 76... Still! Make positive before you waste the time waiting.
  7. Correct. Looks like a broken link. I like to use imgbb for hosting. Might want to try that.
  8. We had the same issue bleeding mine. Fought with it for a couple days. I finally decided to just start loosening it and suddenly, we shot brake fluid 6 feet across the driveway. Made us feel like idiots.
  9. Looks like your picture is dead, friend. You can buy throttle linkage kits on eBay and whatnot. Obviously, you'd have to make it work, but at least you'd be using components made for the purpose.
  10. Have you looked at my pictures in the other latest wheel/spacers thread? I'm running 15x10 wheels with big wide tires and have no issues with rubbing. You just have to get the right offset wheel and you should be fine.
  11. ducky

    3d printing

    Possibly. I know I'll be posting in here with anything I want to announce. I also started an instagram for my "business". @featherlight.industries Last night, I posted my fender emblems on thingiverse. My issue will likely be that I'm running out of stuff that's easily made and even less that are easily printed. The dash has a curvature to it, and therefore would likely need someone to scan it, fix mesh issues, the cut it up for easiest printing. The results would be worth it, but I just don't have that skill. If anyone wants me to MAKE a part for any vehicle, they'd ne
  12. ducky

    3d printing

    Hey Morris. I linked a file earlier in the thread. You could just follow me on through there if you'd like. I'll post stuff on there as I complete it.
  13. If you're interested in different emblems, I'll be posting pictures of what I've designed and 3d printed in the next week on Instagram. I'd be willing to send you a set as a gift/tester
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