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Orange you glad it's not another 411 ?

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^^^ But for some crazy reason it involves one,, lol 


Some have seen this thing before .. it was sitting if field , new owners wanted to park a few logging trucks in that spot. Guy took forever to get back to us so i bought another coupe for $330.  ,, since i now had one neighbor Juan-ear bought it for $300. ..  He sent it through state patrol inspection and got it licensed in his name 3 years later... Car sat ever since because front frame rail under battery is toast,, like,, toast,, toast . Funny thing was even though it had sat in that field forever brakes and clutch worked , and i gave him carb and it ran normally.  gas tank was toast so that's a jerry rigged type thing but you could drive it if you weren't scared of right side of suspension falling off. 


Ok ,  

  move forward last July(?)  a 67 SSS came up for sale near us that used to be a guys dads car,, we had heard about at Lefty's car meet one day.. Well,  he had moved it to very near us and actually put a price on it.  Juan didn't have the money , so i said he would be kicking himself if he didn't just buy it,  and i would loan him all the money.  He does work for me at my farm during cranberry season so i knew i would get most of it back without worry,, but honestly i wasn't worried as he's neighbor so where's he gonna go . 

 he comes back with,,  he can trade some of money back for 1200 and an extra SD22 bellhousing i had for his tranny swap. 


So ,, i said fuck it . 


   Brought it over day before my open heart quadruple bypass,  so if i felt better,  i could piddle with it.. But other than FAT510 driving it out of garage washing then driving back in ,, it just sits in garage for now .  



























I put up ad on facebook for an A series 5speed and B210GTX210 sold me one,, well, kinda....  😄








He also sold me A nicer rear bumper ,,


front bumper isn't as bad as it appears.. the part of vehicle it was supposed to be bolted to was missing 


 Bumper that was very nice but went through a raging fire,, still really straight though.






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Posted (edited)

And on to the bad,, Frame rail needs a buncha help 







Dash is a toaster biscuit





Seats are pretty much used up 







Before i traded i asked around and only way i would trade is if i could get someone to weld in new front ,,,,,,, cheap.  ( remember the CABG thing??) 


After asking a couple people,,  ole Scalpum said he would do it for trade of a 56 Ford f100 that's just sitting there. 

  might still end up doing it myself but that's where we are at right now.. 



WITH THIS .. and it's funny i have no pictures of actual front frame ,, haha 


body is getting cut off and sent to Canada 








And i have this dash laying on floor of my garage right now,, it's cracked a tiny bit but not like lunar landscape like other one









i also bought this up in Marysville for the 5speedit had,, running driving.. 

      He Wanted quite a bit more than this cheap fucker was willing to pay,  soo after waiting a few weeks,,, i gave my man in Amsterdam a buzz and he went over and got it,, for a very good deal .  Cars getting stripped and shipped to Sutters in Tacoma so if you want something let me know. 

(EDIT)   Quite a few parts are already spoken for,, in trade for getting it,  


 Thanks to PercytheAce for getting it and storing it at his place,, so i could wait a few weeks till i was able to actually travel that far.  
   and FAT510 for driving me up there and loading on trailer.. Since I couldn’t . 








For reference ,, the 411 that was bought/financed  









Looks like this now,, parked with his other 411s 







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Posted (edited)

At least the floors look 








like shit 











The good part is , the wiring is still there so have something to zip tie the 1/4 plywood to ..  So I got that going for me 





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  • 1 month later...

Bought a recently passed fellow , Jim Clark’s 1200 2door sedan parts stash the other day. Was 2 heaping full size truck loads, windshields, trim, engines I believe 4 wiring harnesses. some coupe stuff , but member Scalp-‘em probably going to get some of that , if he needs . 

Figured might as well be all in since 2door sedan stuff is kinda hard to come by . 

both brothers , Ken and Byron were of much help in getting the stash , and that was much appreciated. 

pics as I unload and put in plastic bins 

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NOS hoses ,,, I would probably be scared to actually use,,,,, but cool nonetheless. 



one of the brand new heads is kinda cool . 





a crap ton of other parts like stainless trim but these were the coolest 



AND - - - At the old school reunion on Sunday an old dude walked up us  and said the most preposterous thing….  Updates on that very soon 

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6 hours ago, KELMO said:

An oval port head in the box...I hope you cried a little bit when you opened that.









It was said to be there before we even went down.  we finally found it under basement stair case. 


    i waited more than a few days after he posted (in wrong b210 section) to let more local types,  a shot at the stuff,, but he then posted no-one was responding (even then,  i waited a few days)  ,,so i sent him a message   . since we just went through having to liquidate a couple estates lately and how too much stuff,  can be real chore to move, and time restraints with multiple family members ,  without ending up throwing away just to get done...  i didn't want to see that happen  with 1200 sedan stuff. 


