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Painting Rims

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So there are no Powdercoat shops on this cursed island. And I want to make all pretty with my Libres. Should I paint them? I have a gun. Or will it just chip off quick and look junk? I know it's done, and it looks like my best option at hand, but let me know if I'm being stupid. Also paint suggestions would be cool. Happy Friday ratsun.

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Yeah. I've been looking at kits online. It's an option. Not really in a place to find another hobby though. And I'm suspicious about the quality of the kits paint combined with my inexperienced ass. Also, coming home with a pos oven scores low on the w.a.s.


So, paint is no go Cat?

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I think painting is fine. I am guessing you are only interested in color on the 4 leaf clover center and polishing the lip. If this is the case you are pretty safe as far as the paint not chipping. It would be protected by the tire and lip. Prep, prep and more prep makes for a long lasting paint.

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I agree with Dan.  I painted some Pana knock-offs on my old 1200, and they came out nice and lasted while I drove the car daily.


FOR GOD SAKES, use a real self-etch primer (from an auto paint store) and use a good acrylic enamel or urethane paint (again, from an auto paint store)  Spray paint is fine for small parts, but real auto paint will get real results.

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I have done powder coating on the Car rim. Till date it was working perfect, sometimes, to prevent it from corrosion it should be checked regularly. Read XXXXX, you will get the details on powder coating.


alysennelson's IP and e-mail have numerous spam posts to 'her' credit. This violates the conditions of your membership here and it is terminated.

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The wheels were sandblasted, and then primed with PPG 1791/1792 Wash primer, then PPG DPLF, then topcoated with Dupont Centari, with hardener.


I painted the wheels by setting them flat on boards.  When each coat of primer or paint could be handled, very carefully, I turned the wheels over and painted the other side.  I used three small sticks on each wheel to avoid having the whole rim edge in the masked board they were sitting on.


If you paint spoke wheels, paint the backside first, then the front.  That way, the overspray is on the back.

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