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Ls '74 620

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Yes I know there are a lot of purists out there who will absolutely hate this but its something I've been tossing around my head.

Here in a couple months ill decide whether or not to go through with it, but until then I'd like to figure out everything I'll need to do to make it work.

Depending on the route I go, this thread may have to be moved to project datto.


I've got some opinions and good information so far but I'm sure there's a lot I still haven't thought of.

If you guys think of anything that may be a trouble area or a problem later please let me know. It helps me to figure out what else I may need to do, as well as, there's a lot I'm probably not thinking about.


The truck: 1974 620

L18 w/4 speed trans

38/38 synchronous weber carb

The front is tubeframed and connected to the roll cage in the cab. No inner fenders.

The rear end has 4.38 gears in it, as well as extra leafs that bring it up to about a 1 ton - 1 1/2 ton rear end.


I also own 98 Camaro z28 in extremely good condition (48,000 miles)

Ls1 v w/ 6 speed manual trans

2.73 rear gears

Completely bone stock.



So basically what I'm thinking is to take everything good from the Camaro and put it in the datsun.

Running gear (suspension, brakes, subframe, etc.) drivetrain and brain (electrical and everything included except the body.)

I've got the perfect doner car to do the swap.


Actual weight of the truck is 2800 pounds give or take 200 for cargo and me. So I figure with 320hp it'll give me a really good power to weight ratio.


Ill be using this post as a guideline to how I'm gonna do everything.



(Still working on post)



Added info: the swap will increase my track width by about 5" on either side.

10" total.


Cost/parts to acquire:

-10 gauge strap and angle iron for the bed radiator mounts.

-hard lines and rubber hose to connect.

-extra wiring to lengthen connections.

-miscellaneous nuts and bolts

-plate steel for bracketry, mounts, etc.

-driveshaft lengthened/shortened

-u bolts for leaf springs

-proper length struts

-mandrel bent tubing for exhaust (20'-30')

-brake lines



Front suspension:

Camaros front suspension and subframe is nearly a contained unit with the exception of the shock towers.

Will have to weld mounts on to the tubeframe for the towers.

Possibly add a triangular strut bar to stiffen up the tubeframe.


Engine and all other suspension, as well as steering mount to the k-member. So ill have to integrate the k-member onto the datsuns frame or use it to fabricate mounts for the suspension, engine mounts, and steering components.

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A 320 hp 2800 pound truck with 4.375 gearing for winter conditions? Think about it.




Well first it doesn't fit, so the firewall has to be pushed back taking out the heater. Or mount the rad in the bed. With a LOT of good work it is certainly do-able but for a summer truck.

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All great ideas. Especially the one where you dismantle your daily to embark on an adventure that will take you a long time to complete.


Don't worry about money. It will take a lot.


Tools. Spend more money by on those...include a really good welder to that list. Wether it's a person or machine; one will need to be had.


You got the skills to pull this off? I hear you can take welding classes at the Community College...maybe you can meet a welder there to help you fab a firewall and mounts.


Dive right in though. We're waiting for the first cut.




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You guys have little faith haha, as I said, I still don't know if I'm going to do it. I've been tossing the idea around. And I'm sure you guys have seen a lot of projects start and never get finished but I don't plan on being one of those.


Fatcat- thank you, I thought they were pretty good too, but this is why I'm here. Hash everything out before I start.


I won't be doing this until next summer. I figure get an early start so I don't run into any major problems when I swap everything over.

Or at least when I do, it'll be a minor issue to solve.


Plus I ride my motorcycle in the summer so the camaro just sits there collecting dust from march to October.


Money- not an issue. One of the reasons I may go this route is because I don't have to spend money on parts. I already own all of them. With the exception of what I break.

So besides bolts, metal, wire, and hoses the cost is pretty low. Any bracketry or mounts I can make.


Edit: almost forgot, +$300 for a custom driveshaft.


Tools- I already have most of what I'll need. Including several welders, O/A, propane, and MIG.

I work in a fabrication shop so I'm currently learning the skills. As well I have a shop at my disposal.


DatzenMike- Yea I thought the gearing for it wouldn't be very good. However I'll be swapping the rear axle over from the camaro too. Which I believe is a 2.73.

The past two winters have been pretty easy in the camaro. I only had clearance issues once with the snow.

Also, I haven't looked up the torque capacity that the 620s rear end can take but I don't think it'll like being put through that.


The radiator will definitely be bed mounted. I've got plenty of space up front because of the tube frame but depending on the distance between motor and shifter I'm probably going to extend the firewall a bit on the drivers side. 6'2" doesn't sit very comfortably in a single cab 620 haha


Since I'm gonna have to enlarge the trans tunnel I might as well make it comfortable too.

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H-190... just a hair under 300 ft lbs. The way I look at it the tires will break loose first and act like fuses. Out on the highway you might be able to load the rear axle some. The later 720s had available gears of 4.11






I imagine the Canaromobile will be tooo wide, and weren't they coil spring? If leaf, probably not the same spacing. Then there's the 6 lug fronts and 5 lug rears to deal with.

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True,true. And they are coil spring. Hmm ill have to look into the mounting of the rear. I was planning on converting it to leaf spring because of the lift on the 620.


The PO put a 4" body lift on it when he did the cage and front.


Off the top of my head, I figure with the right struts I can strip everything off of the tubes, weld mounts for the struts to it then strap leaf spring on it in the factory datsun spaces.


Then that'll lead to more leverage on either side when I hit bumps and etc. with the rears. That might not be very good.


For the bolt pattern, I'm gonna see about swapping over the camaro front suspension also. They'll both be 5 lug then. And ill have updated suspension. As well as a cradle for the engine. Then the question would be to try and retrofit the 620 steering or swap the camaro steering and column in with it..


