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  1. Thought about that, but I have an extra lens and it has a lip that sits behind the bezel.
  2. yup! applying pressure with a screwdriver while turning, but nothing so far.
  3. Tried prying the bezel and it wants to pull the bulb housing with it, so I'm going to wait to see if anyone else has any suggestions. Just seems odd that both signals' bezels turn about a 1/2" but don't come off.
  5. I installed the new pushrod and although it doesn't look cosmetically/symmetrically great, it works. The brake pedal is now 1.5" to 2" higher/shorter than the clutch pedal. She actually stops nicely now. I think I will still adjust the brakes per 420n620's suggestion.
  6. I would say the pedal travels 2" before I feel resistance when using my thumb.
  7. I did pump the brakes 3 times to bleed at the wheels as well as at the master. It was suggested that it could be the pushrod and I think bilzbobaggins is onto something. Needless to say, it's been scary as hell going thru intersections knowing that I wouldn't have time to pump the brakes 3 times to get it to stop quickly if someone cut me off. This forum rocks!
  8. I did use the same rod that was on the old master. That is something I thought about a few months ago, but forgot to try. Maybe going with the adjustable rod that came with the new master cylinder will fix my problem. That's has to be it🤗 Thanks for reminding this forgetful ole bird.
  9. I think that is the only other option. I was hoping someone was going to tell me that I was simply not turning it enough to undo the bezel. Hopefully I don't scratch anything on my beautiful truck😂
  10. Thinking that the bezel has to come off somehow and the the bulb housing can be unscrewed if needed. The signal is very faint, so might just need a fresh bulb.
  11. Howdy, I replaced my brake pads in my 61 Datsun truck a few months back. I turned the drums, honed the brakes cylinders, replaced the caps, replaced the master cylinder and I have bleed the lines at the wheels at least 10 times on level ground as well as with the back jacked up and then with the front jacked up(1st rear passenger, then driver's rear, then driver's front and finally passenger's front). I have adjusted the brakes to where I get a light drag. I have also bleed the lines at the master cylinder and I still can't get firm brakes. The brake pedal almost goes to the flo
  12. The bezel/trim will turn left and right about a 1/2". There is no set screw that I can see. Once I figure out the trim, I can remove the 3 screws holding it in place.
  13. Really? 30W? Just doesn't seem right.🤔
  14. Rusty Dawg


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    I have an antenna from my 61 PLG222, but I am looking for the rubber piece that goes between the antenna and the fender since mine basically broke apart when I tried to snug it down. I would be willing to buy the whole thing if need be. Don't have a radio, but I don't like the hole in the fender. Thanks, Roman


    , California - US

  15. Howdy, Looking to remove the front turn signal in my 61 PLG 222 since it's very faint when activated. The trim/bezel turns a little to the left and to the right, but I am not sure how to remove it completely in order to get to the 3 screws holding it in place. Any ideas? Thanks, Roman
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