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  1. DIY 1985

    Bonded Titles?

    As it turns out, I didn't need a bonded title for the Land Cruiser that I just acquired. The title, which passed hands three times without official transfer, was good after all. I convinced the seller to get the title in his name after he bought it from the heir of a deceased rancher, who bought it but never titled it because it was driven exclusively on a ranch. And as of yesterday, I have the title issued in my name.
  2. DIY 1985

    Distributor Wiring Diagram

    My 85 FSM diagram suggests a single condenser for both coils. The intake coil neg. terminal goes to a resistor and splits to tachometer and D on the E.C.C. Control Unit. I have a LY (Lavender Yellow?) and a LW (Lavender White?) colored wires that go to the E.C.C. Control Unit on one diagram. The Br (Brown?) wire would be juice from the ignition switch, and the R (Red?) would go to the exhaust coil, the WL (White Lavender?) would be the intake coil. These are all on the same sub-harness connector The diagram describes a B wire sub-harness that grounds the distributor at the condenser, but, does B mean Blue or Black?
  3. So Diesel oil is legit on the catalytic converter? I just did a change with Castrol synthetic 10W-40 for the summer? It claims to be low in phosphorous. I have a slight rear and front main oil seal leak, cylinder 2 has oil intrusion. I want the oil to be gentle on the non-metal engine parts, but my daily driver is a mountain bike, and I haven't put 2,000 miles on the Z24 in the last 14 months. Gonna hit 200,000 soon. My oil blot test was surprisingly clearer than the oil in the catch pan from last fall. My last fill-up revealed a 20 combined highway/city mph, and I am no longer running rich since I hooked up the right jets using an air fuel ratio gauge.
  4. DIY 1985

    sun visor clips

    I'll try a pair.
  5. DIY 1985

    720 Part # Thread

    The factory pulley for the idler has a bearing pressed in and locked with a retaining ring. My pulley is good, but the v-shape is grooved heavily. The Gates pulley has no retaining ring and sits too close to the tensioning mechanism (but suppose that I could insert a washer) Was the idea to replace the pulley bearing, or both the bearing and pulley?
  6. DIY 1985

    Bonded Titles?

    Here is a possible snag. The instructions for a Bill of Sale specify that a vehicle must be titled before it can be sold again. So, I wonder how that might play out in the scheme of things. So, is a bonded title just for the purposes of a lost title? Because, in theory, in the collective group of MVDs, records of titles are not actually lost. What about a vehicle that has been sold without the owner ever titling it, or passed around from more than one person? Does an MVD look up the name on the Bill of Sale and reference it to the last person who the vehicle was titled to?
  7. DIY 1985

    Bonded Titles?

  8. DIY 1985

    Bonded Titles?

    I'm a glutton for rust and archaic technology; I need professional help, but let me finish the greater part of one more project. No, seriously, I keep finding all these Craigslust minitrucks and Land Cruisers that are advertised as "clean titles," but they are rarely so. So, I understand that I might need a couple of professionals to give estimates of the value of the vehicle for the purposes of the bond associated with the title, plus a VIN inspector hired to come to my residence to check the digits for accuracy, a bunch of paperwork and a massive collection of fees? What is the routine? I'm currently looking at a non-running vehicle. I know everywhere is different, but I'm in New Mexico. How long would it be until I could sell the project, or can you immediately legally sell a vehicle with a bonded title?
  9. DIY 1985

    d21 z24 carburated strange rattling noise

    Is the spark plug heat range correct as to not cause pre-ignition? If the timing is off because of a milled head, it would result in valves off in relation to the crank, it would be more like manifold backfire? The crank gear runs the oil pump and distributor. Ping, or pre-ignition is because the flame front is working against the position of the crank. How do the plugs look? I have an inexpensive timing light that adjusts like 50 crank degrees so you can get a sense of distributor centrifugal and vacuum advance while you rev the motor beyond the limited marks on the factory indicator.
  10. DIY 1985

    Battery Welding?

    Has anyone ever performed SMAW with a couple, or three, car batteries wired in series, or an externally regulated alternator? Also, there is a MIG kit commercially available. I've heard that car batteries can deliver more amperage than the average residential wiring can, As such, residential welders tap into the 220v, not because 110v can't strike a decent electrical arc, but because they provide the amperage. For me, it is more about the lack of a garage, than it is about getting the electrical hookup.
  11. DIY 1985

    Where to buy.84 Hitachi carb parts

    So will mine work? It says Z24S, Cy-3(E), K4-24, 2KT60-43 on the cover?
  12. DIY 1985

    Where to buy.84 Hitachi carb parts

    I heard that Rochester folks will ream the hole in the carb's casting, press in a bushing, and drill and ream its hole to match the throttle shaft. This would assume that the throttle shaft hasn't changed much in size and is still concentric, but a machine shop could conceivably fix that too. I should kickstart it.
  13. DIY 1985

    Where to buy.84 Hitachi carb parts

    What is the shade-tree-mechanic, and commercial rebuilder, solution to slop on a Hitachi throttle shaft?
  14. DIY 1985

    Where to buy.84 Hitachi carb parts

    Will my 720 z24 1985 high altitude model one work?
  15. DIY 1985

    All right guys I dun goofed

    The idle speed screw is not the idle mix screw. The mix screw is on the corner of the base of the carb. The speed screw is what the throttle shaft rests on during idle. It should be between 1 and 1.5 turns in after it touches the throttle. When your motor is cold, the choke button should be all the way out, then, after starting the motor, the butterfly should open partly, you may have to just slightly push in on the choke button to make that happen.

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