If I do swap the front suspension, ill have to add strut mounts to the tube frame and probably a triangular strut bar to keep rigidity nice and high.


Then there is lifting the front back to where it is now since I won't have the... I can't remember the name for them right now... Torque arms? Trail arms..? I can't remember heh.. But the arms you index to lift or lower the front.

Either lift it or leave it and ride with a good bit of rake.

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waist of time. otherwise post this when your done



Datsun runs buy another L motor if needed and back to running.

fix the drums ,not much to them but YOUR  willING to do total fab on other stuff? just get new cylinders and drive it.


 and a good camero with 48K miles  to ruin a daily driver. thats called a "reliable" car to drive

Money not  a object? just buy one done. and keep the other 2 vehicals


38/38 is is a good carb  once off idle opent o fast will bog out on L16/18s  maybe ok on L20.but once going I like them alot.


I knew a Datsun guy he had a 510wagon and a 510 sedan.

the sedan motor blew the wagon didnt have a battery.

he said he was going to put the wagon motor in the sedan which he did. I said why didnt you just put the  sedan battery on the wagon and be driving again than going thru this whole hassle.. He was dumbfounded.

I dont get some Datsun owners thinking. They are a weird bunch. Like one dude said on here, Its like going thru ones asshole to get a tooth pulled!!!!!

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If I don't go this route I'll either buy Beebani's mounting brackets for disc brakes or make my own. I don't mind the drum but I personally don't like them either.

And i don't really want to tear apart a perfectly good camaro either but my bike ruined if for me. So its pretty much either use it for a project or sell it at this point.


While I like the ls and camaros in general, I'm still a datsun guy. Which is also why I made this post. An LS 620 sounds like a hell of a lot of fun, since I've got the doner car already, I've got an uncut wiring harness already.

Id love to drop in an RB but then I've got to figure out the wiring to. Working off an already running platform seems easier than getting just an engine and trans and figuring it out from there.

Plus this way gives me full climate control, radio, gauges (if i swap those.. Idk about that though) etc.


Also what I meant by money isn't an issue, is that if I swap the datsun, I don't have to buy anything for it. I already own all the parts for it.


The most expensive part will be the driveshaft.

By no means am I saying I've got lots of cash. But for this there's not much money that I've gotta toss into the pit to get it done. Just a ton and a half of time and work lol.

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Im a datsun guy also But I like having a running car for ther winter and a new fuel injected car is awesoem I have a Cherokee(4 door power sterring a nice heater, more roomparts EZ to get and its Done) I love it but never think about taking it apart and making a ratty small compartment 6204x4 with it.


theres a place that has SR wireing and IM sure RB wiring kits for the brain . Been posted before if you want a RB motor, and not ruin a good car

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Oops haha my bad FLATcat.


Banzai- I do enjoy having all the nice comforts of a winter vehicle but my problem is that the camaro is my winter vehicle right now heh and it doesn't like snow all that much. At least not deep snow that is.


Ill have to look into a wiring harness too. I like having the options open.


It might be better to sell the camaro and buy an rb engine swap instead Hmm..

Then I need to buy a radio, speakers, electric fans for the rad, fuel pump/tank possibly.

Good things to think on.


DatzenMike- I mean, as it sits right now its still like 85% datsun. The fronts tubeframed and it has a different dash. But the rest of it is pure datsun. Right now haha


Also besides the drive shaft and some metal to fabricate a new trans tunnel (if need be) I can't think of to much else ill have to buy.

Disregard that last line. I thought of some stuff haha



-10 gauge strap and angle iron for the bed radiator mounts.

-hard lines and rubber hose to connect.

-extra wiring to lengthen connection.

-motor mounts


-miscellaneous nuts and bolts


-plate steel for bracketry, mounts, etc.

-driveshaft lengthened/shortened

-u bolts for leaf springs

-proper length struts

-mandrel bent tubing for exhaust (20'-30')



This will probably be an ongoing list so when I decide whether or not to do it, its already here.


What else am I missing? I'm sure there's still a lot.

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Custom exhaust system will be hundreds.

RB is even longer, and then you need a transmission and then a rear axle that can handle it. Then disc brakes to stop it. It never ends. OK for summer use, not winter.


Camaros don't have frames, the front suspension/steering it bolted to the unibody, so where will you hang the front strut suspension on a truck that has a frame? Because the body won't support it. First time you slide the windshield will pop out.    


Get an L20B and run it. Good match or power to traction, weight, economy. Get good winter tires and some sand bags in the back. I had this in a 521 and drove through 8 Ontario winters. 

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Ahh totally forgot about the exhaust! Yea thats gonna be more expensive than the driveshaft for sure. Especially for mandrel bent tubing.


For the front suspension ill have to either make mounts and weld them to the frame or see if I can tie in the sub frame to the datsuns frame. Ill have to check it but I'm pretty sure the suspension is bolted to the subframe which is then bolted to the body. With the exception of the strut tower mounts.

I might have to beef up the 620s frame also.


For the RB I'd have to use beebani's disc brake brackets or make my own. And then rebuild the original front suspension. Or at least clean it up.

Also if I went the rb route I'd buy it with the transmission. That'll still leave the rear axle to acquire as well as a wiring harness, ecu, radiator and fans, exhaust, and other miscellaneous bits.

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Hah! I forgot about the donk kits. They're actually pretty decent looking. Idk if they're worth $1200 bit still. The camaro might look like hell lifted with aggressive tires. But it might not too haha thanks for reminding me about those.


And thank you Rjawm, I appreciate it!


As well thank you DatzenMike and Banzai for the help so far. Its definitely helping me figure out everything thats involved and my options as well.

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