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  1. Ebay $20 catch cans work like a charm. I always end up dumping atleast half the things volume out at oil change time.
  2. What way are you guys driving up? I wanna join
  3. Haha maybe watch a video or two and try again. Those welds look like ass. The metal needs to be perfectly clean.
  4. Your not going to find a dash pad. Best bet is to fix the cable with one from a bicycle. Go to other data une check out my old build page to see how I kinda made my dash pad look more bearable. I have tails and a deck lid for the coupe for sale. Other odds and ends too
  5. Are you a numb nuts or what? How many cyclist have you meet that don't have a car I mean come on, that's such a lame dick argument. I have 3 cars and a motorcycle all have to be registered and what gets used the most my quote Un quote free bicycle. If there was bike lanes in more rural areas of California Oregon etc the increase in revenue from cycling tourist would leave all said bs null and void. I would much rather seeing people cycling then seeing all the fat ass mouth breathers slurping down fast food in said automobile. He'll thanks to Obama we all get to pay for unhealthy individuals, Haha j/p I mean those of us who work for a loving.
  6. Potential name changes 1. Foreskins 2. Pastie skins 3. Apple skins 4. No skins 5. Feel free to add to the list
  7. If there wasn't so many damn illegals there would be less pollution caused by burrito gas. Just saying
  8. I was looking for one of these for a while buy sadly lost interest. All the rednecks and 4x4 bros in my area want 3k plus for their "crawlers" well used and abused yotas. Instead I scored a dirt virgin 98 explorer with all options and 106k miles for 1,800. Just wish I could pop the top off looks fun that way
  9. Straight up fast and furious style. I didnt know Greddy and apex makes chevy cav parts.
  10. Ahh I thought it said Sonoma, durp.
  11. We can have a datsun camp out at my parents ranch in lake county. I have a flat 10 acre field that everyone can come hangout and have fun
  12. I'm happy to say I can finally drive the 810 to one od your bbq's. Finally it's back on the road
  13. Sorry for your loss. Unfortunately men like this are shunned and beaten for being men in this overly feminised pussy America. Humanity has changed greatly these last 100 years and your gp lived thru it all, truly amazing.
  14. Stop buying car parts and start buying survival gear. This shit going to implode soon. There's a reason behind them not wanting to let us keep old cars going, it's called millions of new cars all over the world being unsold and sitting in storage fields. How can they keep the taxes, and debt money slavery going without idiots buying new cars that can't afford them. Housing market was first, new cars with shit loans are next. Start saving for that new car during the next down turn it's coming sooner than later.
  15. There hubcaps not rims datzenmike. I have a set on the wall.
  16. It's not as simple as cut, weld, now your cars fixed. Doing a good patch takes practice. I would find something to do that before you do something you will regret.
  17. Anyone dealing with drought do gooders yet? The white wing is a z car spoiler flipped upside down. Tried the same thing on my 810, with some custom fab work it might work.
  18. I need a red or orange 620. And a gtr hako or Kenmare I have a blue 620 to trade.
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