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  1. I'm hoping your correct sir... just for clarification, the coolant comes out of the head, into the housing, through the t-stat into the upper half of the radiator, only to cool and then recycle from the bottom up..? I should know this. I recieved the new t housing. A little rough but I think it may work. I was able to remove 2 of the 3 sensors on the housing. One is busted up pretty bad so I'll probably drill it out. I'm curious if anyone knows the thread sizes on the holes. Bpt like all the others? Npt? It doesn't really matter, but I'm still curious. Im gonna add an "an" fitting to run coolant from the lower radiator hose. The biggest hole is just a wee bit too small for the holley temp sensor. I may just drill and tap it accordingly. Nice thing is that the other holes allow me to run my bypass in a better fashion. Thanks again datzenmike for the suggestion. Your knowledge is amazing.
  2. So I found a thermostat housing off of a 79 zx. The lid and all. It should be delivered today. Hopefully its in good shape. I will mock it up and report back. From the images it may work better. I still have yet to contact holley.
  3. Damn, and I just put a new new one on a few months back. I'll look into the idea. Right now I'm trying to work out a way to make the connection from intake to thermostat to lower radiator hose with hose and AN fittings. Debating, if room permits, on putting a fitting in between intake and thermostat in the hose for the sensor.
  4. So are the t-housings interchangeable from l20 to l28
  5. That's what I thought. So with my only options being the intake manifold, thermostat housing, heater tee, or the plug this thread is about I'm at a loss. I will contact holley in the coming days and speak to them about the thermostat housing. I thought, for a hot second of removing the stock temp sending unit and going with that hole. Is there any place on the head that could be drilled and tapped for the sensor? If need be I can get creative. Even thought about welding on a fitting to the underside of the intake. Where the coolant actually flows. But then I gotta worry about cooking the sensor and wires.
  6. I was thinking of tapping an extra heater tee where the heater core hoses come off the head. But the instructions state a place with lots of flow. Unless I'm wrong, I dont see that being a high flow area.
  7. 510revisited

    Block plug??

    Lame title. I know. In my search for places to install a temp sensor for my holley sniper setup, I came across this guy. 9/16 head. Tried to take it off but she's gonna need some persuasion. What I need to know is this.. is it oil or coolant? I'm praying coolant...
  8. One step closer. Managed to knock most of this out. Still plan to smooth it all out more, but I'm no machine. Ok, well maybe a little. I used a cone shaped die grinder bit in a drill for most of the shaving. I squared it off with a square die grinder bit in a drill press. At the moment its loosely bolted down. Still need to die grind the bridge off in the intake, still need to make a gasket for between the adapter and intake. Still need to make a line from intake to thermostat to lower radiator housing. Need to make a return line. May need to reroute the existing new line into a new direction.. pretty close though. I am starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Lots to do, but slowly checking shit off. For those in the know, a question... I need to weld, clamp a bung onto my exhaust for an o2 sensor. Since my exhaust is all fd up anyhow, I need to redo things. I was contemplating making a single piece "downpipe" from manifold flange to exhaust. Instead of 4 into 2 into 2 into 1 it would be 4 into 1 into 1. Down pipe from flanges on would be one. Any issue with such setup? Here's the existing setup. Discuss amongst yourself's
  9. I was gonna have a friend at work do that, but that fell thru. I received the new cover today, and it appears at first glance to be right. It has the 62mm bearing like I need.
  10. No I didn't break the nose off. I mistakenly drilled out one of the little nubs that the shift rod bumps into. So, this is the tranny it came off of I believe. I could be wrong though. I swapped the bellhousing because the tranny is for a ca no an l. Thanks for your help mike.
  11. Just ordered this last nite. I kinda messed mine up; dont ask. I noticed there is a slight difference. I circled that in blue. Is that going to affect anything? I dont see it being a problem, but what do I know. Any and all help is appreciated..
  12. How 'bout Cam Ron Frye? So from the sounds of things, they are both stock... or at least the u20
  13. Anyone know the specs on these cams. my 510 l20b w5? whatever smog head l18 a87 73 620 I had access to today. Any and all help is appreciated
  14. I came up on this today.. Pulled it off a 73 620. The block was an l18. When I pulled the valve cover I was shocked at how CLEAN everything was.. so clean I figured the whole thing was gonna be clean. But alas, here is the underside... Here's where it gets weird/funny. My dumb ass forgot my phone so I couldn't get any pics of the block. But I can say this, number one and four pistons i could move inside the cylinder left to right, by hand. Tons of slop. There were 3 different pistons. One with a dish, one with valve clearance from a valve, one good, and one that had the indents for the valve from factory. I managed to come up with the smog intake as well. no pics of that. I'm so impressed with how CLEAN this head is, I'm gonna send it to a shop and have it checked out. Everything looks good by my eye minus some dings and dents on the cam towers, and bolts. Plan is to put a bigger cam in it. But only the next size up from stock. Nothing wild. I'm playing with the idea of port and polish. We'll see about that. This is what all this will be replacing. The dreaded, craptastic w5? whatever the smog head is. No more round ports to square port manifold!!! Dont judge. This is the first time I've taken my valve cover off.
  15. Does any one know the stock size of the radiator hose that goes from the intake port to the thermostat housing port?
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