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Back on, September 10th, 2016 morton fun run, even if i go by myself, now with a picture map, spanaway walmart departure time 9:30am


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He was thinking Wallmart in Spanaway ,, not sure what time


map says it takes 38 minutes to get to Elbe, with no traffic ,,I say it's closer to 50-60 as might encounter old geezers in way as these are kinda twisty roads,, i would assume we stop for pops and argue about shit in Elbe for at least 10 minutes.


It takes about 20 minutes to get to Morton ,,, 


figure at least 40 minutes at lunch destination whilst again arguing about shit, and scarfing down a burger  and planning the overthrow of goverment ...


Then back roads trip through the land-o-hill people on way to Chehalis and towards freeway.





These are all 50 mph or less roads so if you got a low geared truck or car it will be more than happy RPM-wise tooling along with us.... We may go a little faster in spurts but these are twisty roads and most of people that travel with us drive 45-50 year old trucks and crossing lanes is for fucking clowns..

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Do you need a state issued multi pass to stop at that park just up the hill from Packweed?


But it would suck serious donkey balls to add an hour and a half to trip for us if all the East guys find excuses the day of run to back out anyway.. a la Astoria loop run last winter

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