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WPL312 Wagon. Needs a better name.


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I just squirt oil in the cylinders myself and let it sit overnite, then squirt more oil in and then try to turn it over by hand, if it turns then I power up the starter and turn it over fast as it has no spark plugs in it.

Then I make sure it has oil, power up the points distributor and check to make sure it has spark when I separate the points, I then put the cap back on, then I fill the carb with gas using the vent for the bowl, pour a little down the carb and hit the starter to see if it starts, if it does I usually keep it idling till the carb runs out of fuel unless it sounds bad, then I remove power to the coil and it dies for the last time if rod noise.

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It appears to have the wide trim, do you have any more loose side trim pieces hidden in there?



I don't know if this is the wide (deluxe) trim that I've read about or if the 312 just has different trim than the 320 but it is definitely different that whats on the NL. I have all the same trim for the wagon except the passenger fender and the rear drivers side door. Thankfully I have LH & RH rear quarter trim pieces



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That is what I call the wide trim, I have a full almost perfect set for the L320 and another set that is not perfect, and one extra piece, don't know if the doors are the same size as the L320 on your WPL312, but I bet the front fender pieces are the same, I also have 2 different door trim types, them pieces might be from something other than an L320, the ends are wedged different.

The NL320, V320, and the U320 share the same trim profile, the NL320 and V320 actually share the same exact trim pieces, but the U320 rear trim pieces are longer than the NL320 and V320 rear trim pieces, the doors and front fenders are the same on all 3 models.

The L320 came with 2 or 3 different trim profiles, my early 1963(actually a 62 sold in 63) has the skinny trim like the early Datsun Roadsters, it appears the later L320 shares trim with the WPL312 you have.

Measure the rear passenger door trim piece you have, how long is it?

A long time ago I bought a box of trim pieces from a guy in CA, I got a shitload of different types of trim pieces.

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22 minutes ago, Draker said:

Are you teeing this one up for a winter project?

I’m inching towards the project. Original plan may have been to big but isn’t dead. 


New goal is just to bring it back to life: pull the body of the frame, shore up frame as needed, brakes, J13 with stock 312 3speed, patch floors, use NL quarter panels to fix quarters, reupholster everything, find taillights, grill, bumpers. 


This is going to take longer than a winter 

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5 hours ago, nl320what said:

Didnt see if you tried to prep it to try and start up motor?


I may have overlooked that too.


Very excited on this, its basically its a WSPL320  ?


I turned the motor over by hand with the spark plugs out so it ‘could’ run, but it’s missing the carb, distributor and fuel pump. Have access to a good J13. 


This wagon is built like a car. 4 doors, 4lug hubs, sub-frame front suspension with coil springs. I think the rear differential housing is essentially a roadster rearend 

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3 hours ago, wayno said:

You have access to the back half of an NL320?

Are you going to use NL320 taillights?

I do not know if I mentioned this before but it APPEARS you have the wide later 65 L320 type trim, I would have to see it in person to know for sure.


I’m working on the rearend of a NL. I know of one that the quart panel have been cut for tubs. Project abandoned.


I’m going the find 312 taillights. Yes later 320 wide trim. I have everything but one rear-side door. Fortunately it just shorter than the L320 door width and I’m going to shorten a piece 

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5 hours ago, bing_kee66 said:



Sorry if this was answered before, but what's up with the taillights that were on the driverside seat, they look beat up but still better than nothing? Seems like you are in for a long wait if you are looking for a proper replacement.  I love the wagon btw


I have one usable bezel and one set( one side) of lenses. I will need to find another bezel and set of upper and lower lenses. 


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11 hours ago, wayno said:


Don’t be sad Wayne. It’s still in one piece and I’ve acquired more parts for it. The next person will have a better chance of building than I did. 

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