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  1. zrex

    Water pump Rock Auto

    An fyi regarding the ACDelco 252-018 water pump. The front machining of the pump doesn’t have the correct step down for the alternator bracket. At least on my 85, I probably could of used a cut off wheel to remove enough material to get the bracket on but decided not to. First time I’ve had a Rock Auto part not fit out of the box.
  2. 85 4x4 stock wheels and tire size. Perfectly flat freeway speed 70- 75 on a good day. 50-55 on a 4% grade Completely stock engine, also been using Shell Rotella T4 for a few years now.
  3. zrex

    W58 head

    Time Left: 8 days and 8 hours

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    Looking for a w58 head .. I’m in SoCal thanks


  4. zrex

    W58 head

    Didn’t consider coolant in the exhaust pipe before I pulled the head off the 2nd time.
  5. zrex

    W58 head

    My 620 was puking coolant out the exhaust. Pulled the head expecting a blown head gasket, gasket looked good however. Cleaned the head and block surfaces and put in a new gasket. 30 seconds after start up clouds of coolant again. Pulled the head off again used a machinist straight edge to measure flatness of the head. A couple of things there’s a small crack between the valves on #3 and between cylinder numbers 2 and 3 I’m measuring a 6 thousandths valley. This is on my 78 so I still need to smog every 2 years. I have a real good A87 in the garage, will the A87 head without those steal liners work with those exhaust tubes? Another question is that crack a game over for the W58 head ? Not a large crack it’s a hair line but clearly visible.. thanks for any input
  6. I never had good luck with the Dorman/Chinese exhaust manifolds. After pulling several manifolds that had the same cracking i found a 88 hardbody that wasn’t cracked.
  7. Bummer!! Thieves suck ! Hope you get your truck back..
  8. zrex

    Bottomwatchers 720

    Looking good sir !!
  9. Safe for 2 more years my 85 4x4 made passed smog again. Hoping the Bill in the house to make 83 and older vehicles smog exempt passes. Very doubtful I realize but you never know.
  10. zrex

    Oil dipstick

    Thanks mike, that’s the plan 4.5 quarters with filter. Cut and center punch the stick maybe break out the dremel and make a crosshatch below the center punch.
  11. zrex

    Oil dipstick

    Can anyone measure their oil dipstick please. I lost my dipstick stick for my 85 4x4. I’m using a dipstick from a 88 D21, I can feel when the dipstick reaches the bottom of the pan and starts to bend so I have a reference point where to cut the dipstick. Just want to verify the correct length as accurate as possible .. thanks
  12. Time Left: 3 days and 10 hours

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    Need a oil dipstick for my 85 4x4.. most be from a 4x4 ... thanks


  13. zrex

    Exhaust manifold gasket

    FYI .. I found a uncracked exhaust manifold from a 88 D21 works on my 85 4x4 .. had to plug one hole. Oil Drain plug from a late model Volkswagen works. So much better than the Chinese manifolds on eBay ..
  14. My 720 has been my daily driver for 10 years now. The one part that has broken multiple times is the hard line coming off the power steering reservoir. I Finally just welded the hard line back on the reservoir. Holding good no leaks. Anyway a quick easy fix ideal for anyone with the same issue.
  15. zrex

    Gas/brake pedals

    Easy solution, I keep a running shoe that I haven’t worn for 15 years in the truck. I just change the one shoe when I’m driving. So much more comfortable and pleasurable driving without fighting the pedals..
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