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  1. When the truck is warmed up and idling, should the screw sit on the last step of the cam, or should the screw be floating?
  2. ethree0

    Datsun 620 tach tachometer

    Time Left: 8 days and 8 hours

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    Testing the waters to see if anyone has or is willing to parts with a tachometer. Send me a message if you’ve got one.


  3. ethree0

    Front Disc brakes LOCKED 1979 620

    Thanks guys. I’ll have a look at it tonight! More info soon!
  4. ethree0

    Front Disc brakes LOCKED 1979 620

    Searched, couldn't find the exact answer i was looking for. Recently purchased this truck, and everything while "original" was pretty tired. I bled the brakes on all four, and even went ahead and installed a rebuilt master cylinder (3/4") on the truck (everything was spongy after the bleed). Everything seemed fine and I even had the truck on the highway without issue. Drove it fine the day before the issue started up, but now the front calipers seem locked on the front discs. Drove it about 8 minutes without too much issue (albeit dragging slightly), but on the drive back the fronts began to smoke and rolling is pretty much out of the question. Any insight on this? I found a different post earlier, but this doesn't seem to exactly answer my particular question. thanks in advance.
  5. Looking for a decent-good shape early front grill with badge. I have a nice shape late grill with a decent badge, but I’m either up for trading or buying the early grill and badge outright.
  6. ethree0

    New member: ‘79 standard cab, short bed

    All good! Took only a day! Happy to be here tho!
  7. Hi everyone. Recently purchased my first Datsun pickup. This is the first Japanese vehicle I’ve owned, coming from the E30 BMW world (still own one). Found a decent body ‘79 pickup, has a decent body and needs a little love. I have been working on getting things kind of back to regular, and luckily with this site along with a factory manual have been able to address a good number of things. Still have plenty of questions tho. Nice to have finally joined, and hopefully there are still active members on here!

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