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2jz swapped datsun 620


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Hello everyone who sees this, im new to the datsun community and im happy to announce i have a 2jz gte aristo that i want to put into my datsun. my first project car, and engine swap. i’m only 19 so i don’t have much knowledge / experience when it comes to engine swapping and seeing what’s compatible since i want to make this a little drift truck, i have been researching and i just don’t understand the whole lsd thing, do i need to buy a whole new dif or can i just put a traction concepts lsd? i’m still in debate in whether or not to go with a r154 5 speed or go with the cd009. if the community can help me out with stuff i might need and if you guys can just give me a few tips i would be extremely grateful:)

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2jz is a BIG motor to be going into a 620 engine bay and will require a lot of fabrication. 


I doubt traction concepts offers components that will work in a H190 differential.  


Does the L series moor currently run?

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Doing a motor swap always sounds great but even staying within the same brand has complications. Going with a different brand is NOT recommended even for guys with lots of experience. You'll have to fabricate all kinds of things, then re-fab them when something else changes. And factor in years of working on it supported by buckets of money. #1 reason why projects get abandoned. If no-one else has already done one then you're pretty much entirely on your own. Sucks but this is reality. If you want to see how complicated something like this is, watch a few episodes of "Project Binky" - these guys are at a significantly higher level of experience and have been building the car for a long friggin' time already.


If you can, do a SR20DE swap - drifters love'em and it's been done many times before - you can pretty much get step by step instructions. Or build up the L20 - lots of performance lurking in that motor.

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