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  1. RBro

    1985 Bushmaster rollover.

    Another sad thing about the Bushmaster is: the fiberglass topper has totally faded out and is now pink
  2. RBro

    How to use the new "For Sale/Wanted Classifieds"

    Good instructions. Now I only need 20 more posts to list my 85 Bushmaster for sell.
  3. RBro

    1985 Bushmaster rollover.

    One other nice thing about Bushmaster is that u can put a full 4x8 sheet of plywood in it with back closed. Even a 10 ladder.
  4. RBro

    1985 Bushmaster rollover.

    Yes on back bench seat. While bed is padded and carpeted with headliner too.
  5. RBro

    1985 Bushmaster rollover.

    This is after rollover. Bra hides damage. I realigned roof by windshield since glass was hanging out an inch on drives side. One inch gap between frame and glass on passenger side. Replace air filter after being saturated with oil.
  6. RBro

    1985 Bushmaster rollover.

    Rolled over 1.5 timed https://imgur.com/gallery/4lb3L
  7. RBro

    1985 Bushmaster rollover.

    I would add pics here if I knew how.
  8. RBro

    1985 Bushmaster rollover.

    I just want all to know that it's not just a jeep thing. The Bushmaster rolled over and came to rest upside down. The fiberglass shell absorbed impact but did wrinkle front fenders some. Had to replace side mirrors too. Rick

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