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  1. Lets see if I can win again
  2. red13

    Dash Caps

    dash caps are crap, there was someone trying to get repop dashes going better then oem, but hasnt got a lot of interest
  3. red13

    620 Part # Thread

    Charlie how much are those?
  4. bananahamuck you cant recieve msg, so can u get in contact please? need eagle rock pics and getting it blasted so need pics thanks
  5. each year this event gets bigger. eventually we need a new spot. Hopefully it can allow more growth if it changes
  6. should slip in, has some flex, but what u are missing is the rubber in the hole on the arm and a hinge.
  7. i am ready, also facebook events are created. https://www.facebook.com/events/495403800938433/
  8. Nice setup in there, i did a airbox mod that feeds cold air from the fender well
  9. Sucks I had to miss it, hopefully I can make it next year
  10. red13

    Cab mount bushing help

    they sell sets on ebay
  11. Although I might not attend this one, I have created a event and plastered FB
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