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620 and Lil Hustler Rear Bumpers, Std and Optional

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I found ads with just a couple glimpses of what appears to be a stylish, mostly cosmetic, chrome tube wrap around rear bumper.  I saw one post where a guy had his bed off and dual wheels and something that looked similar - but his looked more robust.  Of course I could be completely wrong.


I'd like to see what that bumper really looked like on the 620 but there are simply no pics out there that I could find. 


There was a "set" of these "tubular" additions:  the front push bar, the side steps and I think the rear bumper.


The parts manual shows bumperettes which are probably similar to the front in cross-section.  They basically protect the rear combination light.


I could barely make out on the Pizzazzy Pickups ad, under Optional Equipment, a rear step side bumper and I think it was asterisked as a dealer installed option.  Of course there are a plethora of rear step side bumpers out there so what the OE one was is probably hard to say.


My 620 actually came with the front pusher bar.  I took it off because it was very unimpressive and crappy - in particular, the two little horizontal stubs that touch the front of the front bumper were just bare metal tube ends.  In other words, if they got pressed against the bumper, they would leave a mark.  Perhaps there were supposed to be rubber bumpers that were missing, but in the pics, while not very detailed, there don't appear to be any.  (I originally thought it was some chinsy aftermarket junk and now it looks like an LH option.


I was thinking of finding a step bumper for mine since it has no bumper and it would be nice to have a trailer hitch and also some overhung aft ballast for driving in the snow. 


HOWEVER, the 620 looks so much better w/o a rear bumper.  (main reason I'd like to see this "tubular" bumper - even though it is pure unobtainium)  Perhaps a trailer hitch painted black wouldn't look too bad. 

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At one time the 620 was delivered without the bumper to get around the 'Chicken Tax'. Basically the truck was not completely built and the bumper was added at the port of entry or by the dealer as a final assembly. Not all years might have been this way. Maybe there was a choice of bumper by the dealership also? In any event it might be illegal to sell them without and really illegal to drive them without.The 521 bumperettes style look very sexy on the 620.

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When I purchased my 620 new in 73, everything was an option.  The options I got where the radio antenna, (I purchased a aftermarket Craig am/fm cassette from a stereo store) and the underseal. The most popluar options at the time, besides the radio/underseal, were the rear Barden bumper and truck mirrors. Total price $2649.00 on 8/22/73.

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Yeah, and all the time I spent acquiring the OE license plate light and bracket....  only to shelve it for a step bumper !!!


I think not!    Er, well.... maybe....    and, those OE bumperettes are pretty cool too and maybe the coolest bumper.  and I'm also thinking I don't need a bumper for a trailer hitch anyway.



El Matador:  Wow, talk about a step bumper covering up stuff!  The way the Combination Lights "curl underneath" makes it difficult to have a bumper that looks integrated.  FUNNY:  at first sight of your bumper pick, it looked like the trailer was another bumper sticking out from the step bumper - wow, what a big bumper I thought!


But there are many kinds of step bumpers.  I had a 69 Chevy C20 CST Custom Camper LongHorn BB w/AC and it had the conventional step bumper.  But it was rusted out.  I found another one that was built perfectly for this truck, but it was exceptionally long:  it was 10" long but really fit the truck nicely.  With that big width, it was like having a workbench on the back of the truck.  I loved that bumper, but unfortunately sold off the truck not long afterwards.


I know back in the 70's in PA, rear bumpers were not required on P/U trucks - I had a 60 Studebaker Champ (type with Lark cab and truck bed - sort of like an El-Camino) and it had no rear bumper.


I ran across a build thread (very likely here at ratsun) of a 620 (not sure, looking just at bumpers.)  Pic of rear of truck w/bed off so you could see the frame and rear end.  It was a dually (!) AND it had this chrome tube bumper.  The tube size looked larger than in the Lil Hustler ads.  The tube went across the back, attached to the trailer hitch, 90* bends at the ends, then went along the side of the bed and then 90* bends aft of the axle, under the bed and probably to the frame - it was basically a complete rectangle with the a portion of the forward run removed to attach to the frame.  There were rather long, plate brackets that attached to the bottom of the frame and out to the tubing where it was along the end of the bed.  Anyone who saw this truck would remember it.


