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so i was at car show at GAS- GALPIN AUTO SPORTS dealerships in burbank off the 405/roscoe blvd and there was some old imports there, saw some skylines, datsuns amongst other rides, meet up with my buddy Rick Dore who is a famous car builder and has a few tv shows and has built some nice rides for the lead singer from metallica, Mr.James Hetfield and was friends with the late George Barris, i bought him a gift in late june recently and have been playing catch up with him so i could give it to him. the expression on his face was priceless, he thanked me at least 4 times in 15 minutes, he was there with 1 of the cars he hand built for james. so who is up for a meet n greet this saturday in the burbank area.

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                            If you're in Burbank,you HAVE to go to Autobooks-Areobooks,

at 2900 West Magnolia Blvd.They have tons of car/plane books,etc.,& you can

look through them before you buy.

                         That's a dangerous place for me.




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well today i went to warner brothers studios for a tour and it was cool. i got some pix of different props and buildings and movie/tv sets and bought some swag and tuesday i will be on the set of ** Superior Donuts ** with actors Judd Hirsch **Taxi/Independence Day** and Katey **Peg Bundy** Sagel and on friday will be on the set of **Man with a Plan** with Matt LeBlanc

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Today I went to the CBS " Superior Donuts" TV show set and got to see Judd Hirsch, Katey Sagel, and the rest of the cast, there filming an episode for season 2 which airs October 30th, was there for6 1/2 hours cuz they either forgot their lines or director wanted to make changes. On Friday will I will be back there again on the set for "Man with a plan" TV show with Matt LeBlanc. I might go to the Peterson car showcase facility on Thursday or Saturday. I want to go to the griffin observatory while I am here

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Meet up with guys with Datsuns and other Japanese cars 1 620 sc, 4-510, 1 r32 skyline, 1 pao with a sliding ragtop roof, about 15 toyotas, I took pix and will post pix when I get back to phoenix.

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Darn I wish I knew that earlier, tomorrow I'm heading over to west coast customs for a tour b4 I leave for Phoenix when my plane leaves at 4pm. I'm making plans to come to the eagle rock event though, but won't know until that week of event

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