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Car Stolen My 510 Wagon

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some one stole my wagon last night so if you see it call the cops. or call me Adam 425 314 8646


Oh, that's no good, I'm sorry to hear that. I assume it's the one in your avatar? Perhaps you could post a larger picture in this thread?


Hope you find your wagon!

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Well, that's shitty, sorry to hear about that! Post some details as to where it was taken and a description of the car. If it's for sale up here in BC, I'll probably hear about it ....

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What a bitch, I hate people that cant do for them selfs so they must steal. :mad: Alot of good cars/trucks have been stolen to never be seen again for what probly either a quick ride or parts then they destroy the body to get rid of evidence....I would love to catch someone in the act.....What area was it at?

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I assume it was stolen from the Everett area? That's where I've seen you driving in the past...


Shit like this pisses me off to no end...If I see the wagon, I'll be sure to follow the person in it to wherever they go..as I'm dialing 911 ;)

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Dude! So sorry to hear that.

Last night must have been the night for thieves.

We raise Westie pups and my female was stolen last night. I know that dogs run sometimes but this was not the case.

After looking for 18 hrs I get a call from a guy that says that he found her.

45 miles away from home. and 3 counties.

he was straight. and met me half way.

I skinned him a $100. had to make him take it. but hey I got her back.

thank god. she is like my kid or something.

Hopefully you get the same call. we are all hoping for you. peace.

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My Datsun truck is like my kid. It was stolen about ten years ago, my wife found it on it's side up at the lake. By the time I got it fixed up (therapy)I had mostly gotten over it. Have to stop I can feel myself getting mad.


Not finding it in the driveway was the absolute worst feeling. I feel for you and hope she's found safe and sound.

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When my truck was stolen they found it in a hospital parking lot. There was no damage, the only thing they did was use all the gas and steel every possible thing inside the cab. Including these shitty door speaker I didn't even have hooked up!! I hate thieves!!

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