He was also building an airplane in garage. 





. I got this cool street view, but leery to post till house is cleaned out of personal items .









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doesn't look quite as bad without engine and wiring 


  going load up with forklift of science and take over to pressure wash inside and under while it's still hot enough out to dry.. 


,,,,  mostly just removal of headlight buckets left to do 









other shit inside that needed removed to clean up old timey smells 













Anyways ,, i got to get this piece of shit out of my garage to start on my middle sons 84 Celica head gasket so he can be part of the caravan in August. 












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ok, end of topic hog for a bit as its being put in shipping container for a bit, waiting to get decision on front frame repair .  As some of you know Lil Scalpers health is sometimes kinda harsh lately.  


if you had smell-o-vision you would be able to tell it smells a ton better inside now though












These are floors i'm putting in when it comes back ,,, assuming it ever actually comes out of container again and leaves that is. They Are now cut away from that firewall but you get the fookin idea ,,, dumbass. 





Thanks to @Morrisun for sheet metals of science,, a a ton of other 1200 stuff. 











Anyways,, Do what my cardiologist suggests ,,  get off internet , get on tread mill , lose some weight cuz you're a fat ass 








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I think that may be the first one of those I've seen posted on this site.

On the list of cars I want but just can't have.

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Posted (edited)
On 8/19/2023 at 4:22 AM, KELMO said:

I think that may be the first one of those I've seen posted on this site.

On the list of cars I want but just can't have.

I honestly just wanted to buy a few trim parts.. Then self control went completely out the window .. haha 


before I bought it , I searched here for someone that might have parts closer than Australia.. came across a thread by a Canadian doing full rebuild but it’s not been updated in forever . Even same color blue . 

i will edit and link to it later when on PC 


We went to car show in Vancouber Canada eh,, and the car that won “our” class was a super nice red one . 

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On 8/19/2023 at 8:51 AM, graveltrapp said:

We need to have a PNW 1200 meetup before this happens again!!!


DEE35893-3F4D-43E5-96AD-2F89131D0B1F.heic 1.69 MB · 4 downloads


whoa!!  Jason sighting 


the picture link no workey 




you can uplink pics directly off phone now if you shrink them down . 
I personally put on instagram,, then screen shot , then edit out labels and text on my phone . Save , and it’s automatically small enough . 

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On 8/19/2023 at 2:38 AM, bananahamuck said:



That two-door 1200 just looks so right. I find their proportions can look a bit dumpy but that is a flattering angle with those wheel arches!

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On 8/24/2023 at 3:06 PM, Lachlan said:

That two-door 1200 just looks so right. I find their proportions can look a bit dumpy but that is a flattering angle with those wheel arches!



I would say it's more dwarfy than dumpy ... Following FAT510 in it on freeway,  we passed a truck hauling little off road vehicles,  and it is very small looking next to even those.


.and yes it did take me this long to find the picture,, haha 





Its kinda sad to think,  just those three side by sides being hauled , are worth probably double what i payed for my house and property in 1989 .




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So instead of actually working on my Orange peeler,, i went with Juan-ear and the knucklehead brothers,  and picked this thing and it's very large parts stash up last Thursday.. Basically 2 cars less one body,, even 2 windshields  ,, titled and licensed,, no shit. 


    And yes this very much has a orange 1200 sedan connection . we'll get to that shit in a second,,  first checkity- check these snaps ,, yo. .

   Very little rust on any part of car . Floor board is rusted but it is removable like an older Ford ? Chevy truck ,, and yes got one of those also . , thing was very heavy for such a tiny thing. 4 of us barely got it out of there and to streets 







lower frame has been  sandblasted already. 





 ^^^^^  see the connection ??? 



unloading that night with Kubota of science 






















Happy now?? 












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Got FAT510s 1200 sedan "Gary"  clogging up my wobbling outbuilding,  getting tranny rebuilt .. It hopped out of 3rd gear on occasion ,, rebuilder thought it was  syncro cluster but turned out  to be bent shifter arm.. weird. Got another 60 series for Orange sedan so now i have 3 so i can just use whole drivetrain straight out of green wagon into the blue 1000 now. 

  I'm using green 210 drivetrain in blue 69 because i assume it will get far fewer road miles ever than the great goofy pumpkin.  And it runs drives now so if i never get around to it ,, it won't really matter. 


His is normal color,,,,  mine is,  Bill apparently being fucking hilarious ,, color . 






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i got a set of 23.5x10.x13 racing tires and traded for some 10x13" rims for the green sedan but the fitment seems kinda weird 










Stance has left the chat 








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