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Kiznook's welded scrap sculpture:

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I was inspired to post some of my artwork. Here is what I was doing this time last year for my HS Sr. project. I thought i had some pictures of it in the gallery, but i seem to have lost them. Here it is in it's new home (back yard by the pool)




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Yeah an appendage....maybe a Dipstick...or a Crankshaft


No it should be a rod and piss-ton.


man guy, what a piece of shit, I've seen terds with corn in them look better :D


Hmmm... usually we post a few hundred times before criticizing others. Something to think about while your picking corn out of your turds.:D

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he's okay. total asshole yes, but okay :D


this would be one of those - friend signs up to the forum and starts out "talking shit" about other friend without ANYONE else knowing that they're friends to begin with.


Anyway...I love RATSUN, always lookin out for our brothers!!

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