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  1. Just a small update. Ive been taking her out on longer and longer cruises everytime. Day time, and nite. Seems to cope with the nor cal summer heat pretty well. Cruising i really never see above 180. At a stand stil she will rise to 200 or so, but i only have the fan on the motor. No electric fan. The sniper has provisions to run 3 separate fans, all triggered to come on at a certain temp. Im contemplating running one, as i have one that works... we'll see. The sniper is doing pretty good. Has a few quirks. One of which i was able to tune out with the software, which gave be a good boost of confidence. The car would go super lean on deceleration and backfire a lot through the tail pipe. And when i would come to an abrupt stop it would try and die due to the lean deceleration. Almost as if the computer was half a step behind. I made the adjustment and now she doesnt pop and snarl downhill. And doesnt almost stall at a stop. 2 birds, one stone you could say. I still suspect i have an exhaust leak which is probably the real culpret for the lean deceleration condition. I plan to do the exhaust in a few weeks. So i will be able to find out if i have a leak or not. Either way, it will allow me to drop in my 5 speed as well. I still need to replace all the front brakes with the 280zx swap. Have everything, just too damn hot for me. Speaking of brakes, my rears are making noises again. Just slightly on the passenger side i believe. Under braking. I replaced all pads, and springs. Did not turn the drums (i know, go ahead and say it), did not replace the wheel cylinder, or adjuster. Both, or rether all 4, seemed to be in good shape. Im happy with the sniper. Kind of. I can say this, SO FAR, with around an oil changes worth of driving with it, i never felt like it would strand me. It has always started. Sometimes a bit harder than normal, but from a cold start, 99 percent first try. Now im trying to stay positive. Again, i suspect an exhaust leak which even holley says can be a big issue. I should have done my homework more, and measured the height of the throttle body. With the setup as is, i cant run my hood. I had switched to a smaller filter setup, but that also interfered with the hood. I have a few ideas, which may work. Thinner adapter for the tb to intake, and maybe shave some lip off the aircleaner. Or custom adapt the old cleaner to the tb... Again, i plan to wait for a complete review once i know my exhaust is good. Oh, and my brakes too. I wont lie, ive had doubts, and have been exploring different routes. I do like the jenvey heritage dcoe. Would allow me to put my hood on. Would look more period correct and still be efi. Would have to buy a cpu seperate though. Good thing is the car is already setup for an efi fuel system...only time will tell...
  2. Ive been called worse. Better i suppose as well..
  3. So, i did a thing. Worst part was having enough patience to deal with ups.. this Plus a foot of this at oreillys (cheaper than $35) AND THIS Make this... oh, and this Hopefully this will help others with the same issue..
  4. So, i was bored af one day, and started looking up 3d printed stuff. That lead me down another rabbit hole when i combined the word datsun with 3d printer. That in turn lead me to a very interesting facebook post, find, discovery. I happened across a guy that made these lenses... in green originally. So i contacted him. I decided id buy a set off him (red, not green), and figured if it was no good id only be out a few bucks. Well, i recieved the lenses today, and they are AWESOME. They thread in, line up and glow. The guy who made them was very polite, and professional. He also has them in Japanese letters as well. The black lettering is just black paint. All in all im very pleased, and impressed. Im not affiliated with him, just thought it was a neat product. Im running red led bulbs, which im sure changes the light from the old school bulbs. However, very well done..here is info. https://m.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000710389252&ref=content_filter And for those who read all this and thought i forgot to mention the price. $30
  5. Found this. Gotta confirm its 7/8 id. https://puredieselpower.com/products/oil-drain-hose-for-turbo-7-8-sold-by-the-foot.html#/product/17680
  6. I need the hose that comes off the block breather pipe. Its around 7/8 diameter. Cant seem to find any at the local auto stores, or online. Any and all is appreciated
  7. Okay, so its looking like its gonna be a minute til i get my last needed part, which are the brake pad springy thingys on the ends of the pads. Summit had them listed but said they're not gonna be in stock till 6/03. I have my old ones, which im tempted to use, but dont wanna put all new stuff, and reuse one part. I do realize it wouldnt be difficult to swap them when the time comes. My question is are these an unobtanium part these days? Or am i just tripping. If anyone has a link that would be awesome
  8. THATS WHAT SHE SAID!!! Sorry, it was too easy!
  9. Well, thanks for all the help. I found, and ordered a 7/8 master out of a 280z. Did the research and learned it should work.... as per the 510realm. Ill return the 3/4. Ill probably just do r to r and l to l on everything to keep it simple. Im also thinking of doing a youtube video. Doesnt seem to be a lot of videos on this. We'll see.
  10. I forgot to mention i have seals. Im switching to 125 lb springs because i have 200 lb on all four corners, and thats too bouncy for me. Im going for a "factory sport edition" if there ever was one. Idea is what would the factory have done... kinda I am currently running those. So if i run bump steer spacers, r to r and l to l. If NO bump steer spacers l to r, r to l?
  11. As always, thanks. Waiting on those little spring thingies that go with the pads, then i need to get the copper washers for the hoses, then its all new EVERYTHING. new zx top hats, bearings, 125 lb eibach springs, gc coilovers, kyb zx strut inserts, new bearings, rotors, rebuilt calipers, new master. Im going with a stock sized 510 master. If the pedal feel is too bad, ill switch to the zx master. Again thanks. Another question while i got your ear. To bleed the master i can use the bleeder valves on the side of the master by running a hose from each valve to each respective reservoir correct? Again. Ive done brakes, but never a new mc. Thanks
  12. So is driver l or r? Thanks for answering my questions, as mundane as they may seem. I just want it right the first time
  13. So hears what i am gathering from your response. Switch the strut housings from left to right, BUT not the calipers? Or the entire setup. Strut, caliper and all. Btw, my calipers and struts are marked (as they should be) l and r. Which side is driver? L or R
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