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  1. Come up! Just picked up two of these lil babies for WAY too much.
  2. I'm not sure I follow... isn't the coil being on not a bad thing since it's on anyways once the car is running. On top of that, I have to wire the sniper to the negative side of the coil, and by turning it on and off may not be a good thing. Though it gets turned off when the car isn't on. I may be talking out my ass though..
  3. Well I meant for here.. but I see what you mean. I can just link it here... right before im ready to fire off im gonna wire that dizzy. I think that's where I'm gonna need some of your expertise. I still have your number, and plan to be blowing up your phone soon.
  4. Sure doesn't look home made. Where the hell is the weld? Wanna sell or make one for me!!!
  5. Update. Only days away from firing off for the first time... I've repainted, and reinstalled the fuel tank. Buttoned up the bulkhead i made on said tank. Reinstalled the vent lines. I've purchased and installed a air cleaner. It fits, but just barely. I will make a final decision on it after i run it a bit, obviously so I can tell if it hits when the motor torques. I'm waiting on an o2 bung clamp on kit. Idea is I'm gonna get it running, drive it a wee bit (more like a lot o bit in reality) then take it down to a muffler shop and have the entire exhaust redone... need to wire the sniper. 4 wires. Need to wire and setup the bluetooth dizzy. 3 wires. Adjusted the valves, changed the oil, and filter. Refilled the radiator. I'm hoping by next weekend. MAYBE. I am curious, how does one post a vid. I'm gonna film the whole startup thing...
  6. Well I'm just a dumb ass then. I guess at least now I can go adjust my valves. I never realized there were 3 actual points. Again, I'm the dumbass. Sorry. I should just have listened. Maybe I should be a lawyer!!!! Thanks for the info.
  7. Just measured head and wrenches with a mic. 17 and 14 for the wrenches. I guess I live in some weird place (cali).
  8. So to clarify. The pictures represent a diff head that I have laying around that I eventually plan to swap in. However the problem is the same as the head on the car. Both heads dont have 14-17 A 17 does fit the top nut, but is a bit sloppy. I dont have a 16 to check..
  9. This isn't loose like that. This is loose like not the same sizes. I believe you, and agree, but these are just different.. was there a difference between heads maybe. This is a smog head btw. W5 whatever. Cant remember atm. But nonetheless this is baffling
  10. So, in preparation of firing off for the first time in for ever, I decided one last step would be to adjust my valves. I know, golden idea right...? I have read online how tos, and am familiar from doing this years ago. Question is, what are the wrench sizes. Cause every one says 14 17, and mine, I swear to all mighty someone that mine are 16 21, which is a guess. I dont even have a 16, but my 14 sure is sloppy along with a 15. My 17 isn't even a 19!! Which is the highest wrench I own. Wtf??? Help
  11. It just seems odd they'd add hoses for the rear of the car in a front of the car kit. Ok, well shell be ordered b4 the end of the night. Thanks for the clarification
  12. Why would they have rear hoses? Am I missing something? Shouldn't there only be one hose per side??
  13. Here are the ads. I had to take two screen shots..
  14. I JUST ordered mine. Got it in a couple days ago.. along with the new lock ring..
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