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  1. Dirtyowlnumber4

    $50 '76 B210 summer car

    Might be hard to see in the pictures but there were quarter size rust spots every few inches on the hood, roof and boot lid. and one of the doors is basically all rust. I spent a while grinding it all off and trying too make it all smooth but I'm not sure where i put the pics. Where it wasn't rusted the paint buffed up well too. darn shame. Heres a pic of the door I haven't finished yet.
  2. Dirtyowlnumber4

    $50 '76 B210 summer car

    Been looking for a garage to paint in for a while but couldn't find one so I've built a tarp tent for it It is going to be red. Not too pleased about it but that was the cheapest paint on amazon. Depending on how long it survives I'd like to strip it down to bare metal and paint it blue again with real auto paint and not rustoleum.
  3. Dirtyowlnumber4

    Light power

    All right i hotwired some stuff together and got things working ill just get some inline fuses and try to make it look halfway decent lol thanks chaps
  4. Dirtyowlnumber4

    Light power

    If it has a light relay I can't find it. Switch seemed good Here I drew a shitty diagram of my fusing Wouldn't be surprised if something is wrong here im no electrician.
  5. Dirtyowlnumber4

    $50 '76 B210 summer car

    Thanks man ill check that out. Ive got everything wire nutted together for now. Not good
  6. Dirtyowlnumber4

    Light power

    Sorry for all the threads fellas i don't know how electricity works Hooked up a new fuse box everything is working great except the running lights, which are always on. I figured i probably wired something wrong so i took all the lights wires off of the fusebox. But even without any connection to the fusebox they are still going. Could it be a bad switch? I didn't think they'd be able to work if they had no power from the fusebox. Extra: the running light and headlight fuses are what melted my old fusebox maybe the wires are bad somewhere
  7. Dirtyowlnumber4

    mystery wire id

    It is hanging out around the alternator. It runs into the main harness right where it splits off to go to the alternator. Got it capped off for now.
  8. Dirtyowlnumber4

    mystery wire id

    There is a black wire hanging out in my engine bay which when grounded kills the ignition. It measures 3v ac to the + terminal and -11v dc to ground when the engine is running. It sparks when grounded. Can't see where it ends up would be nice to cap it off or put it where it belongs might be part of the bigger problem the cars having.
  9. Dirtyowlnumber4

    $50 '76 B210 summer car

    Cut out a melted harness today. 1 down many more to go. Also replacing the hot and ground cables on the battery and sanding the contacts on the alternator mount hopefully that'll get it charging again.
  10. Dirtyowlnumber4

    Maxi fuse box

    Has anyone wired in a maxi fuse box? Not sure how the wires hook into it. A tool that crimps them in or some male connectors? Also, does anyone know a good place to find a fuse diagram? Box has no cover. B210 A14
  11. Dirtyowlnumber4

    Thinking about getting this car

    That first one looked great
  12. Dirtyowlnumber4


    So heres what I got goin on; I was driving and i saw the volts go down to zero so I turned around and started heading home. I figured it would keep going as long as i didn't stop it, but as soon as I let off the gas it died. Nothing from the starter motor. My brother came over and towed me up a hill to try and bump start it, but we got nothing. While I was getting towed home I tried a few times to clutch start it but it wasn't having it. I tried one last time right before we got there and it starts right up (what the hell) and I drive it the rest of the way home. The thing is idling fine too now. But when I try to restart it nothing. Battery wasn't charging on my charger so I figured it was done. Got a new battery and it worked fine for a while but wasn't really charging. Also, the headlights have stopped working (not big surprise the fusebox is trashed), but more perplexingly the rally lights aren't working (connected straight to the hot of the alternator). Any apparent reason the battery wouldn't be charging? It is brand new, and so is the volt. regulator. Maybe newer alternator doesn't need a voltage regulator? or it is faulty out the box (chinese alternator from oreilleys) new volt regulator bad? Some additional information: some of the wiring harnesses under the dash are melted the fusebox is shit i am not competent (i hook stuff up wrong) I don't have the car now or I would get a volt metre on it, just trying to puzzle it out from afar for now P.S. how difficult is it to find and then install a new wiring harness?
  13. Dirtyowlnumber4

    Picking up B310 wagon parts car soon

    No problem I'll get back to you
  14. Dirtyowlnumber4

    Picking up B310 wagon parts car soon

    Is the tranny still hanging around? I could use one for my a14..
  15. Dirtyowlnumber4

    Where to buy sporty stuff

    Electric fan is pretty cheap get a few more hp

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