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  1. DIY 1985

    LED Lamp Recommendations

    Anyone have experience replacing the stock headlights in your 720 for LEDs? I'd prefer to significantly increase the stock range of lumens, achieve an even distribution of headlight beam, and not go too blue or green in hue.
  2. DIY 1985

    1983 720 Z24 timing issues?

    What about timing the oil pump on the cam?
  3. DIY 1985

    Pull or Punt? '85 Z24 engine

    You could burn oil being pumped to the rocker shaft if the head gasket is toast?
  4. DIY 1985

    Troubleshooting help needed please!

    Sounds like a dwell issue, but you have electronic ignition. Check for good spark, and you might want to 'read' your plugs. EGR not closed, making it hard to drop rpms?
  5. DIY 1985

    Mystery tap

    But it doesn't sound like a ball bearing hitting the bottom of a paint can?
  6. DIY 1985

    1983 720 frame-up project suggestions/advise ?

    I bought my '85 in Jan of 2017. I paid $1,000. Water pump, flush, center link, fluids, driveshaft bearings, lights, carb conversion, cat back exhaust, belt pulley, cap rotor wires, tires, bumper, used tailgate, shifter boot, door pull, clutch hydraulics, master cylinder, windshield washer, coolant overflow, a few others that I can't or wish not to remember. That is about $5,000, very short of a frame-off.
  7. DIY 1985

    Clutch master cylinder cover problem

    The tabs don't lock on the two of mine either. The tabs on the cap allow it to snap over the raised ridge on the edge cylinder reservoir. The tabs on the reservoir really don't appear to serve a purpose because they are too big to fit under the tabs of the cap; aligning text on the cap, maybe. You are good to go as is, the cap is in place.
  8. DIY 1985

    Clutch Damper Options

    I might have been a bit low on transmission fluid. However, unless I had some already in the catch-basin, then I measured 2 liters collected. The gear oil was changed early last year GL4 80w90, and was still kinda amber after 2,500 miles, not much synchronizer in the pan either, but the shifting seems to have become a bit easier after it was driven for a couple miles or so.
  9. DIY 1985

    hitachi carb fuel flow on / off valve ?

    Did you replace your fuel pump? Fuel filter? The relay for the fuel pump is controlled by a oil pressure switch, so that in the event of an accident, or no oil pressure, the stalled motor will turn off the fuel pressure. I believe that the windshield in my rig is leaking rain on the factory relay. A PO wired my pump by tapping into the ignition-hot circuit. I can hear my pump when the ignition is on but the motor is off.
  10. DIY 1985

    My '83 4X4: Interior Strip/Tidy/Refresh *Many Questions!*

    The FJ45 (pickup) did it from the factory as well. Its windshield is hinged. It is hooked to the hood when folded down, and when the windshield is up (without the hard top, or bikini top) it is hooked to the dash. See page 5 on this thread. https://forum.ih8mud.com/threads/preserving-patina-how-to-tips-and-tricks.1097611/page-5#post-12080265
  11. DIY 1985

    Clutch Damper Options

    Got the master and slave in. I was about to totally strip the flare nut, then it occurred to me that I could piggyback a vise-grip on the 10mm flare nut wrench to keep it from expanding open when torqued. Couldn't quite yet get a tubing bender to cleanly make a damper bypass/delete. Any suggestions on tools? Not enough sunlight during the day to do gravity. Just pump it like brakes, and bleed from the damper and master. I paid like $8 from Autozone for a bleeder kit that had the right 1/8"-ish tube, and $2 from Ace for 1/4" clear vinyl tube. Had the reservoir above the nipple with a hoop on the hose to catch bubbles. Didn't use the reverse bleeder. I put some teflon on the slave bolts going into the bellhousing because I get the feeling that the front seal on the transmission is leaking and sweating gear oil all over the slave via its mounting points. I should have got the shift fork dust boot because I knew that it was toast.
  12. DIY 1985

    Looking for a rear 4x4 differential

    The FSM describes, for the 4x4 model, to connect the propeller shaft at the diff flange 180 degrees and take a test drive. I'd mark the original location first. Is it possible that the u-joint techs got the slip yoke 180 degrees, or just a spline off?
  13. DIY 1985

    CA Smog

    Not every 720 came with a AIS. My federal spec. late '84 build had a non-reed-valve air cleaner and a cat.
  14. DIY 1985

    My 720 smokes more than I do!

    Did you check the head and block with a machinist straight-edge?
  15. DIY 1985

    Clutch Damper Options

    Sure, but I'm already doing it a bit unorthodox, the FSM describes clutch bleeding as a two-person operation. Obviously the clutch is way more simple, but if you have ever been doing brakes with two people, and the brakes are just not firming up, it is a bit of a pinch. You kinda want more tools to try, plus I'll be needing to replace wheel cylinders before I get my second rig running.

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