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may 9th olympia to Centralia cruise


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Although a backroads trip all the way to Aberdeen for taco van tacos (and yes it is possible ) or a trip out to Wynoochee dam would be cool for local guys,,

  i  suggest keep it central again maybe East of i5 this time and have locals like Aquaman scout roads that don't have lots of cross traffic and such..   stop signs suck for reals

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Ok, idea, I know most people probably already have plans for memorial day weekend. But im thinking of going up to the Packwood swapmeet. We can leave olympia via i5 to Centralia/Chehalis, jump on Jackson highway, left on 508, that will take us to Morton. From Morton we hit 12 to Packwood, hanhang out there for a couple hours.


Leaving we have a couple options, back down boring 12 to i5,


Out from Packwood to forest road 52 (paved) to Ashford, hit hit highway 7 to 702, then 507 to 510 out to lacey or where ever.


Or back down 12 to Morton, right on Highway I cant remember to Elbe, hit seven and go our separate ways.


Or just go our separate ways from Packwood.

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I haven't been down skate creek in about a year. But as long as we aren't hualing ass, it should be fine for even the vertically challenged. Right? Besides, just an option.


Jackson, 508 & 12. Or go up from tacoma/spunaway on 7 and come back 12, 508, Jackson. Main thing is datsuns cruising together to a junkfest tourist attraction.

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Last time we as a group down skate creek captain spinout had his whole car off the ground......more than once.....that's what he gets for trying to keep up with Dave :lol:




Skate creek is a good option, we just have to take it easy.

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Whos capitan spin out? I used to race through skate creek with my cousin all the time. I think its 27 miles through thwre and would take us some where around 25/30 minutes to go through casually. I wanna say one time we made it in 17 minutes, but I could be wrong. I know a few spots we had gone over 100 in some of the short straights. Definitely a good place to bang gears, usually 2nd and 3rd.

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He doesn't even know who Captain Spinout is,, Or why he's named that?? ,,,,,,,,,, and now he has become the cruise leader??


   WTF Chief??


Probably doesn't even know who lando calrissian is either  after what JRock described as his "Star Blazers Dukes of Hazzard re-entrance" ,,  Hell i think the fucking moderators on here have went to more meets than this guy.. ...

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