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  1. Make sure that you have good vacuum. The brake booster can cause issues, so see if depressing the brakes changes anything. Try plugging vac sources to isolate problems, and make sure that everything is secure that connects to the manifold. Pull your spark plugs and 'read' them. Your symptoms kinda sound like a stuck open EGR valve.
  2. The DGV has a bit to be desired for fast-idle at choked - it doesn't adjust, and is set kinda low. The DGV lacks a vacuum actuated choke breaker - one less potential failure along with the wire that the mice will chew. The choke cable that came with my DGV kit was kinda tough to operate, especially screwed into plastic on the dash. I used a generic cable from O'Reiley. The DGEV is fine, but I prefer the manual choke for simplicity. Go with the DGEV if it is important that a mechanic will be able to actually get the truck into the bay on a cold day without having to get three other guys to
  3. @powderfingerWhere did you find your glass, was it new?
  4. I'm already taking in some rain. I have about a 4" crack. The truck has about 75,000 highway miles on it tailgating earth moving equipment outside Cairo on windy days.
  5. Has anyone replaced a windshield recently? I'd love to get fresher glass and an okay(ish) weatherstrip seal. Is this possible in 2020? I'd really like to build up this vehicle, but there is so much glare on the glass that I keep thinking that it is its weakest link.
  6. There is a 140w GL-4 at O'Reilley?
  7. Two greens, two reds, and a black. One green is rigged. I'd rather not deal with crimping in the OEM connectors.
  8. Can someone point me to a vendor who is selling amperage-rated fusible links for 12V systems that I can use to refresh my '85 wiring harness with? Thanks in advance.
  9. On my Weber, I couldn't get it jetted small enough for the proper tune at idle. I had to open the throttle too much and wasn't running on just the idle circuit, but rather the first progression hole (it was also too low an rpm to be running vac to the canister purge and spark advance). I drilled a 1mm (ish) hole, opposite the progression holes, on the primary throttle plate, and am basically using the jets in the Weber kit for Z24. It makes sense, because I'm not trying to deliver less fuel, just more air. Drove to Colorado last summer, got 30+ mpg on US 285. Plugs, and digital O2 sensor
  10. I got a couple of OEM Nissan filters the other day, haven't installed them. Gonna change oil soon, getting seriously cold. They look like a bit less stretch on the power steering pump hose, appearing a bit stubbier.
  11. Hello, I'm looking for a bearing that supposedly is used on a '74 to '82 Datsun B210 axle, but I need it for a transfer case swap for a Land Cruiser, so I'm unable to measure an old one. It is supposed to be a BCA PN RW1148. Its dimensions are 32mm x 72mm x 20mm. Rockauto describes a Centric with a 19mm width, so I wonder if my somewhat dated lead is kind of innacurate? Could anyone confirm the accuracy of my lead, and could anyone find a source for the BCA, or a 20mm thick, bearing?
  12. I'm not running vacuum advance. But, I kinda wish I was for cold starts. My Z24 performs great, I measured 32 mpg on the highway this last weekend. I've consistently got about 29 mpg in the past, but that was mountain driving.
  13. If your Air/Fuel Mix screw is 1.5 turns out, how many turns is your Idle Speed Screw in? Are your plugs kinda black? Are you running vacuum advance to the distributor? If so, where is it plumbed into on the Weber?
  14. A battery won't ruin gas mileage. I had to tune my Weber to altitude. I did it with an O2 sensor and readout.
  15. There was a screw on the side. I think that it was a different style of part then what you might be thinking of. It was replaced this morning by the same shop, with a new owner and staff, and it is in the trash.
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