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  1. Thanks Hobo! Hope to see you sometime soon. Say, I saw a link on here for a cheap carb rebuilt kit... now I can't find it for the life of me... help? Anyone got a link to a cheap carb kit? I need to give mine an enema. It'll be the first time I've really gone deep in a carb, too, so here we go (que the circus music).
  2. I have the same access cover for my 521... and it looks like it could fit a 6-pack and some ice packs, soooooooo.... hinge it and have a secret beer cooler maybe??
  3. I've got some Kroil...
  4. Oh yeah? I’d like a spare set!
  5. Wow! Thanks guys! I have work ahead of me. Awesome!
  6. There’s nothing under it but a couple grommeted holes. Maybe I can do something cool with that space... hmmm
  7. ...and what is this part for? And what is it called. And why do I want to keep it? And should I use it to hide contraband.
  8. Well it appears my fuel filter is full of silt. Shit. Looks like I'm puling a tank soon, and cleaning out a carb? Oy. Couldn't find a vacuum leak, but I'll keep looking. Gonna go through a whole can of carb cleaner to find it! 😄 LOL But man I love working on this truck. I used to be into old VWs, but this whole "not-crawling-around-on-your-back and hunched-over-to-work-on-it" thing is nicer on my 52-year old spine.
  9. Trying to fix my idle issue. It started happening suddenly. Idles down until it dies. Gotta keep the choke on. gotta be a vacuum leak? Only thing I could find so far was this nipple that had nothing on it. Figured a hose or cap cane off, so I stuck a rubber eye dropper bulb on it with a yellow zip tie, but it didn’t help. What is that and where should it connect to? I don’t see an obvious place where it would route to. Looks like the lines go back to the tank, maybe it’s for vapor?
  10. Time Left: 8 days and 12 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    Two older hubcaps and one that looks like it might have come off a roadster? Big huge ugly bumper that is extremely well-made. It has one ball. I'm not going to need these and would like to send them to a loving home. A little lunch money is cool, but I'd really rather trade for stuff. It's more fun. Got anything cool for my '71 521? Not lookin' for a lot. I'm in Edmonds, WA. Thanks


    Edmonds - US

  11. Maybe I could sell the air to some hardcore JDM guys... "For sale: original factory spare tie air!" The guys who put Japanese cigarette butts in the ashtray will probably bite... ;D
  12. Thanks! I dig it a lot. Blast to drive.
  13. I’m shocked it’s still holding air! 😄 and yeah the rest of the tires are newer. Safety++ etc.
  14. That, and it irritates people. ;D
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