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hi all iam new


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hope i got this in the right spot :D


iam new here and will soon have my first datson hopfully a 73 240z if all goes well when i go look at it on the 6th. if not i will find another one sooner rather then later. i hope.


any magor areas i should look at when i go look at the 73 Z? this would be my first Z so any advice is helpfull


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hey buddy, dont expect it to be perfect tho, as most people know Z cars are natorious for rust.. just get one that your satisfied with an as long as its a reasonable deal.. and good to see ya on the forum!


to everyone else: this guy is going to be Hopefully buying my spare turbo motor to put in the Z that he's buying, i reccomended him here, so lets give him a big ratsun WELCOME!!!!!!!!

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thanks lynchfourtwenty hope all is well, yeah as long as it is complete and not to far gone i will be happy. my main concern is that it has a straight frame and it is not so rusty as that it is more than i can handle.


thanks every one for a warm welcome.

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WELL i went and took a look at the 73 240z it was a rust bucket not worth my time the complet underside was just rust the frame and rear qauter pannles felt like a sponge when i pressed on them. someone mite be able to save it but it was more then i could handle so iam on to looking again. anyone know of a 240z for sell?:D


thanks all

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