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  1. My daughters boring ass 6th grade teacher. God this distance learning shit is a pain in the ass!!!!
  2. I have the same concerns about using port a powers. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction? I'm concerned about tweaking things that dont need it. Either way, this will learn me to only slam on the breaks when absolutely necessary.....
  3. This is what I was talking about. Thanks Wayno. My rear window frame is kinked at the bottom of the frame as well. I have access to a port a power from work. I've thought about using one as well.
  4. That's why my boss is gonna jump in and help. I'm not doing this alone for that sole factor... I'm 100 percent aware this can get fucked up, and be for naught.
  5. Thought about that, but where is the "fun" in that...
  6. That's exactly what I've been doing. I just wanna be as cheap as possible. My only option is to do it in my almost conex sized garage. So I gotta get creative.. thanks
  7. First off, I DO UNDERSTAND the 510 is a unibody... so no, I wont be straightening a frame per say. Now, onto another long winded topic by me! I slid my 510 into a ditch several months back and managed to damage it quite a bit. All along the driver side. Damage as follows: front lower valance, fender, door (inside part that is painted near where the window goes up and down) door sill, door sill pinch seam, rear quarter, and the dreaded "c " pillar. From what I've seen the bracketry that supports the quarter from behind is also damaged. The outside skin pushed so hard it pushed the metal on the inside of the car inwards. Near the vent holes for the c pilar garnish. My boss came through and looked and said he could have it pulled out enough, and straightened enough to start cutting off parts in 3 hours as long as he had all the right tools. Hes very experienced in straightening cars btw. Now, he and I are both Ironworkers, and that means we dont say the word "cant". Point is this, I plan to make up my own "diy" frame puller. I was wondering if anyone WHO has done this has any ideas. I understand that the car needs to be anchored at the body, and the "pulling arm" need to be anchored as well. Again, I have ideas, but I want more. Any and all help is appreciated. Pictures are wort a thousand words as well. For those who are curious, here is a link to my build thread, which I believe has pics of the damage. It looks worse in person, but isnt TOO bad.
  8. Fouled plugs. Took them all out and everyone of them was black. #2 was wet and black. Didnt smell like anything in particular. Not sweet, not gas, not oil. Nothing. Cleaned all 4. Runs LOADS better. Funny thing is the wire I broke was #2. But I never ran it after, which leads me to suspect it was already fd up..
  9. Oil and rad levels are ok. I had to replace both rad hoses, so I made sure that was topped off. Checked the oil level before i fired it up, and it was ok, albeit a wee bit low, and dark (pcv issues after the last oil change). I was in the process of removing the plug wires, and managed to ruin one of them. The metal clip stayed on the plug when I removed the wire. I have a set of diy msd wires I'm gonna make up here pretty soon. But before that, I will pull all four plugs and inspect.. I can run a data log with the efi system. Just gotta figure out how... I've done it before, but it's been a min..
  10. Ya, I meesed up. Sorry! All new fuel lines from tank to throttle body. Maybe I'm the problem!
  11. Tank was removed and flushed. All new brake lines from tank to throttle body.. absolutely no sediment. All new filters. Could it be an air bubble in the cooling system?
  12. Didnt really come up with a good title. So here goes. I put my 69 2d 510 into a ditch a couple months back. I had just finished doing a zx brake swap, was testing them and merely hit the pedal too hard. Locked em up, lost control and landed in a ditch. Reason I'm typing this now... my boss swung by, took a look at the damage and believes its fixable. IF I had a frame table, and such.. so I jumped into it and started figuring out if the engine still runs, if it drives, so on and so forth.. Now, as a precursor, the car was on its driver side for about an hour or two. Then sat in a garage on all four tires for two months. I fired it up a day or two ago, and she fired right off, but runs like shit. Took it out anyways around my condo complex and she moved.. did the same today, but this time she smoked real bad on cold startup for about 5 mins then more or less cleared, but still runs like shit. By shit, I mean almost like she misfires..... the engine is an l20b, with a holley sniper efi throttle body, and a 123 bluetooth ignition. So basically fuel injected, and a new distributor. My question is why the hell is it running like shit? From oil filling the cylinders while it was on its side? If that even happened.. fouled plugs? sorry it's so long winded, but I'm long winded!! Here is a link to my build thread for those who want more info.. any and all is appreciated. Thanks... Edit: I had to replace both rad hoses cause the battery came loose and broke both hoses. So i replaced them both, refilled the rad. Could it be an air pocket?
  13. So i removed my driver fender to inspect the underside. Check for rust, damage from my recent accident, blah blah blah. I noticed these welds that weld the non removable part of the cowel to the rest of the car. They look like mig. Not a factory spot. Is that normal, or has some one been here before me9
  14. Love the ride. Specially the blue. Always looks good on a dime. I would venture to say your springs got hacked by the old fire ax...
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