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Amr500 supercharger installation


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Compressing air concentrates the heat in it. Diesel engines do this also and achieve temperatures of over 1,000 F so when diesel fuel is injected it auto ignites. Gasoline is much more sensitive to auto ignition or pinging and this can easily damage the pistons and rings. When you add the compressed (and heated) air to the already hot combustion chamber and compress it normally it can reach auto ignition temperatures.


I see the air filter is in the engine bay and subject to the hot air from behind the rad and radiant heat from the hot exhaust. I would move the collection of intake air to in front of the rad where the ambient temperature will be much lower. Anything that will lower the temperature of the intake air is a good idea.... header wrap around the cast exhaust manifold, painting it and the intake silver, heat shield on the exhaust. Insulate the hose from the compressor to the intake to keep hot rad air off it.


An SC is going to generate more engine heat so a larger rad makes sense to shed the excess. You might look at an oil cooler also to cool engine parts that the cooling system doesn't reach.

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Since there are few new Aisin AMR500 superchargers around any more (I know, as I was instrumental to Aisin putting them back in production), anything you find any longer is out of a scrap yard, or a chinesey rebuilt.

And as Mike stated, they produce heat, and one that has damaged rotors will only reduce the efficiency, and thus make even more heat. So if you end up with one, inspect the rotor tips, as that is where road grit will chew up the polymer coating.


Then you have the issue of what drive ratio you need to have a halfway reliable system.

a 5 psi boost is about all you want to put on a stock engine, and you better plan on running an intercooler.

The cars they came off of had an intercooler, that was about the size of a 66 Ford Galaxy heater core.


As far as drive ratio, on an A-series, like an A15, a 2:1 overdrive will put you in the 5 psi, providing you run an intercooler.


If you do a draw through (carb before the blower), you need a safety pressure release, in case you get a back fire, or you could blow something apart, just like a top fuel dragster.


These blowers were tested to 18,000 rpm, so don't ever exceed that, or you may have it come apart.

(engine max rpm x overdrive = blower speed)


I have sold hundreds of these, and other blowers back years ago, and helped with system design on quite a few of them, so don't hesitate to ask questions.

And no, I no longer sell them, or associated with Aisin, as that all went to shit when the importation of them was turned over to a landscaping company, who had no frigging idea how an engine worked other than you have to put more gas into them, than oil.


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Got the supercharger today. Anyone have any idea where I might look for the 90 degree bends to mount the carb to it? 


It looks like I would want to mount it above the radiator hose, which would mean it would run off the crank pulley. the radius of the crank pulley is about 6 1/2cm and the supercharger pulley is about 2 3/4cm.


And 510revisited in this thread I saw someone said that the boost wouldn't be worth it on a 2 litre.





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Too small for a 2 Liter.

Go find a Toyota SC12 (early MR2), it can easily do 7 psi.


I laugh every time I see that text from superchargerunlimited....

(2012 AMR500 discussion)

It was copied directly from my eBay listings when I was selling them years before they ever were involved with supercharging anything.

(the landscaping people I spoke of earlier)

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On 11/15/2019 at 10:27 AM, Dirtyowlnumber4 said:

Got the supercharger today. Anyone have any idea where I might look for the 90 degree bends to mount the carb to it?

Do a google search for turbo plumbing and dozens of websites pop up.


I buy my mandrel bends from many places (Summit Racing, SPD in Sacramento and more), but for a huge selection online, you could go to someone like Columbia River Mandrel Bends http://www.mandrelbends.com/

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I have a AMR 500 that has been sitting around now for years. Intended to fit it to a A engine that I have swapped into a Sprite or Midget but just can't really find the room for it. I intended on fitting it to the alternator side of the engine and moving the alternator. That would allow a cross over inter cooler and give a blow through carb set up. I've heard that  you don't want the carb too far from the engine for a number of reasons. Throttle lag and possible pooling of fuel in the system on cold days. I planned on using a blow through SU set up as the MG Turbo Metro used. Setting up a HIF 44 SU for blow through isn't difficult.

When thinking of adding boost you need to think about how much your effective compression ratio will go up. There is info on that on several sites. Also remember that the faster you turn a small supercharger the more heat you add to the air. A low speed larger unit adds less so if you can use an inter cooler that would be best.

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