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  1. red13

    Cab mount bushing help

    they sell sets on ebay
  2. Although I might not attend this one, I have created a event and plastered FB
  3. red13

    dash cover

    Southwest? I live in the desert of CA mine was getting there. This us how I do my dash. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1855294684694981&id=1854433418114441
  4. red13

    dash cover

    dashcaps are crap fitment sucks, dashes can be repaired
  5. red13

    620 power steering?

    Eletric power steering many options, also I was looking into getting a rhd toyota box, it bolted on the outside of the frame. So lhd it would bolt inside. It has similar parts as the 620. just havent found a box yet
  6. Can't wait. Hit me,up when we,got it. Ill get facebook event going again.
  7. red13

    Saturn Alternator in a 620

    I plan on dropping a 125 amp nissan quest alt in mine,but put it on the left side. A/c will be on the right
  8. red13

    Voltage Regulator?

    Swapping to internal reg would be a good idea, Dave irwin makes a ZXP plug that works for 72-73 620 that he made for a early s30. Only thing I learned from Mike was the heater choke relay needs a wire changed as well.
  9. red13

    Electronic ignition conversion

    Dont think that sounds like a good idea

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