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  1. I bought a front apron from Rock Auto but the hood and fender I used were from u-pull. The new apron/valance was terrible and unusable. Holes drilled in wrong spots, wavy and thinner than OG Datsun which should be impossible. I had to go find a used part at the wreckers. A little body work on original parts is better than the repop stuff for me. (if you can find it)
  2. And YES! I did get the 5 speed in. It works so well that I never installed the roadster third member for lower hwy rpms. Sorry I missed you and your new rig this year. I'm crossing fingers that next fall I'll be in a good spot to start a new Datsun project
  3. hey everyone I'm going to sell my truck. Progress has stalled and family comes first PM if you are interested. I'll post up a classified ad soon. Looking for $4500 obo
  4. Free GT Spoiler... https://inlandempire.craigslist.org/zip/d/truck-camper-shell/6676532081.html
  5. I can understand some people's frustration with seemingly boring or "useless" episodes of Project Binky. I suspect most of the frustration comes from the length of time between episodes Seems to me these guys are doing a great service for inexperienced potential builders who want to make or mod a car " in their spare time" Time, Space and even the level/quantity of tooling required is informative. Seems pretty basic at most turns but you better have a TIG, MIG, Lathe, Mill, Band Saw, DrillPress etc, The one thing they don't do much is talk about the cost of tooling. Their Step Bit bills alone must be very high! Not to mention cutoff wheels and beeping levels EVERYTHING car and custom can take forever if you are trying to do it right in available spare time. Had anyone demonstrated that to a 15yo me I'd have finished a lot more of the projects I sold off over the years. Or maybe not started them at all? Here is another project that's getting done at a high quality level - LoCost s2000 Build - really interesting work but already 8.5 years of spare time into it and not driving yet. I recommend Binky to anyone asking me about how to get started working on cars. With special attention paid to the timestamp on each episode I'm also happy to say I drink coffee out of my Binky mug almost daily and I've already worn out one of their T-shirts These days I start a project with an Excel or Google Sheet spreadsheet detailing my estimated costs for parts, paint, etc. If that doesn't scare me off the project then I start to figure the hours it might take me... If that doesn't scare me off then I end up with my half finished 620!
  6. planning on showing with my 620 and family in tow (in Outback) see you all there!
  7. I'm in Pasadena ( LA ) and could receive shipments if it's convenient for you. There's a guy in AZ who has surrounds and was headed out here. I'll see if he's bringing any along *update - sending his contact # in a PM
  8. I'll be there late in the day (like 1pm) I'm now scheduled to be working the weekend in Mojave. there's still a chance I'll make it to the swap meet. replying to the kind PMs i received thanks guys! I'm looking for ( if anyone is still around); 620 wiper switch new speedo cable 620 or longer like Z i think? early 620 steering column plastics regular cab 620 headliner 620 dash cap 620 hood rubber bump stops let me know if you have it coming please!
  9. hey y'all what happened to Eagle Rock? I have been waiting for a fall winter event but maybe i missed the trhead and/or event? I usually see it even if I don't see the calendar because i pass it taking my daughter to dance class sunday mornings
  10. I'll work on it. I have some from the unboxing, I'll post them along with the rough install and finished install when I'm done
  11. ALSO, I am officially going to switch back to kingpin front end. with a Bluehands disc conversion and spacers to keep my 14"s ( I think that works?) I may have said this ^^^ before. I have been running the BeeBani upper A arms with '79 620 brakes and lower arms. I'm not sure if Beebani measurements are off or if it's just not a good conversion but I cannot get this thing aligned at the ride height I want. If I was running a stock height it would be "ok" but not great. Then I could use drop spindles but that would take me away from 14" wheels, and it wouldn't be as good as stock for handling, stance etc. SO, I will have the beebani setup for sale soon-ish, complete with my notes and experiences using it. just have to collect the parts kit to swap back. OTHERWISE, just been daily driving it 44 miles round trip on work days and loving it mostly. Except on hot days. I should get to work figuring out the engine side of some AC so I can utilize the interior AC parts I have stashed...
  12. For Father's day I asked for guilt free time to work on Olive. I GOT IT! so happy about my truck right now. I did a basic tune up, new plugs, adjusted points, emory cloth on the rotor and cap ( they didn't have a lot of wear.), oil change, air filter, fuel filter. New water pump (mis diagnosis of rattling sound by me) actually missing an alternator bracket bolt washed Por15 on driver and passenger floors (surface rust clean-up), Did the full Por brand prep kit and it came out great! Stuck dynamat extreme on floors, door skins and ceiling. replaced window channel felt, scraper and door seal on driver door (passenger tonight maybe) I bought all that rubber stuff from SoCal Datsun at the Eagle rock meet a year ago or more. I'm happy with everything but the scrapers, they seem to be to soft/sticky a compound and fold up-down and stick to window. Just set my JC Whitney green carpet kit in but haven't stuck it down yet. It's a little sloppy Working on a plan for sound control and carpet on rear cabin wall behind seats. Nothing firm yet (faux grass?) I thought I had a dead body or bed mount to the frame. Turns out the bang I hear over some bumps is the aftermarket Gas tank rubbing the lower rear seam of the truck cab. I'll have that fixed in a week or two, it just needs to be shifted a little clockwise depending how you look at tit. I didn't get to take pics as I was really trying to maximize wrk time. I'll grab a couple when I'm doing the seals on the passenger door.
  13. What is this gril?! makes me want a 720 4x4 but NOT a long one... 5 hooks is 1 too many. MAYbe on a 4x4 but not really.
  14. Representing! In the greater Los Angeles area
  15. ha! thanks mike posting a want ad now
  16. i know all that Y'all I already did the swap and put all that in. WHY is the transmission hitting the "tunnel"? I wouldn't be able to get the cross member bolted up at stock height if i tried. I will be checking and correcting pinion angles when the rebuilt unoit goes in. I don't like the spacer setup but its solid if I have to use it. I'll shim the rear spring mounts for angle correction.
  17. questions.. Is the transmission cross member different on late model truck vs 1973 620? OR is it the trans mount itself? (Rock auto shows the same part number for all manual 620 mounts) finally, maybe it's the transmission i used? I think most 5spd L series trans are essentially the same outside? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SO! I bought a '79 280z trans from a local member. It was a wrecking yard pull of unknown quality but it was cheap. ANYway It's in my truck and it's no good. 3rd and 5th have terrible bearing noise and 5th pops out of gear now and then. Plus there is a small crack in the case allowing oil to leave I'm having a local shop rebuild a different trans for me but I have a question in the mean time. When i swapped from my 4spd I thought I had all the conversion and service parts lined up... New rear main seal New high pressure roadster clutch kit already have new clutch slave and hose installed L series 5spd rear output seal front half of a late model drive shaft late model shifter cover (interior) Chrysler door hinge kit for shifter. straight/short shift lever of unknown vintage from eagle rock swap. everything fit with 2 exceptions: 1. The bell housing to engine bolts were too short from the orginal 4spd,easy fix. 2 The trans mount and cross member are too high? I had to space the cross member down almost 2" to get it to fit and it still has small contact with the truck at the vent? I haven't checked pinion angles yet but I will when the rebuilt trans is going in. PS. Holy shit that bronze bushing kit for the shifter makes it feel nice! PPS. Another thing I noticed, the carrier bearing metal cage is different from '73 and '78 (the drive shaft I got) The '78 was an inch taller and came off a longbed I believe. I used that since I never got around to spacing my carrier up to compensate for lowering the truck. I can't recall if that's common knowledge or not.
  18. Sounds like he just wants the pro-street look? Should be easy to have your wheels or stock wheels modded to your spec Or have a wheel company build you some steelies that size OR Get adapters and use BMW i3 fronts! 18x4 or something like.
  19. GRpufnstuf

