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  1. Rusty Dawg


    This is what is installed on my engine currently. I thought everything on this Datsun J13 engine was metric, but I shouldn't have assumed.
  2. Rusty Dawg


    IMG_5097.HEIC This is fitting I plan to use to install the temp gauge. This photo is of fitting on the (cracked) head that was on my truck when I bought it. The tube will have to be no more than 3/8" thick with standard thread size of 5/8". I will in fact go with teflon on both.
  3. Rusty Dawg


    I think I found a solution without having to re-tap the opening into the head using a few adapters. I was a little worried at first about leaks, but I am not dealing with a high pressure environment and with some black RTV as my friend I think I can make it work.
  4. Rusty Dawg


    Hey there, Would you have a good source for adapter fittings? The head on the J13 has a metric fine thread opening for the temp gauge currently and I will most likely have to find an adapter fitting that takes the standard thread from thermostat from mechanical gauge and adapt it to a metric fitting to go into the head. Roman
  5. You know what, I wondered the same thing about it being so loud before that maybe I didn't hear it. Now I just hope I don't bust the bolt in the block that holds the distributor in place since it's super rusty😲 A warm engine and PB Blaster is my friend.
  6. Rusty Dawg


    So I plan to leave the mechanical oil pressure gauge that is already in my truck and just install a mechanical temp gauge along with a fuel gauge. I think I know what I am looking for with a mechanical temp gauge, although getting it to properly fit into the J13 might take some research to find proper fittings. My question is, and I know this will show my ignorance of electrical components, but is there only electrical fuel gauges? I want to simply wire my existing fuel sending unit to an aftermarket fuel gauge since mine is dead. Roman
  7. Thanks datznemike. I didn't have any ping until I correctly adjusted the valves. That is the only thing that I have done to that engine in the past 8 months, so I believe it has something to do on why it developed after the fact. The plugs are NGK, but I will check them to see how they look. The ping is not excessive at all, but I notice it a little at higher rpm's after the adjustment.
  8. Rusty Dawg

    Timing on a J13

    Howdy, Anyone know what the timing should set at on a J13? I've read 6 degrees at 600rpm and 8 degrees at 600 rpm. Which is it?🤪 Since repairing the head and adjusting my valves to .015 inch, I've noticed a much quieter engine and a bit more H.P., but there is some pinging at higher rpm's. I've read on this forum that it would just be best to drive the truck until it pings a bit and retard a bit. Warm regards, Roman
  9. Time Left: 6 days and 18 hours

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    Howdy, I installed a rubber floor in my 1960 Datsun truck and I am in search of a trim/sill for the door section. I have a PLG truck, but I would be willing to try a set off of a 320 in hopes that I can make it work. Anyone have a set they would be willing to sell? Thanks!


    , California - US

  10. Rusty Dawg


    Howdy, I have been looking to replace my gauges in my truck with a mechanical oil and temp gauge and a new electrical fuel gauge. The original fuel gauge is not functioning, the temp gauge is sporadic in reading the proper temp and the aftermarket oil pressure gauge functions, but I want to replace it. I do get a reading with my volt ohm meter at the fuel sending unit. I would like to add a new fuel, oil pressure and temp gauge to mount under the dash to make certain I receive correct readings. Can anyone enlighten me on what would work on my truck? I know the temp gauge is currently electrical and I think I would have to find a standard to metric adapter/insert to go into the engine head in order to install a mechanical temp gauge. The fuel gauge seems to be straightforward since it's electrical. The oil gauge also seems straightforward since it already has one, although I am not certain why there is an electrical connection attached to where the oil line goes into the engine block. Not sure how to explain it, but there is a metal unit that is screwed into the block that has an opening for the oil line and the wire is connected to the top of this unit. Thanks, Roman
  11. Love SLO!! I live in Hanford which is about 30 miles south of Fresno.
  12. Oh boy, that's a poke for me and I just don't get up north much. Well, I'll keep her in mind and check in with you if I get up your way. Thanks!
  13. Sorry for the late response. I might be interested depending on where in CA it's located.
  14. Did you finally find a home for this truck?
  15. Rusty Dawg

    Brake lights

    Well, it was as simple as replacing the sensor and now I am street legal. Thanks for all the insight.
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