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  1. If your Air/Fuel Mix screw is 1.5 turns out, how many turns is your Idle Speed Screw in? Are your plugs kinda black? Are you running vacuum advance to the distributor? If so, where is it plumbed into on the Weber?
  2. A battery won't ruin gas mileage. I had to tune my Weber to altitude. I did it with an O2 sensor and readout.
  3. There was a screw on the side. I think that it was a different style of part then what you might be thinking of. It was replaced this morning by the same shop, with a new owner and staff, and it is in the trash.
  4. My master gave out soon after I bought the truck. I had a pro mechanic install one; it turned out to be garbage, leaking from where the reservoir meets the cylinder, like two years later. I was once told that hydraulic fluid in the booster would spell imminent failure. Is this true? They said that they can vacuum out the hydraulic fluid? Sounds unrealistic to me. Also, what brand of master cylinder are you running? I've found OEM rebuilt units, but you have to actually have the reservoirs to go with them, which I don't have.
  5. Where did you get your Weber? Was it part of a Z24 Kit?
  6. Staking would typically be done with a 'center punch,' I'm not speaking from direct experience. I don't know if it will fit in the throttle bores at the proper angle?
  7. I just learned of an old Land Cruiser FJ55 wagon receiving Lizard Skin with awesome results. It was applied in the engine bay and bottom of the body during an engine swap. Both heat from the engine/exhaust and sound were helped significantly on a vehicle from an era of Cruisers with just painted steel bodies.
  8. Anyone have experience replacing the stock headlights in your 720 for LEDs? I'd prefer to significantly increase the stock range of lumens, achieve an even distribution of headlight beam, and not go too blue or green in hue.
  9. What about timing the oil pump on the cam?
  10. You could burn oil being pumped to the rocker shaft if the head gasket is toast?
  11. Sounds like a dwell issue, but you have electronic ignition. Check for good spark, and you might want to 'read' your plugs. EGR not closed, making it hard to drop rpms?
  12. DIY 1985

    Mystery tap

    But it doesn't sound like a ball bearing hitting the bottom of a paint can?
  13. I bought my '85 in Jan of 2017. I paid $1,000. Water pump, flush, center link, fluids, driveshaft bearings, lights, carb conversion, cat back exhaust, belt pulley, cap rotor wires, tires, bumper, used tailgate, shifter boot, door pull, clutch hydraulics, master cylinder, windshield washer, coolant overflow, a few others that I can't or wish not to remember. That is about $5,000, very short of a frame-off.
  14. The tabs don't lock on the two of mine either. The tabs on the cap allow it to snap over the raised ridge on the edge cylinder reservoir. The tabs on the reservoir really don't appear to serve a purpose because they are too big to fit under the tabs of the cap; aligning text on the cap, maybe. You are good to go as is, the cap is in place.
  15. I might have been a bit low on transmission fluid. However, unless I had some already in the catch-basin, then I measured 2 liters collected. The gear oil was changed early last year GL4 80w90, and was still kinda amber after 2,500 miles, not much synchronizer in the pan either, but the shifting seems to have become a bit easier after it was driven for a couple miles or so.
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