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Back on, September 10th, 2016 morton fun run, even if i go by myself, now with a picture map, spanaway walmart departure time 9:30am


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That website sucks, is ocean park where the event is or is that the address of the club?



It's the whole peninsula really ,, they cruise up and down.. If you go down there when that is going you just find a place and go with it............VERY touristy hell type towns,,, and that is coming from someone who grew up on the beach 

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I helped build 3 riding lawn mowers for those races in Morton years ago ,,, but never went to any myself...  When I grew up on the coast they had a "loggers jubilee" in Hoquiam ( still do i assume) and all the logging families that lived around us would always scoff at how those weren't "real" loggers ,,,, so never have went . 



Anyway,,,,,,,,,,,,, what's the fucking plan Stan??




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Jubilee i believe is this weekend. Just now getting my asss out of bed. Had a long night watching meteors. Didn't get home till 4 this morning. In my brilliance i dec to take the cheby up to the peak last night, thinks its time for that tune up, maybe new dist. Running on 5 ish cylinders now?


As for the route, meet spanaway walmart( its easy to get on and off the road there) at 9ish and roll out at 9:45-50ish. Then follow the leader.


I'll work on map today.

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