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  1. zrex

    Oil dipstick

    Thanks mike, that’s the plan 4.5 quarters with filter. Cut and center punch the stick maybe break out the dremel and make a crosshatch below the center punch.
  2. zrex

    Oil dipstick

    Can anyone measure their oil dipstick please. I lost my dipstick stick for my 85 4x4. I’m using a dipstick from a 88 D21, I can feel when the dipstick reaches the bottom of the pan and starts to bend so I have a reference point where to cut the dipstick. Just want to verify the correct length as accurate as possible .. thanks
  3. Time Left: 10 days and 21 hours

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    Need a oil dipstick for my 85 4x4.. most be from a 4x4 ... thanks


  4. zrex

    Exhaust manifold gasket

    FYI .. I found a uncracked exhaust manifold from a 88 D21 works on my 85 4x4 .. had to plug one hole. Oil Drain plug from a late model Volkswagen works. So much better than the Chinese manifolds on eBay ..
  5. My 720 has been my daily driver for 10 years now. The one part that has broken multiple times is the hard line coming off the power steering reservoir. I Finally just welded the hard line back on the reservoir. Holding good no leaks. Anyway a quick easy fix ideal for anyone with the same issue.
  6. zrex

    Gas/brake pedals

    Easy solution, I keep a running shoe that I haven’t worn for 15 years in the truck. I just change the one shoe when I’m driving. So much more comfortable and pleasurable driving without fighting the pedals..
  7. zrex

    Gas/brake pedals

    Now that I’m driving my 620 more I need to do something with the pedal spacing. I have big feet size 14 xx wide.. the pedals are to close, i assume my only option is to pull the pedal box out and heat and bend pedals apart. I don’t have this problem in my 720 or my 240’s .. any suggestions ? Rex
  8. Anyone ever buy door latches from Thailand for a 620? Thanks Rex
  9. zrex

    78 kingcab

    its a good day .. Another Datsun truck passed the California smog check.. I bought this truck last week locally here in San diego.. Adjusted timing, changed oil, new plugs,cap,wires and adjusted the valves. Only smog part missing was the exhaust manifold heat shield that the carburator preheat pipe attaches too. Took the heat shield off a cracked manifold from my 720 and made it work... You see a big white guy driving a orange kingcab in east county its me.. I'm keeping this truck running no huge projects that take way to long to finish..
  10. zrex

    Chinese exhaust manifold

    I can see why you would ask that.. This exhaust manifold from China via eBay is the 2nd one I've gone through in 4 years. The original nissan manifold lasted 29 years.. The ones made in China last 2 years .. I'm speaking in regards to the quality of the manifolds sold on eBay for our trucks.. I'll keep pulling manifolds at pick your part and ecology until I find a uncracked one.
  11. zrex

    Chinese exhaust manifold

    Racerx, that was my first thought.I've pulled at least 5 manifolds this year and everyone of them had the same cracking on the back side of the manifold. Bummer !!
  12. After 10 years of daily driving I had to be towed home for the first time.. One of the plugs on my manifold worked its way off. I heard the exhaust leak and traffic was bad with no shoulder at that part of the freeway.so after 10 minutes of driving I pull over and my distributator cap is half melted. If you have one of those eBay manifolds that have the 2 plugs in them for the variations of our egr configurations. Check those threaten plugs they do work there way loose..
  13. My 85 720 4x4 Passed the California smog test today. These are the results at 15 mph HC ppm. Max 136 measured 21 CO %. Max .65 measured .03 NO ppm. Max 1101 measured 176 These are the 25 mph results HC ppm Max 108 measured 12 CO%. Max .82 measured 0.01 NO ppm Max 1151 measured 95 good for another 2 years..
  14. Warn hubs come up on eBay from time to time for our trucks. Brand new in the warn box I paid 200, fit was perfect ..
  15. zrex

    Ignition module wires

    I replaced my ignition module a few weeks ago and had noticed the wires from the module were chaffing against the bottom of the rotator.. Anyway cleaned everything up and all was good for a few weeks until this morning. The red wire caught the rotator and what a mess of wire strands.. I learned the hard way make sure the wires from the ignition module are tight and tucked in.
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