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Dipped Datsuns

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I'm doing my rear panel and it's honestly pretty good.

I fucked up with not taking the tape off soon so i couldnt get the smooth sharp edges i wanted but i learned and its pretty nice with the gloss.

I'm doing it correctly tomorrow and I'll be sure to post it

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I dipped my rear.

I think its alright.


I honestly dont like how it doesnt have a smooth transition.

I put 3 light black coats and even with that the transition wasnt very smooth.


the gloss was easy and fun


It looks okay from a foot + away but im ocd about being perfect. lol.



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Results aren't tough to duplicate as long as you use a spray gun instead of rattle can.


DYC has the kits for $300, includes 3 gallons of paint and all the spray gun/prep items. 



im gonna go with orange but you cant get the kits shipped to me im in california. so 9 rattle cans it is.

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My buddie picked up 3gallons of the camo green I painted his audi r4 with it. I guess he got a friend to ship it from az to him. Anyways this stuff super easy to use and forgiving. 3-4 coats and you've got a new color. It does okay with gas once its cures but just be careful of drops and you'll be fine

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I decided to dip it so it wouldn't rust during the winter and it kinda gives me an idea of what i'll want in the future. This stuff was super easy to spray and turned out really good


That looks great! Did you use the kit or rattle cans? It has been almost a year since that post, how is it holding up?


I am considering painting my truck myself with PlastiDip in yellow or blue. My black primer job I did a couple of years ago now is chalking and looks like crap. I cannot afford to shell out $5000 on a "real" paint job.

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