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Datsun A10 or compatible manual pedal box

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Looking for a pedal box for a manual swap. would also be willing to buy any other components for the swap

Redmond - United States

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Look on your A10 just to the side of the brake master. Is there a cover plate where the clutch master would be on a manual car? Cover plate held on by two vertically set studs with nuts???



The cover plate for where the master cylinder goes? i already have that taken off. do I not need a whole pedal box? i thought they weren't interchangeable?

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i think, Mikes talking about the cover to keep rain out..  5speed pedal box is different that 4 speed one.. you could weld some stuff on but not that easy as early cars have it.. they just add bolt and pedals.. 


this is what a 5speed box looks like 




NOT FOR SAILING ,,, it's in a wagon already. 






pics taken from here








What is the difference between the 4 and 5-speed pedal box? I have a 5-speed. Are they both interchangeable? and do you know if i would be able to just use the auto box with a pedal and its hardware?

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There isn't a lot of differences visually between manual and automatic pedal boxes. The brake pedal is different between manual and the wider automatic but the box may be the same and just needs the clutch pedal added. I don't know.


A picture of the left side of the pedal box where the clutch master hole is would clear this up. 


It's much easier to use the same pedal box and just add a clutch pedal and select auto or manual brake pedals. Again... I don't know but this would make more sense.



My main concern with using the stock auto box is that there is no pedal stopper to stop the clutch. Im sure this could be remedies with some fabrication but my skills are lacking in that department

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@Larsonian I thought you were going from automatic to 5speed ??  there is no difference whatsoever between 4 and 5 speed pedal boxes.. 


We used a 4 speed box out of that smashed green wagon in build thread ,, because we had automatic box in warthog to start..


  like I said ,, simply adding a bolt and correct pedals isn’t easy as older Datsuns … the manual box has an “extension” box welded on to it from factory for the clutch pedal ..

    We are pretty good at Jerry rigging stuff and thought adding a box to work would be tough . 

If you don’t have yours out yet.. I’ll dig around tomorrow to see if he threw auto pedal box away. To show comparisons. 

^^^^ It’s worded weird ,, but I’m talking to both of you at once .. if that makes sense 

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Dont quote me on this, but the auto box is pretty much similar to the manual with out the extra box on the side for the clutch and the auto brake pedal is curved further away from the gas pedal.


There is a auto wagon I could crawl under the dash but its far for 8pm lol


Wait, whaa.. 4 and 5 speed boxes are the same lol



Ok i was just wondering if there was a difference for the 4 and 5-speed boxes. I found somewhere that a b210 pedal box might fit?

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