    1973 620

    Wow that looks like a GREAT starting point. And welcome! I love the proper old man styling. Visor, chrome oil and water gauges, home made camper and carpet job, '70s fuel crisis aux gas tank etc. you oughtta should sell me those wheels when you find some stockers. I don't know if I'd mount them (I like my stock steelies) but I'd love Vector style wheels as an option! There is a repair kit for that hinge that works. The search bar should find it quick for you. I'll look too, when I'm in front of a computer not an iPhone.
  20. they will definitely com out if you cut the liner. pull it out, stick up some dynamat kind of material, glue some vinyl/velour/velvet/carpet over that and voila!.. ratsun (but quieter)
  21. My truck is turning 3500rpm at 55mph. I have a tach and I use a gps speedo. 4000rpm gets me 60mph. I'll double check this vs mikes math. Maybe my clutch is slipping? I'd be thrilled if I was under 4K at 65. 4spd with 4.375 80mph would be tough to listen to, even tougher on mpg. To answer the OP's question... Not sure that there is a lower ratio rear end that just bolts in. Maybe from a 720? Third member spider gear swap by mklotz70 http://community.ratsun.net/topic/10748-h190-spider-gear-swap/ I did the spider gear swap on a '66 roadster diff, it was easy. I haven't installed it in my truck yet... You can swap in a 5spd for an overdrive. Lower rpm at cruising speed if you have the power.
  22. More like Halibrands on EVERYTHING They do list them as blank bolt pattern but 6lug might look weird on a 5 spoke style? I am now asking them directly. If nothing else I could order a back spacing that would allow adapters.
  23. GRpufnstuf


    Check out TEX in the UK http://texautomotive.com/classic_exterior_mirrors.html They make killer vintage mirrors
  24. GRpufnstuf


    I responded to your other thread, I would add that maybe you can get some clamp on hotrod mirrors and mount them on the hood (gently)?
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