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De-Hooked club update!!!


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Ok. So got sick of ripping your shirts on them or you just think the truck looks better without them. Whatever. Personally, I fit both. :D

BUT, I still need to haul the boys dirt bike around. :rolleyes: What to do about a place to hook the tie downs? Took the engine hooks off my parts truck and bolted them to the bed using the factory bolts. I may end up moving them to the bottom bolts.


Just thought I would share my thought.







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yea man thats a great idea, i got my truck with shaved hooks, but i'd have shaved them myself if not.. i have caught my belt loops on other peoples trucks before.. i have 2 lil holes where the hooks used to be.. perfect for some bolts.. but i just slip some rope in them an it works fine..

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on my 07 ford (probably alot of others) they have very similar to what you have, however its mounted lower and on the sides of the bed, front and back. Ill probably run something similar so i can strap my bikes down.


google images didnt have a pick, and its dark and im to lazy to take a pick

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I just took 8 hooks to the chrome plating place. Now what in the world am I going to be doing with removed chromed hooks???????? You'll have to wait until JCCS to see!!! You already know that it's going to be different and strange!!!

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how did you remove them to where they werent trashed?



Well, first You start an IV......... a slow drip. You check the trucks vitals until they are stabalized......... Gently You walk up to the bed side. Then You turn on a 4 1/2 inch grinder with a cutting wheel. If the truck "stirs" You wait a little while until it is sedated.




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