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  1. Thanks @Crashtd420. I checked the outlet tube and it was completely blocked up. After a few sprays of brake cleaner and many minutes agitating with some trimmer / whipper snipper line, it's now clear and free flowing again. Thanks @pdp8. I plan to try electrolysis rust removal in the future as I've seen how very effective it is. That said, I am very happy with how the molasses mix worked for this job. Over the weekend, I strained the molasses through a rag into buckets to mix it after sitting for the week. This gave me the chance to remove the tank debris befo
  2. Yes, but as you'll read below that wasn't the only thing that was in the tank ... The carb has been cleaned, dried, reassembled with fresh gaskets and throttle / accelerator pump and is sitting back where it's meant to be. When I turned the key, she fired right up ... for 30 seconds, then choked and died. I wasn't impressed to say the least. However, I can actually see the fuel / float level now and I witnessed that the fuel bowl was draining from its initial starting point halfway up the window. There's simply not enough
  3. What ... have ... I ... done? 😶 The carb internals are surprisingly clean. I can see through all the jets except the primary & secondary slow jets (they aren't a straight through design). The throttle pump looked a little corroded, but again nothing that was indicate a clear fault. The needle seems to function fine, but I've got another on order as I notice there was never any fuel in the bowl when I managed to get the car running. Other than that, I'm guessing vacuum leaks might be part of the problem? @pdp8 you're probably on the money regarding fuel pressure. I have no idea
  4. i just started it then to see how it would run today. It took a little longer to start (5 seconds), but still started up fine. There was a little bit of white / light grey smoke coming out the tailpipe, but no black smoke. It ran for about 60 seconds and then died. I didn't try to start it again as I didn't want to hammer the battery (again). I realise now I should have grabbed another video, but I think @Draker and @slowlearner are both on the money regarding the carb. The research begins!
  5. Thanks again to your help, and that of @slowlearner, Doris (as the car is now known as) moved under her own power for the first time in many years. I finally pulled my thumb out and tested whether there was adequate fuel pressure at the carb. I don't know why I didn't do this earlier. Here are the results. The car will start without any help, will run for a while especially with the manual choke pulled out, but once it returns to a normal idle it cuts out. I can't figure it out ... yet. This went on all afternoon without resolution. I
  6. I've made an educated guess that the hard lines are clear. As far as I can tell, the lines were always connected, even while the car sat for over 10 years. I also don't have access to a compressor. That's a future purchase! Upon closer inspection, I did discover that many of the soft lines had perished, so they've been replaced. I wasn't 100% certain the old pump wasn't working, but I replaced it as a preventative measure as I definitely do not want to be stranded. Like you mention, I've read everywhere that the diaphragms in these deteriorate if the car isn't used.
  7. Thanks for this pdp8. I heeded your advice and left the tank in place and simply flushed it out a couple times. Seemed to do the trick. The car won't stay running without some intervention. I am unsure whether: - The hard fuel lines from the tank to the engine bay are free flowing or blocked, - The fuel lines are perished and letting air into the system and prohibiting a vacuum, - The fuel pump is not working properly. That said, I can get it running and idling nicely with some very dodgy fuel-can-and-siphon techniques. But this just proves the engine run
  8. Thanks Morrisun. This was really helpful. I found the fuel pump and have posted pictures below. Nikki Fuel Pump - five screws in the top
  9. With only a couple hours available this morning, I set about creating a plan from here on out. The Cardboard Method I shamelessly stole picked this up from fellow Ratsun member @slowlearner. I keep it in the car to remind me what needs to be done and where I get up to each time. Care Package I love when parts arrive. Here's the first of many parts to go in. Clockwise from top: - Brake shoes (rear) - Air filter - Anti-seize (general use) - Air filter - Spark plugs - Fuel filter - Oil filte
  10. That sounds easier than what I've been planning to do. I was just out looking at the tank trying to work out what's involved in removing it from the car so it can be cleaned thoroughly. I'll see where to install a post-tank filter when I get better access to it. I've bought a new pre-pump filter to replace the old one. Leaded petrol was phased out in January 2002. I had to look that up. I thought it was in the early 90s, but turns out it was later on. I'll probably add the fuel to the lawn mower and get through it eventually. Did you rebuild or replace the fuel pu
  11. I came across 32Builds on YouTube last night and thought it was worth sharing. Michael is based in Sydney, Australia and is currently restoring a 1976 Datsun 1200 Ute. He's made some great progress and uploads about once a month. Here's the playlist: Datsun 1200 Build Note: I have absolutely no connection with the channel or it's owner. Lachlan
  12. Here's what I got up to over the weekend. Battery I removed the battery for charging. It's in good shape and will start the car. This is preventative maintenance for peace of mind. Fuel I drained the old fuel from the tank. It had been in there for over a decade. I had no idea what to expect having never done this on any vehicle before. Armed with my special service tool, I got to work. Sparkling clean! I can't recommend this Amazon fluid pump highly enough. I've used it for
  13. Great to hear! I love what it stands for. Especially when contrasted with the diesel Ram that was also featured.
  14. Bit late to the party, but I watched this episode today. It was great to see a little Datsun featured alongside another Japanese classic. Shame about the outcome. I really felt for the Mazda owner, particularly when he said, "Why does this keep happening to me?" Heavy. The show is ... not the best. The drivers featured are somewhat one dimensional and cringeworthy. Even so, I still enjoy watching it in a limited capacity.
  15. The badge has 'Nissan Full Auto Matic' on it. Thanks for the info on the auto transmissions! I'll keep a look out for any markings that might help identify it. Stellar find! Do you still have it? I've always loved the boxy look of the 510 / 1600s. A couple guys in high school had them, and they were getting old even back then. The dog's name is Fudge and he's a brick with legs attached. Not the sharpest tool in the shed, but he's a loveable dude. I've got another one too called Penny who I'll show in future photos. They both love a good
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