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Hitachi carb and starter on my J13 engine - rebuild

Rusty Dawg

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I was asking if the front suspension was torsion bars or leafs, it appears you have torsion bars in the front, I have looked at a 1960 Datsun truck with leafs all around.


Again I say make sure they have the proper kit to rebuild it before they tear it apart, only a few of these trucks ever made it to the US.

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That is a really early truck, you appear to have leafs all around, front "I" beam suspension, that other piece is the sway bar.

I seen one out on a farm several years ago in my area(1960), it appeared most the parts were there but it was taken apart, parts were hanging everywhere on a barn wall, too early of a truck for me, too much rust, and too hard to get parts for, I like the 521 trucks myself.


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The VIN placard is hand stamped 1961 which from what I've gathered is the year it was "sold".  Could this truck possibly be a 1960 instead.  Only around 45 were brought over in 1960.  I would agree that the 521's are pretty cool, but I kinda like the challenge of getting this one running.

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I have owned a few vehicles that were titled differently than their actual date shown. My Land Rover is titled as a 1958, but it's actually a 1957. This happens when the vehicle sits for a while in customs or on a dealer lot and is first sold and subsequently registered a while after the build date. So yeah, it's totally possible that it's a 1960, not 1961.

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Just got my carb back....looks good!!  Almost too good to go on my rusty truck.  The coolest thing I notice on the carb now, which I didn't when it was full of crap, is the little glass rod that sits on the side of the bowl to show if there is fuel in it.  You can see it on the 3rd photo on the right side of the bowl.  I wish I knew how to weather the carb to match the engine compartment😀




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