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  1. Thanks for the suggestion difrangia, but I think I want to give the cover I have one or maybe two more tries before re-engineering. The bummer part was that the old one in the photo seemed to not leak when I ran her for 30 minutes or so before going out of commission with a cracked head. I am using the same valve cover from my old head, but I will need to look at the cover from the head in the truck now that came from another engine.
  2. Regardless of whether cork or silicone, I've yet to find a gasket with the bolt holes which is where 95% of my leak is taking place. The silicone gasket I have I purchased from Moss Motors. Not sure how it's going to work without the holes though.
  3. So far, so good. Only issue I see so far is a leaky valve cover....that SOB is leaking pretty bad, so gonna try a silicone gasket. While I am in there again, I'm going to lash my valves once again since they are ticking a bit much. Hopefully these vids post. Datsun engine Cruising the Datsun
  4. Time Left: 20 days and 7 hours

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    I believe this will work on a 620 from 1973 - 1979


    Hanford, California - US

  5. Well, we picked the best one of the 3 heads I have and repaired it. It had 3 cracks in the combustion chamber. The original head I took off my truck is probably repairable, but iffy and the other head I have is definitely repairable. I will keep it for now to use on the engine block and transmission I picked up a few weeks back. Never know when I might come across another project that could use it. Off I go to get this truck running again. .h
  6. Rusty Dawg

    Bed hooks

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    The previous owner of my 1961 PLG 222 zipped off all the bed hooks and I would like to put them back to make it look original. Anyone other there with hooks for sale or do you know of where to purchase any online? Thanks, Roman


    , California - US

  7. No sir!! The head and long block I found was south of LA. The head was in much better shape than the one I pulled off my truck and my machine guy thought it was repairable since it was also cracked. As for the head I took off the engine, I have yet to find out if it's the best of the 3 I have....I could see one crack without magna-fluxing it. I appreciate the effort, but I think I might be good. If not, I might see if the 2 FREE complete engines in Bremerton, WA are available and try to line up freight. Thanks again.
  8. Unfortunately they have been long gone. I think I found a head that is repairable, so I will proceed that way for now. Thanks bananahamuck.
  9. I found 2 free engines in Bremerton, WA but freight was tough to secure and expensive. Rebuilt engines might be worth my while. How do I reach @Farmer shall my find turn out to be a dud?
  10. I found a head for sale that is complete minus the rocker arm and the dude is throwing in a J13 engine with transmission minus a distributor in case I need other parts. He is based in LA and has worked on Datsun's for decades. He also said he probably has gasket sets and other J13 goodies that he says he will throw in to help me along and thus get rid of items he has not used in over 25 years🤔. I have transportation set up to pick up on Monday and deliver to me by mid-week.
  11. I've been able to find 2 complete J13 motors in the NW for free as long as I arrange freight, so I might go that direction. The individual just wanted to swap out to an "A" series engine on both vehicles. Threads don't concern me, but when you mention that I need to watch out for things such as "gears" it makes me nervous. Anytime I have to modify something to make it work, I tend to stay away.
  12. Not sure about going with the Britt head yet, but I could go for one of those drinks right now😁. Is that a J engine with the Britt head?
  13. Unfortunately, my head is a POS and although it very well could be repairable, I will start looking for another one unless the MGB head my machine guy had works. I haven't tried to place it on the block, but it looks close. There are a lot of cracks in mine and the valves are in pretty bad shape. The only difference I see so far between the two heads, is how the valve/rocker arm cover mounts. On the plus side, my rocker arms look like new. Please let me know if you know of anyone with a good J13 head.
  14. Sorry datzenmike, I am not sure what I was thinking, but my head is now at the machine shop. I will try to remember to take a shot when I go tomorrow.
  15. Gotcha, I thought you we pulling my leg. I'll get you a better shot. I took my head to the machine shop and sure as heck there are several minor cracks. He will clean it up and Magnaflux it to see if there are any major cracks. He did say that the head was pretty warped and that this out of anything might have lead to water getting in my oil. The cracks from what he can see seem to be minor and might not have been the root cause at this time, although he said it would eventually become a big problem. Hopefully he can repair it since I am not certain I can find another head tha
  16. Not sure if you are kidding here🤔
  17. This is a better photo of the gasket.
  18. Got around to removing the head and I will get it over to my local machine shop to check out. I don't think the head gasket looked bad, so that's a bit concerning. Maybe you see something different. One of the pushrods came out and the tappet is now turned sideways....ugh!
  19. If anyone here has the torque specs and sequence for this J13 I would greatly appreciate it. I have a spec sheet that gives me a range of torque in ft. lbs. for the head and the manifold, but I thought there is a set torque spec and I haven't been able to find a sequence.
  20. It is a transplant and I have already identified it as a "J1300" engine by looking under the manifolds. I will have the head checked and I will have it resurfaced since it will already be at the machine shop. Not sure that any valve work will be needed. I went ahead and ordered from Moss Motors a new head gasket, valve cover gasket and manifold gasket so I'm ready to go. I ordered as if I had a 1962-1980 MGB.
  21. I believe you are correct, although I would guess that if my head is cracked, it will be even more difficult to locate a head from an E vs. a J engine to replace. Not many guys around anymore that can repair cast iron heads.
  22. I am certain my rocker cover just has the 6 bolts and from what I've read the MGB is very similar to the J13, but not an exact copy.
  23. My engine only has 6 screws holding down the valve/rocker cover. I cannot recall which model car I should look under to get my gaskets. Gaskets for a MGA and MGB are different, correct?
  24. I was going to have someone do this work, but I've decided to take it on myself. I will have the head tested for a crack(s) and if it's in good shape I will just replace the head gasket. Does anyone know what part # I should order from Moss Motors to replace my gasket? I have found a Datsun head gasket as well as a complete kit for my J13, but I would rather get a gasket from Moss Motors. Also, where might I find a valve cover gasket? Regards, Roman
  25. Are you saying that I need a different cap or that in fact this is happening due to a blown gasket?
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