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  1. Oscillation! Thank you. Thats exactly the vibration. Its not super bad. But bad. Bad enough to be a concern. Ill say my bushings arent as bad as the dime, but they are bad for an 8 year old car, imo. It only takes speed to get this vibration going..
  2. I have two sets of rotors. Because shortly after i bought the car, they warped. It was a situation where i needed to fix them, couldnt resurface cause no one was open around my area, so i bought a new set. Ive since had ro resurface each set once. Im positive that the sticky caliper pin is the culprit. Just got to fix that, with a new caliper. Im more concerned about the constant vibration at 80 that comes and goes like a wave. It comes on somewhat strong for a few seconds, then tapers off. Then a few seconds later on, then off. Rinse and repeat. I still plan ro check off all the suggestions from everyone, but with the weather here being wet, and not having money to justify fixing it yet due to time off from this damn virus, ive not looked yet. However, thanks for all the help
  3. Wow, thanks for all the info. I had the car up on stands yesterday doing an alternator replacement. Damn thing went out yesterday morning out of nowhere. What a pain in the ass that was. I only half looked things over, but i noticed the control arm bushings look a little crappy. Lots of little cracks. Tires are getting down to the wear bar. Definitely needs an alignment. I dont think ive hit anything. 130k on the odo. Had the car for 3 ish years. Bought it with 60k. Didnt check the bearings, cv axles, or any steering stuff. Im not the best with the car maintenance. Could be way better. Im positive the rotors are warped cause it shakes in the pedal when i hit the brakes. And ive had to resurface the rotors twice already. I havent messed with the tranny, but in all honesty im not so happy anymore with Toyotas so much anymore. i used to have an 04 tacoma that i had for 12 years. Not one single problem, EVER. Never even did the timing belt in 200k. I traded that in for a 10 tundra, wasnt impressed. Got rid of that and got the 12 camry, not impressed. Im contemplating a brand new tacoma, but im still on the fence. I dont like toyotas auto tranny. It always seems to take to long to engage. Well atleast in my camry and the tundra. Again thanks for the advice.
  4. There is a bunch of adjustability. Im just trying to fine tune it. I have self diagnosed ocd about a lot of things. Even if it is "hidden" it has to be "factory" right. The sniper doesnt have any adjustment, but the cable does. Its coming together, nicely and slowly. I remember seeing the diagram once i think.. just curious.
  5. Im in the process of building a throttle cable for my holley sniper setup. Its a universal lokar cable. My question, before i go too far, is what is the pedal height adjustment. I have the fsm pdf's but cant seem to find the info. Any and all is appreciated.
  6. So just a quick update. With all the crap that happened in the build couple months back, i just had to take a break. And now that we are on lock down, its the perfect opportunity to do something... well, tbh i had all week off, did nothing, and then banged a bunch of crap out today. I redid my fuel lines. Got rid of my external fuel pump. Talked to Holley, and they are gonna send me an intank pump.. which I'll mount to a home made module. Along with a home made baffle to surround said pump. I made a bracket (POWER OF BINKY!!) for my throttle cable at the firewall, which to be honest im not happy with. So I'll redo that. Im also mocking up another bracket for the linkage at the throttle body.. all the empty holes where the fuel pump was will be sealed somehow... In the long run, i may redo the location of the fuel filter. It kinda looks hobbled together now. Which it kinda is. Well SAFELY hobbled. It just looks odd. Atm i am just using leftover supplies. I dont wanna pay for anything till this covid bs settles down...
  7. If WE are told to stay home and shelter in place, and we're not allowed to go anywhere unless deemed essential, shouldnt THEY stop playing so many damn food commercials?
  8. I drained the tank so i can prep it for an in tank fuel pump
  9. For lack of a better term, i intend to build my own fuel pump hanger/doohickey thingamajig. Im curious, besides por 15, what and how i should go about protecting the metal. Can one use cold galvanizing spray? Should i waste the money on a zinc plating kit (😒), por 15 as mentioned before? My old tank is in pretty good shape for being a 69. I noticed its galvanized as well. So thats what got me to thinking galvi spray... feel free to say anything. I have all the time in the world, now that cali is closed.
  10. Wtf!? Fake news?!! 🤣🤣🤣 my daughters school just shut down for two weeks. Looks like i get a state funded vacation! Rumor is my job may get shut down too. #nopaidsickleavesucks!! I am plenty stocked up on thc though!
  11. I wouldnt say its severe, but its bad. Ill take mikes advice, and lift the front this weekend and take a look see.. i do plan to replace the caliper, and turn the rotors...
  12. First off, i know its not a datsun. But hey, whatcha gonna do. My commuter has a badly warped rotor. I suspect partially due to the fact that one of the calipers is a bit wonky. I know this because the last brake job i did i found one of the pins was stuck. I freed it and lubed it in hopes that that would suffice. My question is, can a warped rotor cause vibrations when your NOT using the brakes. The car, at certain speeds and or near freeway speed or higher has a shimmy/shake that seems to kinda get worse with speed, and its like a wave. It comes on fairly strong then goes away, then returns.. i also suspect maybe a bad shock/strut...
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