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Back in the day.

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I have a 71 Datsun PL521 pickup. My parents bought a new light green 510 wagon from Foothill Datsun in 1970 and recommended my grandparents buy a new Datsun.  So my grandparents bought a new dark green Datsun pickup and my folks got a hundred bucks for referring them. My grandfather wanted mag wheel so the dealer installed 6 lug US mags before he took delivery of the truck.I was 11 at the time and went fishing several times with my grandfather in the pickup over the years before he passed away in late 1983. My younger sister needed a vehicle and bought the truck for $500.00 from my grandmother. About a year later she was pregnant and couldn't handle the stiff ride and sold the truck to me for $500.00. This truck has been my daily driver since then. 30 years. Just painted the truck again and it's very nice. Not sure if i can put pictures with this story i'm a newbie. 

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welcome! when i was little my dad had a 71 521. i was about 4 when i "helped" him change the motor for the first time. my first time driving was in that truck when i was about 9.i have a lot of good memories of me and my dad wrenching on that thing and hanging out i the garage. he put well over 300,000 miles on that truck. 

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I looked up your location , and if i was you,, ( i live 1500 miles away)  i would most definitely travel down to Busta-nut BBQs he has about once a month... He and his buddies are really nice guys and i'm sure would make you feel more welcome..


First page gives you address ,, the title of thread changes to give date of next BBQ,, which seems to be the 30th of this month.


Clickity -- clickity




And welcome to you

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Seeing as I'm very computer challenged East Bay 521 posted this picture. Thanks again. I haven't even figured out how to put in a profile picture, just keeps telling me its too large.  Did the photo bucket thing and all that but still having problems. We used an abacus when i was young back in the day. 

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So a little backround on gramps 71 and what I've done over the years. It's lowered 2 inches, it has a 5 speed out of a 77 200sx, a header, a weber carb, and MSD ignition. My brother in law the engine builder built the engine about 12 years ago. 9.5-1 compression, head studs instead of bolts and a one off cam he designed and had ground by Crane. Also a 70 series flowmaster that sounds nice. Hoping to get the body fixed soon so I can get it to a few shows and maybe a BBQ or 2. 

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Sweet truck gramps!!


......sucks a bout the accident......but looks very fixable.....


Def come down to the BBQ.....we'd love to see this thing in person.....

.....there are a few up in your neck of the woods that usually caravan down.....


Bababooey(510T), DatsunTrauma, Rag10, FtO, KAwagon...and I'm sure I'm leaving a few out.....

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