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  1. Dirtyowlnumber4


    So heres what I got goin on; I was driving and i saw the volts go down to zero so I turned around and started heading home. I figured it would keep going as long as i didn't stop it, but as soon as I let off the gas it died. Nothing from the starter motor. My brother came over and towed me up a hill to try and bump start it, but we got nothing. While I was getting towed home I tried a few times to clutch start it but it wasn't having it. I tried one last time right before we got there and it starts right up (what the hell) and I drive it the rest of the way home. The thing is idling fine too now. But when I try to restart it nothing. Battery wasn't charging on my charger so I figured it was done. Got a new battery and it worked fine for a while but wasn't really charging. Also, the headlights have stopped working (not big surprise the fusebox is trashed), but more perplexingly the rally lights aren't working (connected straight to the hot of the alternator). Any apparent reason the battery wouldn't be charging? It is brand new, and so is the volt. regulator. Maybe newer alternator doesn't need a voltage regulator? or it is faulty out the box (chinese alternator from oreilleys) new volt regulator bad? Some additional information: some of the wiring harnesses under the dash are melted the fusebox is shit i am not competent (i hook stuff up wrong) I don't have the car now or I would get a volt metre on it, just trying to puzzle it out from afar for now P.S. how difficult is it to find and then install a new wiring harness?
  2. Dirtyowlnumber4

    Picking up B310 wagon parts car soon

    No problem I'll get back to you
  3. Dirtyowlnumber4

    Picking up B310 wagon parts car soon

    Is the tranny still hanging around? I could use one for my a14..
  4. Dirtyowlnumber4

    Where to buy sporty stuff

    Electric fan is pretty cheap get a few more hp
  5. Dirtyowlnumber4

    fuse keeps catching fire.

    okey doke couldn't hurt thanks
  6. Dirtyowlnumber4

    fuse keeps catching fire.

    There is a 20 amp fuse in my fusebox for all the parking and running lights and the dash lights. When I pop the switch nothing happens until i fiddle around with the fuse for a second. Then the fuse starts popping and sparking and heats up to an incredible temperature until it starts melting the fusebox. The lights all function perfectly as well, I drove it for half an hour last night not realizing that the fuse was red hot. The glass on it turned black, but it was still conducting electricity. Checked all wires for the running lights, didn't see any short must be one somewhere I was just wondering why the fuse might be heating up so much and not blowing.
  7. Dirtyowlnumber4

    $50 '76 B210 summer car

    Can do my friend. By the way if anyone has or knows where any side windows for one of these are let me know. Nissan wants 800 bucks for them..
  8. Dirtyowlnumber4

    $50 '76 B210 summer car

    Haven't really done anything to the car in a while I have been trying to get it working again. It needed an electronic ignition, points stopped working for it. Also got a neat racing wheel on it. It has enough power now, next step is going to be work on the exterior. Windows, patch the rust holes and paint it. Then the interior, which will mean finding bucket seats that fit it, building a new dash and maybe putting some dyna mat or something where the back seats used to be.
  9. Dirtyowlnumber4


    I got a new alternator and volt regulator on it seems to work fine but the volt regulator keeps catching on fire. It is the same type of alternator im not sure why,
  10. Dirtyowlnumber4


    All right ill try it thanks
  11. Dirtyowlnumber4


    Took it on a 100 mile drive today everything was fine but after the drive the battery was done. I guess the ignition would drain it as you drive along eh. I will try to find a volt meter to see if the battery is bad or the alternator
  12. Dirtyowlnumber4


    No I just used a cheap remote ignitor distributor, a GM ignition module and a 280zx coil. I think it must have been a coincidence that the car died as soon as I noticed that it was over 6000 rpm, and that it just when this wire happened to fall off of where it was and ground and shut the ignition off. The alternator dying must have been coincidence too I guess because the wire seems not to have anything to do with it. It was a pretty shitty road it probably shook some stuff loose. I am sorry my friend I really don't know what I'm doing hoho. The only reason I think of a shift light is I see them on rally cars in rally videos. I don't really know how to drive so I figure I'll take any help I can get eh. cool yah thats the only reason I would want a shift light. I can gauge probably 300 rpm in either direction of 6000 as long as going that far over won't blow it up.
  13. Dirtyowlnumber4


    the charge light does not seem to be coming on. Yah its a made in usa one i figured i will probably just get an alternator with an internal one sometime. also a follow up question: does anyone know where to get a decently cheap rpm sensing switch so i could hook up a shift light? don't wanna break it again hoho
  14. Dirtyowlnumber4


    Yeah I converted it to EI. The coil gets warm but just from the radiant heat of the engine mostly I think not super hot. Car is running great batterys just not charging now. Anyone got any speculations on what this black wire I've got could be? any wire that would kill the ignition if it was grounded, but that the car doesn't need to run?
  15. Dirtyowlnumber4


    It is electronic ignition i promise. coil gets pretty hot. Good to know that it is a volt regulator. I will probably upgrade the alternator sometime then I can take it out. Anyway, I figured out the problem. The alternator was not charging, and I saw a black wire coming out of the same wire sleeve the black alternator ground went into. it looked like it had broken off, so I grounded it. Turns out the engine will only run when its not grounded. The alternator is now not charging but the car is running. I have to find a volt metre to see whats wrong with the alternator i guess. could be the regulator.

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