That chrome tube rear bumper still, you can see it in one of the little montage pics in the "History of Lil Hustler" thread reply #14:  (you can catch a glimpse of it in the lower LH corner pic of the chrome tailpipe and also in the big pic.)



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Here is my Barn Find KC the day we pulled if from the barn. Bill, the PO, said he installed the step bumper at the dealership.




I removed the step bumper and the OG license plate holder was behind it. I think it looks better without the step bumper. And that sucker is heavy too. I have a Reese hidden hitch I may have modified to fit under the truck. Not sure on this idea yet.






Those chrome bumperettes in the post above sure look nice. Where can I get a set of those ?







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Yeah, the step really clunks out the rear of the 620.


And I'm probably generating Demand for the bumperettes with this thread.  Guy sold some on ebay, for a 521 for $60 shipped.  I don't know if they are "correct" for a 620 though.  But the little bumperettes are so unusual and still pretty cool looking.


I'd still like to see a real pic of that wild Lil Hustler chrome tube rear bumper - I'm not even sure if I'm interpreting the pics right - there is just NO info on it (assuming it exists.)

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Thank You So Much, Red13!


That OE looks so Custom and Totally Bad Ass!  Move over bumperettes!  But really, the bumperettes are way cooler than anything else out there too.


When was the last time someone saw one of those for sale, huh?  (BTW, I mentioned a dually with the bend off where the guy bent up basically the same shape tube bumper but it look like maybe 2.5" tubing.  Very robust looking - like you could push a car with it.  (I knew a guy who had a business building rally cars.  His "tug" vehicle had the trailer hitch in the front!  Very clever!)


I have the front bumper guard (guess I should be lucky, huh?) but from this latest pic, looks like it may have little rubber bumpers where the little stubs touch the front of the bumper.  Mine are long gone.


NOTE:  I guess I'm going to have to put the front bumper guard on, right?  ...now where can I get some black bouncing baby buggy bumpers....


I'm also thinking the front bumper is hideous with the holes and bends for the front license.  While I detest front plates, I think the Datsun plate may looks better than no plate at all.  I can still dream about a front bumper w/o license features.


Actually, it wouldn't be that hard to possibly get one bent up or even welded up like a set of headers and then get.... welll, painted.  (The thought of $$$ for chrome makes me wanna puke.)

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I need to go on record here and say that I have NEVER seen a rear bumper on a 620 that I liked. 4x4 trucks excluded


As for the front gaurd...MOUNT it! I love those. And yes the Datsun logo plate will look good.

Or get 2 bumpers and have them welded into one without plate holes/flat spot and chromed. Pretty easily done just $$$$

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Loading Tailgate.....  now that I have to see!


EDIT:  just found the post of the Protector.  I'd really like to get one of those - the tailgate on my bed when purchased was ruined because of stuff banging into it.  I could get a sheet of 16ga and screw it on.  It wouldn't be original, but it would help protect and strengthen.


Hey.... what are the dimensions of the tailgate?  It might be possible to take the inner panel from an S10 or Ranger.  It would look OE and probably close enough.


But considering how my 620 was totally molested and my work is to remove* ALL evidence of this, the thought of installing anything other than OE makes me cringe.  I would not even consider drilling a hole anywhere except for a nonOE trailer hitch.  (And you can imagine how sick I am over the a$$hat that installed hood pins.


* - mostly "add" since they stripped just about everything they could get their hands on.  So by "remove," it's not totally unlike Colin Chapman (Lotus) speaking of "adding lightness."  (I just love that wordsmanship!)




Hey, and what's with those tiny, puny little bed fingers that the tailgate chains hook onto?  They'd bend out nowhere near what that tailgate could support.  (I don't think I've ever heard of anyone mention this???)



Anyone... run across that dually w/fabbed big tube rear bumper?  (I'm still looking)

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Drop lower like steps ?????


Did it have some kind of parallelogram linkage on it?  maybe with a secondary (drop down) latch?


That is crazy innovative and would still be a great option - like the Studebaker Wagonaire's slide forward rear roof:  (they even had the fold down step) - this is 1963 and yes, I had one just like this white w/red!  it had a 289 v8 and 3spd OD that had the electric kickdown and free wheeling sprag.



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