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As I come across 1968-1972 Datsun Bluebirds for sale - I will dump them in here.  See one you like?  Call your local importer or US Navy buddy stationed in Japan and buy the dang thing!  It isn't all that expensive to ship them over and get them through customs.  Contact your state DOL first though to make sure you a) can license/title it and B) get all the required paperwork.


Go ahead and use this thread to share your own Datsun import experience, especially if it contains something helpful for the next guy/gal.


Michael Spreadbury and Julian Serles put together a nice article on the510realm about buying a Bluebird Coupe, but much of the information is applicable to all Bluebirds.  It  is linked here:




Thanks and enjoy.




P.S.  Don't give me a hard time about the years in the listings.  They generally go by production year which is often a year before our registration year.  Also, you will see many mix and match grills/dashes/tail lights/etc on these cars so it is hard to tell sometimes what the car really is. In general, I'm just reporting what is in the ad.

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1971 Bluebird 4dr w/ L18 and lots of *um* upgrades (?) - current bid of 100,001 yen - it has re-upped a few times.




Available here for 185,000 yen












They love Coupe tail lights, Skyline wings, and advertising every Bluebird as a SSS!  I've never seen the brown SSS dash before.  They had so many different colors and fabrics over there.

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1969 Bluebird SSS Coupe - currently at 1,980,000 yen.




Lots of embedded photos in the add.  They love this type of restoration.  Mask off the engine bay, apply bondo and paint fancy new color.  Apply undercoat liberally.  You never really know what you're getting...


All is forgiven once you lower it 4"!  :thumbup:









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