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Perfect POWer EMS

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So, a few years back my friend told me about these bad ass ECU's he could get for cost and they were stand alone. I was like, "cool, awesome lets buy a whole bunch. heck lets buy 8 and sell them to friends!" Yeah, thats exactly what we did five years ago and now my friend has finally started using them on customer cars and proceded to blow up 3 engines. He called perfect power asking them, WTF? One ecu actually cycled an injector 120 times in one second and made it sound like a electric motor!!!!! Turns out perfect power neglected to let their customers know a bad batch of the systems were released to the public. Well we were fortunate enough to get a group of these and now perfect power is paying for it. Theyre sending us their latest and greatest self learning XMS unit in exchange for destroying the 8 my friend and I had purchased.


So, I ask you guys what is a creative way we should destroy these little buggers? We have to video tape this action and or take pictures of the damage so I need some creative ideas. We might even hold out till Canby to destroy them all but the faster we move on the deal the better for all of us. what do you guys think? peace.

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set them under someones bagged truck and have them repeatedly lay frame on them, hell strap them to the frame and have them drag on them..




or you could always just use a huge magnet or a sledge hammer...

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Rig up a fuel rail and four injectors aimed at the ECU with a lit candle as an ignition source. 120 flaming balls of fire per sec X four, bouncing off the case. Would look like a burning school house with all the little chips and resistors running out with their hair on fire.

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