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Power Select(Alternators)

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Rockauto has is starting to list Brand New made alternators for some of our Datsuns. Example 70 510s and 521s. I seen listed ofr 72 trucks also.


Has anybody tried these out?

Yes they are made in China. But my batch of Autozone ,O Rileys rebuilt in Mexico  cased Hitachi's  just isnt cutting it anymore. Nowe I see rebuit in China on the boxes(autozone, O riley) but these are NOT old Jap cases. So who knows


I dont want to run a huge alt in my 521



Anybody use the POWER SELECT? reviews?

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IM not impressed with Chinese made stuff but they make alot of VW and Volvos there now. Just wonder if those are chinese alternators. even If I can get 50k of of them is better than the Autozone ands O reileys. Go there they seem to get made at you bring it back and want another one. Fuck dude it didnt last even 8 months!!!!!

Sounds like your gonna have to be the test subject.... what the worse that could happen.... what i like is they claim new not remanufactured... it might actually work and be reliable....

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IR, yes. It's either a 90 or 110 of I recall correctly. I'll go take a pic or two

That would have been nicer... 75 still not bad. My daily driver has a 140 to support my stereo.... once that vehicle dies it will be donating the stereo to my datsun..

Been weighing options on upgrades...


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