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1985 Bushmaster rollover.


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It's Nissans first SUV. Cut the back out of a 720 cab, cut the front out of the bed, weld them together, glue on a fiberglass shell, add some sideburns from the shell to hide the seam from cab to bed, slap in carpet and backseat.

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It was Nissan's "fuck I guess we were really sleeping last year in '84 when Toyota came out with the 4Runner, didn't think it would catch on. Well I guess the new roll out of the WD-21 in '86.5........ nope..... alright we got it now. The '87 Pathfinder)


Trucks were sent to conversion companies, it wasn't made by Nissan. Sort of like the 620 4x4 conversions.

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I just want all to know that it's not just a jeep thing. The Bushmaster rolled over and came to rest upside down. The fiberglass shell absorbed impact but did wrinkle front fenders some. Had to replace side mirrors too. Rick



Yeah, it's a driver thing.

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This is after rollover. Bra hides damage. I realigned roof by windshield since glass was hanging out an inch on drives side. One inch gap between frame and glass on passenger side. Replace air filter after being saturated with oil.

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