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  1. Thanks for the heads up bro, I own a datsun but wasnt sure of that connection until just now when you said that. I was actually referencing a craigslist ad that a guy made about a week ago where he repeatedly said that his patrol was a nissan and not a datsun. I went to look for it to give a link but then I noticed that you had responded to the ad so you definitely knew what I was talking about. I guess I could included a [/s] tag but I'm not sure how much more obvious a joke can be.
  2. There was an expert on the page before that taught us that patrols weren't datsuns.
  3. Thats a sad sight, but at least your families safe.
  4. Thanks for the info @Crashtd420. If I have to sand the por15 to apply the etching primer than forget it, I was hoping it could be used to avoid the sanding. I honestly hate working with por15, I probably will finish my engine bay with it but will find another solution for the underside and trunk area. I dont mind the extra prep @afracer if it lasts, everything bad I've read about the paint was caused from people not taking the instructions seriously, I even went out of my way to hit some spots with 60 grit I'd it looked like the metal prep wasnt taking, I'm going to be really pissed if it starts flaking off in sheets. Also I don't like that it contains isocyanates.
  5. my old beloved 4door had an encounter with a tree. here it is in better days it wasn't without its problems, had been rear ended in the same spot twice causing the leafspring to smack the chassis over most bumps, the rockers were rusted through in multiple locations, as well as the bottoms of the doors. passenger side floor pan had a giant hole that i never got around to fixing. despite all this i loved the car, and im sad to see it go. fortunately ive got a shell, the plan is to move my running drivetrain and basically everything else from the 4door to the 2door shell. a herculean task for a weekend mechanic with very limited tools, and working in the backyard. nothing fancy, this car is meant for the road not the showroom, so i will be cutting a lot of corners(yes im painting over instead or replacing the metal, where possible). ive got a potential l20 for a swap but my priority is to just get the car in running/streetworthy condition. i may be cutting corners but i still want to at least slow the rust down a bit, heres the floor i started with after dry icing the tar, which ill say, wasn't as easy as youtube made it out to be. maybe i got some bunk dry ice, but there was still a lot of chiseling. bare metal after the por15 metal etch and finally por-15d, and topcoated. for all the hate i read about por15 being an "the easy way out," of rust treatment, it sure took a ton of work. i put about 4 full days into stripping the paint/seam sealer, grinding and sanding. and then there was the day of prepping and another day of painting. i guess i didnt have to top coat it because i plan on laying dynomat and carpet, but i figured i might as well while the paint was still tacky. haven't put in new sealer yet, although it looks like the por took care of most of the seams for me. here are some close ups of the rust spot before painted passenger rear: drivers front passenger front ill probably use filler for these spots unless i find a better idea. all in all im pleased with the way it turned out, the engine bay on the other hand... looks in the pictures, but what you cant really see is that i laid it on too think in some places and it dried bubbly. id never worked with this paint before and should have started with my floorpans(this post out of sequence). also, i was overly ambitious for what i could accomplish in a single day and was still painting while the sun was setting so there were shadows everywhere . terrible idea. i will remove the bubbles where i can, and apply more paint. also it has no top coat yet so im either going to either buy the self etching primer they make, or just sand by hand. haven't decided
  6. bing_kee66

    B210 Rollcall

    I've already seen that, and yes I'm in austin, if I were in el Paso that car would already be in my driveway. If the Body makes it over to DF maybe he will give me a a crack at buying this one once he becomes bored of it. Lol
  7. Sorry if this was answered before, but what's up with the taillights that were on the driverside seat, they look beat up but still better than nothing? Seems like you are in for a long wait if you are looking for a proper replacement. I love the wagon btw
  8. I assume not even bother with photonugget. Too many build threads, including my own took like trash be because of it.
  9. A lot of people here use photobucket, I have no idea why, however here is a link on how to use imgur https://help.imgur.com/hc/en-us/articles/210076663-Uploading-Content You need the app obviously, I ignore the site itself and just use it as a host.
  10. this car? https://nissannews.com/en-US/nissan/usa/releases/1960-datsun-1200-sedan-pl211 thats pretty awesome. whether its worth it or not depends on the condition and if its complete, parts will be hard to come by. to post pictures you need to upload them to a host then give the link. imgur is pretty easy to do from your phone
  11. https://buyee.jp/item/yahoo/auction/v595199439? I'd pay the asking price for those chunked up bumpers and grille...
  12. bing_kee66

    B210 Rollcall

    No, you hate it. Opinions like that mean I can still find a complete b210 for 500$. ? That car is really nice. The bumpers make all the difference
  13. bing_kee66

    Dash Restoration

    When I took mine off of my b210 I pretty much had my face pressed against the firewall to get the last screws. Its gotta be there somewhere.
  14. There are more original threads in general discussions about people dying than any other topic. Ratsuns turned into a graveyard Also, RIP stan lee
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