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  1. I wouldnt be opposed to having someone make the actual adapter. I would prefer it to be a machined flat smooth surface.. i guess thats obvious now that i type it out. But you get the point. I toyed with the idea of running dual snipers. But how would you get them to sync. I know it would be easier to drop a 4bbl on it, but something about twin carbs/throttle bodies is cool. Just pull the trigger and pick up a sniper (see what i did there). Just thinknof the cold starts. You could drive that thing in the winters!! Now i wanna switch things up a bit. Like i said before, i have a moratorium on the car, but the coilovers have been bugging the shit out of me. When i installed them, the springs were loose until i bolted them in. From everyting ive seen, the spring should be tight against the cap right? I shouldn't be able to move the spring around correct? It should have some kind of load on it??
  2. I watched a whole slew of YouTube videos last nite on the sniper efi. Im totally sold. And from the looks of things, either A: if something was wrong it was operator error or B: holley fixed it relatively quickly. Im probably either gonna go with the in-tank setup, or just mount the pump on the outside. Both have their pros and cons. I like the idea of a collector pot. But in the diagram jenvey shows two pumps, and i think thats a bit much. Right now the car is setup already with what APPEARS to be a return line. Ill just utilize that. On a side note, it appears that the Holley system can be boosted. There's a guy who turbo'ed his 6 banger 67 camaro. He even shows how to play with the fuel map. Beyond me, but that solidifies my mind.
  3. So i found this guys YouTube channel a few months back and watched some of his stuff. Though im still inclined to steer towards holley, im curious if the ez efi he installed would retrofit onto a dime. I do believe the ez efi system website says its setup for an 8 cylinder, and modified to work on the 6. Why not 4? He also does a review on the 123. Crash, if you watch the vid, let me know if you had the same issues he had installing the dizzy... and in no way am i affiliated with this guy. I just want the info to be out there so guys like me dont have to ask a million questions... oh and the video just dropped today..
  4. I dont know honestly. But since ill be doing the conversion i wont worry too much. Now i just need to take the tank out, dip it, and paint it. Clear all the lines. find a better fuel sending unit. Figure out a return line, which already seems to be on the car.. ohh the joys.
  5. Those jenveys look GOOD. Ive been looking at those for a while. Sucks that they only offer them in kit form for the z guys. I have thought about just running one. But man they would be cool. The fuel guage fluctuates at idle, and during revving. To be honest, the pump was a used pump that came with a box of parts.. so god knows it could be that alone.
  6. So i got this today. Looks like i may be getting f.i. before the end of the year. And i am still leaning towards the 123 dizzy. If anything its replacing a 100 percent 1970s-80s never inspected by me piece of history. On a side note, i installed a cheap mr gasket fuel pressure guage inline between the mechanical fuel pump and carb. As the car is running, is it supposed to be steady at a certain pressure? Mine fluctuates quite rapidly between 2-4 psi. I took a video but cant figure out how to upload it.
  7. Just sent this to holley. "Hi, i just had a quick question about your sbiper 2bbl efi. I have a 1969 datsun 510 with an l20b 4 cylinder installed. The car will be converted from 4 speed to 5 speed relatively soon. And will be basically a street car, with minimal track use. My question is, aside from physically mounting the sniper efi to the intake, would the efi work with this motor. Again, l20b (2000cc, about 110-ish hp stock). I dont know anything else about the motor specs, aside from its using a weber 32/36 down draft, datsun electronic ignition. And a relatively free flowing exhaust. Thank you in advance"
  8. Looks like this is for a different distributor, but im sure some of the concepts pertain. https://www.racingjunk.com/news/2017/03/22/advanced-features-of-the-holley-sniper-efi-unit/#Advanced-Features-of-the-Holley-Sniper-EFI-Unit-slide-1
  9. I thought about going that same route. Using a wideband to dial the carb in. But it just seems to be redundant in my case. If i go fuel injection ill need a wideband. So either way im gonna have one. But correct me if I'm wrong, it appears that the readout for the holley efi has an a/f "guage" on the little hand held screen. So i wouldnt need to but an actual guage... fuck, i just need to go back to work so i can not feel guilty about blowing money... Ive been through that thread a hundred times. And some of the info in there is making me want to lean towards using an mr2 insert instead. The fact that the front end of the zx is heavier (im assuming) than the rear/front (cant remember) of the mr2 makes more sense to me. Ive been eyeballing those dapper lights. How are they to install, and any complaints? I guess anything is better than stock these days though...
