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  1. Tank looks good. I contemplated using that same pump, but for my application im not too fond of how it mounts.. the weird little swing tabs just dont seem reassuring to me... does look good though. im still down for the count. Nothing to report here. Car is still chilling. Any progress on your adapter plate?
  2. You got a link for that tank? Id like to check it out. I used my adapter plate from the weber i had to help lay out my plate. Worked well. 900 is a lot. Why do you want a new sending unit? Is yours bad? My guage didnt read when i bought the car. But figured out it was cause the tank wasnt actually grounded. I used a die grinder cone shaped, and square shaped carbide bit in a hilti cordless drill to make the main hole for the air/fuel. Then kinda finished off with a couple hand files. Its not really hard. Just time consuming.
  3. Have you figured out anything? You've peaked my interest
  4. Ya, i caught that after i posted. Good looking out though. Sorry to jack your thread doobie
  5. The link i sent should be the pa-2. Does that come with the pump? The way i see it, it does. Im gonna call tanks inc monday to verify.
  6. I plan to use a "in tank" brand setup that has a built in baffle.. https://www.summitracing.com/parts/tnk-pa-a?seid=srese1&gclid=Cj0KCQiA4NTxBRDxARIsAHyp6gBDXYYNS5jspyM5A0hd_8lTWoPzo8onBVymZEuWYUELVX819GAXkYQaAv_wEALw_wcB
  7. Oh shit. God knows. I did it all by hand, and it by far was not 100 percent perfect... it was darn close though. It took me a while to do it too...
  8. It all depends on your setup. Im not very familiar with 620s. well not as much as the 510. I still need to build a throttle setup. Also, where the throttle is supposed to mount on the linkage for the sniper causes the pedal to feel a bit stiff. You may consider looking into an extension. Holley makes one. As far as fuel starvation goes, heres the long and short of it. I mounted the pump below the tank, outside of the body as close ti the tank as i could. And originally i had it sucking fuel out of the top of the tank like you would a soda, or whatever. Then i noticed it would run shitty from lack of fuel around a 1/2 tank or under hard stopping or on a hill. So i had a bung welded to the bottom of the tank, near the original outlets. Still had the same issues. I posted a question on the holley sniper owners page on Facebook (i highly suggest checking it out) about the problem. A holley tech mentioned that if there are too many tight turns near the pump, plus the way i had it drawing from the tank, could be an issue. The last time it ran, it died from lack of fuel pressure. I have a guage at the firewall which verified that. My theory is the pump is crap, plus when i had to reseal my fuel tank after i noticed a leak, i caused something to come loose in the tank and plugged the fuel lines. I used an impact to tighten the bulk head and heard some rattling in the tank, and figured the filter would take care of it. I know, im a dumb ass. Should have fixed it. I have to now change the plumbing under the passenger seat, install an intank setup.. either bought, or fabbed. Clean out the fuel lines. Im Leaning towards buying a setup. On a side note, as far as how i mounted the sniper, it sets the electrical fittings right above the exhaust manifold. I made a homemade heat shield for that. And also, as for the dime, im having hood clearance issues as well. Id like to make my own intake that could help the hood clearance issue. Hope this helps
  9. I never saw this one. Damn... probably would work. Looks damn near the same.
  10. Hey this is that guy crash is talking about. I am almost 100 percent positive there are no adapters to be found. I found one that was similar, but wasnt sure it was gonna work. So i built my own out of 5/8 aluminum. Did all the work me self. It wasnt bad. As for the Holley system. Where to start. All i can say is i am impressed with what i see. At this very moment im having fuel starvation problems... so in my honest opinion buy an in tank fuel pump if you have any suspicions of the same problem. Im taking a bit of time off the car, only cause the end of this project has been frustrating, but i would say go ahead and do it. Its nice to be able to control your fuel injection. Plus, its fuel injection. Theres a reason new cars run nothing but. If you have any concerns, questions, ideas, let me know. Feel free to email me. Im glad im not the only one who had this crazy idea.
  11. I was gonna maybe buy the cheapo tube bender but I like the idea of the bat. Makes sense...
  12. So in an attempt to install my coilovers, I broke my driver rear stainless brake line. Then in an attempt to replace it I broke the metal line going from said line, over the differential to the distribution block. I know I have several options. Bend your own already flared line. Make my own completely. Or find one. I'm just curious if anyone has just that line for sale...? Or maybe just buy the u bend it from oreilly. I dont wanna buy a kit for flaring, seeing as how I'm not planning to use it afterwards. Seems like a waste of money.. mostly ranting, but thanks for the help
  13. Ok, bit of an update. I just re-re-re-installed the gas tank. Had a -6 bung welded at the bottom of the tank. Almost in the same spot as the original fuel inlet/outlet. My fuel pump still seems to be a bit noisy, and I can here it strain at times, and others it is quiet. I'm still thinking I'm having fuel starvation issues. It only cost me 50 to have the bung welded. Now I'm seriously contemplating an in tank fuel pump. Even possibly a custom tank with better baffling.. we'll see. I'm sure they both come with their own head aches. If I'm honest, the sniper seems to be a nice setup. Again, im having issues, but even after sitting for a couple weeks outside in 35 ish weather in nor cal, it fires up instantly after the fuel pump is done priming. Runs a bit rough in the beginning, and dies at idle sometimes. BUT AGAIN, I have found an exhaust leak right where the manifold meats the exhaust pipe. The sniper cant have any leaks before, or 18 inches after the o2. I suspect most of the running issues are from said leak. I have not brought it in to an exhaust shop only because I dont have a lot of time after work to do so. I also suspect my location of my temp sensor is a bad spot... the car never seems to get above 170... it needs 180 to start "learning". I've also been struggling with suspension handling. My front end was super bouncy. I seemed to work that out today, only to bust a rear brake line while installing my rear coilovers. Which was in preparation to balance the car out. So for now @Duncan im still happy. I plan to have the exhaust redone and see how much that cures and go from there. I also wanna say the pedal is stiff, if you use the wrong hole. With out the extension from holley, just going to the very top of the throttle linkage on the sniper seems to work pretty good. I'm still fiddling with the linkage. I only have a temporary setup as of now.. All in all I'm still confident. If in the end I have solved all the problems I can, and it still doesn't run correctly, there is a dude on the sniper owners Facebook page who can tune the bugs out. I wish I could say more good things but I dont wanna lie.
  14. I get that. I just didn't realize it was THAT low. No worries. Lesson learned. Like mentioned originally, this is my first time lowering a car "properly". I've always just chopped springs. Now I can't wait till 1230 tomorrow when I get to install a new brake line! Yeah.... 🤬🤬🤬🤬
  15. Well, I wanna thank everyone for the help and input. I took the easy route and jacked the coilovers up one inch both sides, and GOD DARN IT that made all the difference in the world. So much so, I decided to go ahead and install my rear coilovers! But alas, my luck caught me up. In my excitement of removing the old spring, my dumbass lowered the control arm too much. Now I get to install new brake lines! (I only busted one, but I'm sure it'll happen again, and two is ALWAYS better than one. Right?) So, I plan to finish the coilover install, stable the damn thing, and wait on MOAR parts.... fml. 🤬🤣
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