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    Howdy, I am in search of the air filter housing for my J13 engine in my 1961 Datsun truck. It has a Hitachi carb and the mouth's OD is 1 7/8". Anyone out there have one sitting in the corner of their shop collecting dust they want to sell me? Thanks, Roman


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  2. Well you nailed it Stoffregen. I went to see the truck in person and when I asked the owner how he came up with a $5K price tag, the owner told me that only 200 of these are in existence out of the 1,000 imported. So I showed him the placard with the model number and mentioned that he should look up information about an L320 vs. an NL320. He seemed puzzled.
  3. Well, at this time most of my needs are cosmetic. I will finally be disassembling the rear brakes to replace the pads along with any other worn parts. Hopefully the rear end is in working order. I will then move to get the engine running and then on to the trans. If all goes well, I will not need much at all. Just thought if I could pick it up at reasonable price, it would be nice to have some back up parts, but I am obviously not well versed on interchangeable parts between different models/years. I'm probably just putting the cart ahead of the horse, but given how tough it is to find parts for my ride I was just thinking that this truck might help me down the road.(pun intended)
  4. He's asking $5K for this beaut. I was thinking $800 - $1,000, but since most parts will not work on my truck, I think I'll just pass. No need to piss off my wife even more by picking up another rusty project😀 Thanks for your insight.
  5. Howdy, I found this truck for sale nearby and I was thinking about picking this up if it had parts that I might be able to use in my 1961 PLG222. He seems to be asking crazy money for its condition, but maybe he'll find someone that can't live without it. One part that I thought I might be able to use would be the rear end, but once again I am not sure that some parts are interchangeable between these 2 trucks. Any idea whether I could use some of the parts from this L320 and if so, what is this truck worth in today's market? Now that we have cooler weather and my work has slowed, I hope to get back to working on my truck. Been a while since I posted, so hopefully the photos will post correctly. Thanks, Roman
  6. It very well could've been gear oil that came out. It wasn't a large amount that leaked out, but there was a liquid that came out for sure as I headed up the drum. If the seal was ruined, wouldn't I notice it seeping or leaking oil now? I will definitely be watching the video nicklp suggested.
  7. Thanks Stoffregen. As mentioned, everyone has a different take on repairs. I suppose that I can put it back together and watch for leaks, then take it apart if a leak presents itself. Hopefully the seal sits back far enough that the heat did not alter its use.
  8. I was wondering if putting some never seize would be a problem, so I will do so in case I have to take it apart at a later date. I definitely left the nut on there. I don't care about putting a hole in my wall nearly as much as I care about not breaking my ankle. Question....how do I check to ensure the seal is still in good shape? I don't know that I would be able to find a replacement if I mess it up while removing for inspection.
  9. Thanks nicklp. Not sure what fluid was draining while heating up the drums. It might have come out of the axle, but I'm not sure since I couldn't see in there at the time. I'm gonna give it another try with the slide hammer and if that still doesn't work I will search for the puller you mention. I've seen one similar to that, but you could use a breaker bar or even an impact gun on it. As I thought about turning the drums, installing the longer studs and putting it back together, I've decided that since I have them off I will go ahead and replace the brake pads that way I never have to take these damn drums off the rest of my lifetime.
  10. Thanks for the insight and advise Serge. I will need to figure out the thread pitch and diameter to come up with the proper amount of torque to apply when re-installing the drum.
  11. I hadn't touched the drums in well over a month, so I took a couple of L bolts(bent anchor bolts) along with a slide hammer and some heat to try and remove the driver side rear drum , but to no avail. I then moved on to the passenger side one and as I was inserting the L bolts I noticed the drum was a bit loose and it simply slid right off. It was probably the numerous times that I applied heat on the drum over the past 8 weeks. I hope that this will be the case with the driver side one since I haven't applied a lot of heat to that one until this past weekend. I know that when I applied a lot of heat to the removed drum it melted all the grease. Where might I be packing fresh grease when I go to install the drum back on the axle?
  12. Success! Ok, 50% success since I have yet to bust the other one loose yet. On the bright side, it seems as though the pads are almost like new, so I will turn the rotors, put new studs in the drums and mount the wheels. images share
  13. I agree with you wayno. The gear on the 222 does in fact fit the 320, so all good. Glad to hear we have the same taste in tools. Thanks for the feedback to all and I will post the finished product when complete.
  14. Here they are side by side. I don't believe that removing the stud in the 320 is an option in that I think the opening would lose its integrity thus the one off of my truck would not stay in there very long without a compound or tack weld. Would cutting the stud on the 320 and drilling a new hole be an option?
  15. Wayno, imma going to take apart the 320 assembly tomorrow and get back to you, but I hope you're right.
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