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  1. im putting an engine in my car that has this older style big black tube of a coil. the old engine had a newer little black oddity. all the wirings the same as it was, it had 2 wires running to the distributor, all i did was connect a wire to the + side. i found one that is only hot when the ignitions on. it works great, but it won’t turn off at all. its not like it diesels, it just acts like nothing happens when you turn the key off. not sure how to get it to turn off, im sure its pretty simple but i can’t figure it out.
  2. its got a weber carb. its got a mechanical pump on the head. i checked it out didn’t seem to be leaking. i just replaced the valve stem seals i thought that might be the issue. gotta check for a compression leak next i guess. its a new installation so it hasn’t moved yet, had some hard starts, a lot of gas poured in the carb, running rich and lean, maybe its just abused. ill keep working on it.
  3. This is happening on a mazda b motor but everyone on the mazda forums is an idiot. Its been having a problem mixing fuel with its oil. I took off the valve cover and started it and the oil is shooting like 15 feet over my truck. wasn’t sure if this is an issue or just how the valves get lubed. its clapping like a trap having run for about 5 minute’s after an oil change, seems like 20 percent or more of the oil is fuel.
  4. Anyone else encountered a really sticky throttle pedal? The cable and throttle body on the carb is moving nice the problem is at the hinge point on the pedal in the car. I can make it a little better for a few minutes by oiling it.
  5. It seems pretty happy at 30 degrees and it runs well but is it normal to be that advanced? its an a14 with electronic ignition and a weber
  6. ah the heater hoses were joined together. didn’t know that was illegal
  7. Someone put water in this trucks rad and left it for like 10 years, so im going through the motions to try and get it fixed. I bought a duralast thermostat for it, because autozone is right next to my house, and it opens up when the temp gauge is about halfway. it seemed like previously it tried to open just above the second tick mark right above C, but it was pretty erratic. The water is fine on the highway or in the night but if i try to go up a hill in the daytime it boils pretty much immediately. i dont have a laser thermometer so i can’t tell how hot
  8. i dont but i could go pick some up if it would help. i remember the hole that the handbrake connects too was pretty far off, and so was the one that holds the shoe against that plate.
  9. Sorry i got sidetracked here they are. the handbrake connects on the right shoe on the bottom.
  10. its a 76. ill take it apart later today to confirm what it looks like on the inside, its been a sec since i’ve seen it
  11. yep its got a little finger that sticks out and grabs that one shoe. i tried to modify one of the shoes i bought once but i remember i couldn’t get it to sit in the drum right. they would fall apart inside the drum.
  12. The dowel hole on the cam and the key groove of the crank will both have to be lined up, both pointed down towards the bottom right of the engine looking at it from the front. when you have the crank pulley on you can use it to get the engine to TDC, then put the dizzy in with the rotor pointed to the #1plug. the timing chain i got also had a silver link that lined up with a mark on the cam gear if i remember..
  13. Does anyone know a reliable place to buy shoes? brake shoes that is. i have tried the part stores around here, but none of them have fit. i bought a few off the internet but they were the same. the hole where the handbrake hooks on and the spring goes through were in the wrong place. it would be neat to get some of those on so i could do some rad handbrake turns and take the load off the cheez it front pads
  14. oh excellent its from an sx
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