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  1. James that Lizard Skin is good stuff, all the top builders at SEMA use it. Do the roof too.
  2. Clean 620, can't wait to see your new wheels on it.
  3. I seem to remember the McMaster-Carr had a brass breather plug that would work.
  4. I am assuming a match box distributor? Do you have a ground from the matchbox module to engine block ground? No ground between the two will cause the bouncing tach, the factory wiring has a ground lug on the module, where the mounting screws are for the said module.
  5. I machined a groove in the back side of the drums, no modifying of the backing plates needed. Did the job with a mill on a rotary table, basically copying the stock drums groove. Doing it this way retains the labyrinth seal, with keeps water, etc. out.
  6. OK, from the archives; Dupont Lucite Enamel Acme 2-960X moly red Big Bad Blue # 5079L Maybe you can cross to a modern paint
  7. Came out very nice! A credit to all your hard work.
  8. Do you have an part# for both the studs and the tool? Why did you go to different size tires from the front vs the back, looks?
  9. Thanks for the info! I was thinking of using 1/2" for both front and rear for my Nismo's.
  10. So did you really need the 1" spacer for the front for clearance or for it to look right?
  11. I worked for a Pioneer dealer in the 70's ( when the HiFi business was a blast to be in) and later I was a Pioneer authorized warranty station, so I am very familiar with the SX-1280. When the SX-1250( previous top of the line model) came out that was the start of the wattage wars between the manufactures ( kind of like the HP wars in cars) Back in those days Pioneer made some good stuff, it didn't turn too shit until they came out with the gray/gold face models ie, Ct-9r. IMHO, after that Pioneer went down hill.
  12. No, but have JBL's. I have a pair of Lancer 99's that I am the original owner. Also some LE14C's.
  13. In Reno,Nv. Shipping heavy audio gear is a pain in the ass, ie, speakers ,reel to reels, amps, receivers. and I would imagine expensive to do it right.
  14. Looking for recommendations on where to sell large amount of vintage audio gear and audio test gear. A little background, I was, during my working life in the audio business (25+ years). Because of this, I have a large amount of old school audio stuff that I need to start getting rid of. With a recent dead in the family( wife's sister's husband) my wife is wanting me to start getting rid of stuff so that she doesn't have too,( at least she isn't pushing me to sell the Datsun's). Most of the stuff is higher end, at least it was back in the day. I was thinking about Ebay, but I don't know
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