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WPL312 Wagon. Needs a better name.


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All I know is what goes around comes around, you help them and someday they may help you, I have shipped out of the country a whole bunch of times, it was something I had that they needed, and it has saved my ass a few times over the years, and they kept their Datsun on the road.

Sadly one of our Datsun friends in Australia passed away a couple years ago, Shane(SS320) helped me out a lot, I will miss him.

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Cool to see another one. I'm in the middle of getting mine back together enough to drive. The roadster suspension is the same front and rear, except front anti-roll bar and front springs.

On brake upgrades, if you're able to get the front spindles off a Roadster, then all those options open up to you. I opted to put a Roadster rear axle assembly that gives me the 9" rear drums. Or you can do just the backing plates and drums.

Hope this helps.



PS, I'm missing a front grill as well....if you happen to find 2?

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That poor neglected wagon, I hope you can save it.

Me too.


The floors front the firewall to the rear bench are gone. Will have to be made unless a parts car can be found, fat chance.


First step will be pulling seats to really assess floors and pulling body to assess frame. Hopefully the frame isn't trashed. That would be a very big hurdle to jump. But if the frame is okay regardless of rust I'm going to do my best to save it.


I wounded how hard it would be to modify a 320 chassis to fit the wagon?

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Me too.


The floors front the firewall to the rear bench are gone. Will have to be made unless a parts car can be found, fat chance.


First step will be pulling seats to really assess floors and pulling body to assess frame. Hopefully the frame isn't trashed. That would be a very big hurdle to jump. But if the frame is okay regardless of rust I'm going to do my best to save it.


I wounded how hard it would be to modify a 320 chassis to fit the wagon?

I suspect that the 411SSS has a frame closer to to yours than the 320, but I could be wrong, yours has the roadster front suspension as did the 411SSS, I don't know a lot about the 411, maybe they all had the roadster front suspension.

Do you have an extra 320 chassis?

All you can do is start tearing it apart and then figure it out as you go, that is what I do.

I sure wish I had got a look at this when it was here, my mind went into overdrive when I seen this on Craigslist.

You can fix just about anything except a totally rusted out frame, but lifting a complete wagon off a frame without warping it will take some thought, especially if the floors are gone, it will likely be easier to lift the whole thing up and then drop the frame down.

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Here are some pictures of the interior



Yah it a bit rough but mostly all there and original!















it will buff out  :thumbup:  :thumbup:  :thumbup:  :thumbup:  :thumbup:


looks very complete 

awesome find good luck with the build 

keep posting 

I saw one of these at solvang roadster show a year or 2 ago and they are cool

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Lot's of stock parts, looks like it's mostly there. 

Floors are no fun to replace, but you can get away with a bit of rough fab as they will be covered. If the floors are the worst of it, sounds like you have an old Datsun. :lol: 

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Read all that had to be done to Bob3's wagon to drop it on another floor pan from front to rear, it is a lot of work to body drop a wagon, it makes body dropping a truck cab/box a piece of cake.

If it were mine I would fix the floor pans, gather all the parts needed and get it on the road, after it was on the road I would change/upgrade things, otherwise your likely going to have a project that will take years to complete.

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I actually already assumed this project would take years so that' okay. I don't have any desire to rush this project. Shit I already have to get the NL project to driver status so I can go head first into my 521 motor/suspension/steering/lowing swap. There is a lot to consider and I haven't even started stripping down the interior.

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Years is a long time guy, I should know, it took several years to create my 520 kingcab ute, I got so tired of looking at it unfinished, I didn't think it was ever going to be done as there are so many more funner things to do, it's not done really, the interior isn't done, but I drive it now all the time anyway.

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Took the pressure washer to the outside and engine bay. Looks better than 'just out of the woods' look.


Drivers side rear corner window is plywood chia pet. Even has a fern growing on it. Love that single yellow racing stripe





Passenger side rear door, window and 1/4 panel have been completely primered over



Engine bay looks good. Battery tray is solid



Gave the dash a quick wipe and looks good too


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Now the bad


Drivers side fender at rocker



Drivers side front seat floor is nonexistent



Drivers side lower 1/4 panel and taillight hole



Straight on pic of taillight hole



Driver side rear valance and bumper filler(gone) panel



Passenger side rear valance and bumper filler(gone) panel



Passenger side lower 1/4 panel



Passenger side rear door



Passenger side rear seat floor



Passenger side front seat floor, weird perspective



Passenger side door and fender at rocker



Didn't take a picture of the driver side rear seat floor because that's the side without a window

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That appears to be a E1 engine, does it have front drum or disc brakes?
It appears to have the wide trim, do you have any more loose side trim pieces hidden in there?

It looks pretty good cleaned up except for the driver side rear, I would attempt to pull that back out, I bet you can get it close if you take your time.

The door handles appear to be the same as the Datsun 320 truck and up to the 1967 Datsun Roadster, 1968 on were different.

That is the closest thing to a fan guard I have ever seen, I would be interested in seeing that guard all by itself, I wonder if the 320s ever had that fan guard. 

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I see you have at least one of the jack plugs in the passenger side rocker, non't loose that.

I believe you need to get the body off the frame soon and save what you can if it is savable, it looks pretty bad.

Sheet metal is not that big of a deal when your talking about skirts and such, you can make what you need once you understand how to do it, all you need is metal and a mig welder, I do it all the time, I used a bent up 521 hood to make these skirts on my 320 box.




You can make just about anything if you break it down to small pieces that are not to complicated by themselves, like the back taillight mounts, you can cut the flat pieces with the curve at the bottom that the taillight housings mount to, then work the sheet metal panels back to their original shape as close as you can get then spot weld the taillight piece you made into place, DanialC has made metal pieces to pull back, flatten, and shape sheet metal close to its original shape, you just have to do little things one thing at a time and eventually you will be able to work with it, sometimes you have to make pieces of metal that hold certain areas the way they are so you can pull another area right next to them back into place without screwing up the parts that are not to bad like the right side of the left side taillight mount, that side isn't that bad, but the other side needs to be pulled out.

I am going to have to pull the upper door mount pillar area out an inch on my U320 as the door was hit in the past and it was pushed in, but the bottom and top are fine, I don't want it to twist when I try to push/pull it out, so I am going to have to mount a piece of metal to the upper door hinge mount and hold it in such a way that it can only come out without twisting, I will also have to remove the windshield, dash, door, and fender to attempt to push/pull the pillar back out without bending anything else.

If you look at this as one big job you are going to be overwhelmed, as there is so much to do, but if you pick on one thing at a time and keep at it doing little things every week or two, jobs that only take 2/3 hours, eventually you will scratch your head wondering how it all got done that fast, sometimes it will take all day or the whole weekend to do one thing, but the next weekend do something small so you don't burn out.

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Looks like a previous owner was pretty much ambidextrous in punching in those rear corners by the tail lights.


Wayno was asking about the fan guard in the engine room. Is that soldered to top tank or a bolt on? How bout a pic?


Quite the challenge you've got there, but looks like maybe most of the parts are present.



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