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Datsun 1200 Sets World Record

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Recap of the Invitational a week ago at Portland International Raceway. If you recall it was about inviting gasoline powered cars to race the electrics. I got my Datsun beat by two battery powered cars, but at least one of those was another Datsun :-)


Saturday a week ago - July 14, 2007 - a Datsun 1200 set a new world record for fastest street-legal electric car: 11.4 seconds @ 114 mph. See that race here:


In the left lane: a Zilla-powered Datsun 1200.

In the right line: our own Ggzilla's Nissan-powered Datsun 1200.




Pics of last Saturday's racing at PIRPhotogal

Air under the tires IMG_2192.JPGIMG_2200.JPG Air above the tires

IMG_2206.JPGIMG_2312.JPGIMG_2205.JPG racing a Geo Metro

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i might get to go for a ride in it or maybe even drive it.(i was told at a party) The driver of the car are friends of some freinds. I have been talking to them a little about making my dime electric. lol it was also in a mag a few months back.That sweet they didnt think it would be as fast as it was a nd suposidly they havent ran it at FULL power yet. So i was told

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