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  1. oh excellent its from an sx
  2. The coil is from a 240. I thought maybe there was a wire for starting I think I found it its working fine for now thx mike. Or maybe it just got jealous when it saw me driving another car.
  3. Update: convinced it to work with ign wire on the correct side but it now runs only with a 30-35 degree timing advance and it kills itself every 5 minutes or so when it realises what ive done. Strangely its running the same as ever besides that. I TDC'd the distributor to make sure it wasn't off and it aint.
  4. I tried hooking the ignition wire to the + yesterday after I got it working but it wasn't having it. It was running smooth otherwise. Anyway it changed its mind today, now it doesn't get spark while the starter is cranking, but it does after the starter is turned off. The wiring diagrams in my book show only 2 wires hooked up to the distributor so the rest are for the ballast resistor it doesn't say what color they are so I'll keep guessing. Not sure why it won't go with just my ignition + and the hei - hooked up but there ya go.
  5. The saga continues. It runs again. I pulled some more wires off it. Anyone have a clue what these wires might be so I can try and understand why it can't have them on anymore? There are three off now that were on before the blue one was on the negative side and has no charge and the black and white ones were on + and have battery charge. And it is still only running with my ignition wire on the - side.
  6. Okay update last night I pulled off one of the wires from the negative side that had been there it's whole life and after that it started right up. problem solved! So this morning I loaded up to head into town and turned the key. no spark again. haven't changed anything. I had my brother run me out a new distributor and ignition module so those arent the problem. tested the coil it is fine. Wired it up like mikes diagram says (I have always had the ignition wire connected to the negative side and that's how it started last night) but no difference there. The battery's dead now so I'm charging it for a second.
  7. I tried gaps between 0.003 and 0.001 but the last one i just stuck on and it works so I'm not sure how picky they are. Is there a way to check and see if the magnets are working? the whole distributor seems to be magnetized all the time.
  8. A few days ago the wires broke off the pickup for my distributor, and today the new one came in and I put it on. Still no spark. Coil has power, ignition module is getting 12v in and outputting 1v all the time (doesn't seem to fluctuate when I crank it). I would just grab a new ignition coil but it is a 50 mile ride into town so I'd like to see if theres anything I can do from here first. Nothing else has changed, it has never had a problem before.
  9. Hell thanks banzai you saved me some money there.
  10. The wires broke off at the base of the pickup so I cut into it to try and get enough to solder onto but they were so brittle that they broke off as soon as I tries to move it off the table. Not a lot left to work with now. I might have to get a new distributor unless they sell these pickups.
  11. The wires broke off my magnetic pickup doodad. Anyone know where to pick a new one of these up? The ones I saw were around 130 dollars and the whole dizzy was around 80..
  12. I made sure that I got tires that wouldn't change the radius of the wheel, but I didn't even think about the width until they came in today. If they dont fit I will prob end up cutting out the fenders and getting flares, which is something I've been wanting to do anyways. Maybe get some spacers.
  13. It might be brown, but its a 510.
  14. Has anyone tried to paint their engine parts with rustoleum high temp paint? never tried before so not sure if I got a bad can here or if Im doing something wrong, but the paint was so watery it will run right off the parts before it has a chance to dry. this is one and a half cans on this thing
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