  10. I feel the same way about the rabbit hole. And to be honest, im still trying to make this damn thing somewhat reliable with the carb thats on it now. As for the dizzy, im running a matchbox. It was installed by the po. But id like to upgrade it too. Its old ass tech. Sure its good, and a step up from points. I want it to be as modern as possible, and adjustable as possible. The tune-ability of the distributor is what got me. If i ever get a different head, cam, exhaust set up i should be able to tweak the curve. Unless im totally wrong about all of this! I love the l series motors and i believe they could really stand for a little bit of modern tech. Did you go from points to 123 or matchbox to 123...
  11. I skimmed the surface on researching haltechs and megasquirts, seems they would be the one stop shop. However, for a standalone id need to source all the sensors, a tb, and god knows what else. Im really set on being as "plug and play" as possible. With that being said, i can control so much more with a standalone though. But i guess that falls into the same category as coilovers. Chances are your gonna fidget with it for a small amount of time at first, but then its novelty wears off. Which is why the 123 and sniper setup seem good for me, minus the option of boost. And in all honesty, the boost idea is WAY down the road..sucks making adult decisions...
  12. I think your ramblings sold me. As far as the cold goes, this car will never see below freezing, for the most part. Thank you California coast weather... I wonder how it would interact with the fuel injection, or if it doesnt interact at all. I guess now i just need to teach myself what all the vacuum advance, mechanical advance, advance curve, blah blah blah is. Im pretty good with cars, but ive never had to fuck with advance. I get what advance does, KINDA. Im pretty set on the sniper kit. I plan to email them in a few months (once my vacation check drops in may) to ask them about fitting it to a l20b. Looks like i get to be a guinea pig maybe. Only thing is, i dont know if it will handle boost, as i am toying with that idea. I did see the ikengineering tb was oringed for boost, and it is made by jenvey. Maybe that and a megasquirt or haltech... either way. It looks promising, and its nice to see these products on the market.
  13. Ya, i honestly think that the mounting of the throttle body will be the hardest part. I got a buddy at work who can weld paper to water. If i go that route, ill just have a machine shop build me a little plate, then my buddy can weld it on. Crash, can you tell me the pros and cons of that distributor. How it works? How was it to setup? All that stuff. I did find a video on YouTube of a guy putting one into a z. To be honest i went through your build but could only make it to page 11.
  14. Hey ted, thanks for all the info. Too bad you weren't a little closer to the bay.. then you could come up and give me a hand! So as of now, i gotta put the car on a small hiatus. ive been off work myself for a month and a half, so its time to stop spending money. I plan to get back to the grind here in the next week. This doesnt mean i am giving up, or stopping. Just taking a break. As it stands though, i figured out the "new" struts were blown (my own doing, dont ask), so i replaced them with NEW kyb zx inserts. Same everything. It doesnt ride on bump stops anymore but it still kinda bounces around like a caddy. It seems i did something wrong, or maybe cause i haven'tdone the rears. When i pull the whole setup out, the spring is loose as a goose, and like yall pointed out, i dont have a lot of travel. Its all a bit baffling. I will figure it out. Next: Yesterday, i started her up to move her out of the garage. Everything was fine. Went to start it later on, and come to find out, my half assed wired straight to the battery tach killed my battery. And on top of it all, i spotted one hell of a fuel leak from what appeared to be the base of the carb. My buddy pointed out i was missing one of 4 nuts that hold the carb to the intake. So today i went and bought new nuts and tightened the thing down. Started it up, but cant keep it running without keeping my foot on the pedal, even with the choke on. Now, with that all being said, i am very interested in efi and electronic ignition. Im tired of all the carb hassles, and bs old school tech. Im even eyeing the 123ignition distributor. As for efi, i have been seeing three possible options. -Retroject 38/38 -Ik engineering 38 made by jenvey -Holley sniper efi Ive googled every combo of efi and datsun i can think of, but it seems no one has gone this route. At least with these three possibilities. Im curios if anyone here has any experience... it seems to me that holley is the best bang for the buck. They've been around for ever, and ALMOST everything needed comes in the kit. Here are the links for the efi stuff. Thanks in advance for EVERYONES help. http://www.webcon.co.uk/shopexd.asp?id=15299 https://www.ikengineering.co.uk/product-page/38mm-dgav-style-throttle-body https://www.holley.com/products/fuel_systems/fuel_injection/sniper_efi/sniper_2300_2bbl/parts/550-849
  15. As i mentioned on youtube, here is a link to my issue. here is my thread
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