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  1. In my infinite wisdom I forgot to take pics, and note which line was what when i removed my fuel tank. I noticed on the tank it had two lines coming out the bottom. One is big, the other small (obviously) which one is the feed line? Im assuming the big one..
  2. Sooooo, for those in the know, does anyone see any reason, for or against, as to removing the bridge in between the two inlet holes on the INTAKE MANIFOLD. I.e. the holes under the carb, or tb in my case. Not for hp, just for less obstructions. My adapter for the weber has no bridge. I just want continuity. As an afterthought, any issue with making it a true oval. The tbs hole diameters are identical
  3. So i started my preliminary fit up. Out with the old, in with the new. I will have to make an adapter for sure, but it seams to fit nicely.. again, all preliminary...
  4. Well, i went ahead and bought another cap (aluminum contacts inside, again) and that solved nothing. Replaced fuel pump with a new one, nothing. Still has a misfire. Decided to pull the dizzy and replace the matchbox with a new one i had laying around. Now no spark at all. Either a bad match box or i wired it wrong. On that note, any one have a pic of which wire goes where? The wires from the matchbox that go into the dizzy, NOT from matchbox to coil. Could too high of fuel pressure cause a misfire? I hooked up the guage on the new pump and at higher rpms it shows around 4-5 ish. I think someone mentioned 3 ish is best.
  5. Ive always been one to clean my rotor, and cap, and plugs. Poor mans tune up! I did notice the cap had build up on the inside on the little metal parts (i dont know their technical name). I even thought that it was maybe a bit to soon for that much build up. Wasnt a whole lot, but too much too soon.
  6. New plugs, wires, cap, rotor, plugs. Maybe only a few hundred miles on all of it. Did it all at the same time as well. I have an extra dizzy, but i believe it to be a points distributor, and i dont have a ballast resistor, so thats a no go. I DO have a n.i.b. knock off matchbox. I may just pull the dizzy tomorrow and install it. I wonder if it could be gunk in the carb. I have yet to clean my fuel system due to waiting for the jump to efi. The more i think about it, the way it runs/sounds is like a Subaru. You know the typical boxer sound.
  7. The moratorium has been lifted, and i got the bushings in, but cant seem to get the damn thing to idle nicely. It kinda acts like it has a miss. I hooked up the timing light to all four leads (not at once) to make sure the wires were atleast sending power. Last time i checked the timing it was spot on. Im at a loss here. Kinda need some direction. Thinking it has to do with the ignition. Could it possibly be the matchbox? Are they a go/no go kinda deal, meaning they just stop working instantly? Ive had the car running smooth before, so thats why im at a loss. I could take a video, but dont know how to upload them to ratsun. Help please
  8. My linkage doesn't necessarily bind, but it does stick. I put in a stiffer spring, which seemed to help, but only intermittently. My linkage is kinda wonky, and was set up by th p.o.. i cant say the holes are worn out, but it does stick, and have a vacuum leak, so ill give these cheapo bushings a shot. On the subject of carbs, i understand any vacuum leak can damn near upset these thing, i.e. valve cover, vacuum hoses, loose carb, blah blah blah. But what about an ehaust leak where the manifold bolts to the pipe? Would that effect performance? I took my exhaust apart months ago to drop the tranny, and thoroughly cleaned all mating surfaces when i bolted it back together. Like everything else ive done on this car it was just a bandaid till i got a proper exhaust done. Now it has a small, but noticeable leak at said joint..
  9. I ordered my jets from them. I just ordered the plastic bushings for both shafts. I dont wanna put too much money into this thing, seeing as how its hopefully gonna end up as a paper weight. Sucks though, they charged me well around 2/3 of the buying price just for shipping.
  10. Good ole weber 32/36. I also have what is i believe to be the original carb. Thought about using it just so i can have a decent runner. But thats probably a whole new set of problems in itself.
  11. Thats a slick setup crash. I thought about doing your same setup, both with a carb and/or an itb. Either way, looks killer. Bet it sounds good too. Well i just learned why i cant keep my carb running correctly. Its got a vacuum leak on or near the throttle linkage. Probably the shaft for the butterflies. More reason to say fuck you carb life!! Any quick easy fix ideas? A shit ton of jb weld? Hot glue gun? Ky jelly? 🤣
  12. I wouldnt be opposed to having someone make the actual adapter. I would prefer it to be a machined flat smooth surface.. i guess thats obvious now that i type it out. But you get the point. I toyed with the idea of running dual snipers. But how would you get them to sync. I know it would be easier to drop a 4bbl on it, but something about twin carbs/throttle bodies is cool. Just pull the trigger and pick up a sniper (see what i did there). Just thinknof the cold starts. You could drive that thing in the winters!! Now i wanna switch things up a bit. Like i said before, i have a moratorium on the car, but the coilovers have been bugging the shit out of me. When i installed them, the springs were loose until i bolted them in. From everyting ive seen, the spring should be tight against the cap right? I shouldn't be able to move the spring around correct? It should have some kind of load on it??
  13. I watched a whole slew of YouTube videos last nite on the sniper efi. Im totally sold. And from the looks of things, either A: if something was wrong it was operator error or B: holley fixed it relatively quickly. Im probably either gonna go with the in-tank setup, or just mount the pump on the outside. Both have their pros and cons. I like the idea of a collector pot. But in the diagram jenvey shows two pumps, and i think thats a bit much. Right now the car is setup already with what APPEARS to be a return line. Ill just utilize that. On a side note, it appears that the Holley system can be boosted. There's a guy who turbo'ed his 6 banger 67 camaro. He even shows how to play with the fuel map. Beyond me, but that solidifies my mind.
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