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    Georgetown, CO
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    2003 Ford F350 CC, 2000 Jeep wrangler Tj, 1994 Toyota 4Runner, 1979 Datsun 620 KC and a dog
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    skiing, snowboarding, cycling, 4 wheeling, trucks and cars
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    Home Restoration
  1. xtrmemtnmn

    What does everyone do for a living?

    I am self employed, Own a restoration buisness, we rebuild houses and commercial buildings after fire, flood, water pipe breaks,remove mold and asbestos.
  2. xtrmemtnmn

    New Member

    welcome and show us the pics
  3. xtrmemtnmn

    New Guy, loves me some datsuns

    Welcome, we like pics, any pics
  4. xtrmemtnmn

    1973 Datsun PL620 build

    Truck is looking good, I still want that hood
  5. xtrmemtnmn

    riding slammed, webered, and enkie'd

    Nice looking 210, I would drive it
  6. xtrmemtnmn

    dont i feel special lol

    Happy B-day man :thumbup:
  7. xtrmemtnmn

    Hello from Colorado Springs

    Welcome and another Colorado res.
  8. xtrmemtnmn

    Looking at this car Saturday..Porsche

    I have always wanted one of those. Put a V-8 and fiberglass wide fenders w/ wide tires. Fun summer car.
  9. xtrmemtnmn

    Check this out

    well if you beleive it or not here is the pilot talking about it http://www.jamesandersson.com/video01.html And here is Killathrill http://www.killathrill.com/start.action
  10. xtrmemtnmn

    Check this out

    This guy is incredible http://www.kontraband.com/videos/14339/The-Best-Air-Race-Pilot-EVER/
  11. xtrmemtnmn

    got laid off today

    Thats sucks man, I know the feeling, I got laid off so then I started my own buisness. Now the only one who can fire me is myself. And beleive me some days I want to.
  12. xtrmemtnmn

    Jesters Lil Husterl

    no doubt, i wish I could find something like that here
  13. xtrmemtnmn

    Best Myth Busters evar! Exploding Pants

    Well there is the always classic when she posed for FHM
  14. xtrmemtnmn

    New to the Forum.

  15. xtrmemtnmn

    ~~~~ bagged 1967 520 ~~~~

    Nice truck, like the look. I like the look of it sitting on the bumperetts.

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