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  1. Ztherapy has a similar truck like mine, but it's awaiting a restoration with no extra parts available. My search continues... I did remove the drums on the the truck and it was relatively easy. I think I will now try to located brake pads and rubber brake lines to replace them since I'm already in there. Not sure how to go about inquiring at my local Napa store for these parts though. I will pack the bearings and turn the drums as well. As for the engine, once I get the busted thermostat housing bolts out and install a new thermostat I should be able to try and start her. I did notice while working on it that it is NOT the original "E" type engine, but instead a "J" engine. Regards, Roman
  2. Photos with bumper and wheels/tires.
  3. https://postimg.cc/gallery/JWCdn2G
  4. https://postimg.cc/gallery/M6PCDsh
  5. Not sure I did this correctly, but here it goes... https://postimg.cc/gallery/m4kBcCx
  6. Thanks Stevecar, I will take you up on your offer. At this time I haven't run into any road blocks, but I am sure I will eventually. As for pics, I can't figure how to post them yet. I need to ask one of my kids once they wake up at the crack of noon.
  7. Thanks again. As for the manual, might as well ask $500 since they're sold out😃
  8. There's not much of anything out there for these trucks including parts, so I appreciate any insight into what other vehicles might be similar to mine. Thank goodness my truck was 95% complete. Thanks again and I will search out the manual for a 320-521.
  9. Thanks for sharing the video, looks like I have my work cut out for me since I need to do all four....one to three studs broken per wheel. I was wondering if heat would help things, so thanks for the suggestion. I always take pictures before disassembly. I also only take apart one side of the vehicle at a time, so that I still have the other side to look at shall I forget how to put it back together. Thanks for the responses.
  10. Howdy, I recently picked up a 1961 PLG 222 1200 pick up truck and I wanted to replace some broken wheels studs. Since I will have the drums off, I might as well inspect the brakes to see if they need to be gone though which I am sure they will be. Can anyone help in telling me how to go about removing the drums on this vehicle and if I will need to replace seals when I go to re-install them or is the drum independent of any other component(s)? The brakes actually work, but I need to take the drums off in order to replace some broken studs. Any insight would be greatly appreciated, since I am a Ford/Mopar guy and I am just starting to learn about these very cool trucks. Warm regards, Roman
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