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  1. Agree, the best fuel pump made. You will never wear it out
  2. I second Threebond! Only way to build a non leaking British engine and if it will work on them it will work on anything!
  3. Time Left: 13 days and 21 hours

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    Looking for a DCOE manifold for a oval port A engine. Specifically A14, A15.


  4. K Appley

    J13 oil pan

    A MG pan might fit. I know the heads will.
  5. Time Left: 9 days and 6 hours

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    Looking for a DCOE manifold for a oval port A series as well as a A 15 crankshaft.


    , Iowa

  6. You would, of course, require a outside pressure regulated fuel pressure regulator! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Mini-Metro-Turbo-Fuel-Pressure-Regulator-ERA-MG-Malpassi/133193502068?hash=item1f02f38d74:g:oLgAAOSwe~NamC7R
  7. The amount of air moving through the venturi is what determines how much fuel is required so I would think that all you are doing is forcing more air through. I would think the mixture requirements and therefore the jetting would stay the same.
  8. Balance pressure for the float bowl is taken right at the inlet flange. I wouldn't think it would be difficult at all. If your float bowl is sealed and you can feed it the same pressure as whats in your manifold and you have infinetly adjustable jets wheres the problem? Kurt
  9. I have a AMR 500 that has been sitting around now for years. Intended to fit it to a A engine that I have swapped into a Sprite or Midget but just can't really find the room for it. I intended on fitting it to the alternator side of the engine and moving the alternator. That would allow a cross over inter cooler and give a blow through carb set up. I've heard that you don't want the carb too far from the engine for a number of reasons. Throttle lag and possible pooling of fuel in the system on cold days. I planned on using a blow through SU set up as the MG Turbo Metro used. Setting up a HIF
  10. I've got a AMR 500 that I've had for years. My intention was to fit it to one of my A swaps into a Mg Midget or AH Sprite. Not as much room as in the B210 or 210 so haven't got around to it. Have studied up a bit though. With that long suck through installation shown you will get more throttle lag than with a blow through arrangement. Also with a small supercharger much over geared you will get more heat than with a larger blower at a lower speed. If you design a blow through system you could fit the supercharger to the other side of the car. Say where the alternator is now and move that anywh
  11. Grab it, strip the DCOE's off it and put it on flea bay!
  12. OH, OH, OH, I want to do a Hayabusa swap! How do I hook it up to a Datsun box???? Kurt
  13. Epoxy would be a good idea. I have Threebond. Was hopeing a former Datsun mechanic with personal experience would be able to give me the factory recommendation!😊 Kurt
  14. I have a factory rebuilt A 14 that I purchased on flea bay years ago and am finally going to use it. The question I have is how to fit the water intake pipe. The rebuild's came with the pipe removed. Is it just a interference fit or should it be fitted with some special sealer? I was thinking maybe some loc tite. Kurt
  15. That's good to know since the first A series I put together was a auto trans engine and I fitted a manual trans flywheel.
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