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  1. I'll be selling some wheels, l series valve covers, old school speakers, a sr20de head, and 20r valve cover
  2. shakotan710

    My '75 710 build

    Damn it datzenmike! I knew I should've just messaged you haha. Thanks for all the quick info, I didn't know that the z22 crank and bearings fit right in, the block is at the shop so I haven't been able to fit it. I'd really like to get the 2.3, but the 2.2 is definitely safer so I might just go with that
  3. shakotan710

    My '75 710 build

  4. shakotan710

    My '75 710 build

    Just received my z22 crank in the mail, I'm gonna take it to the machine shop and get it ground to fit into the l series block, then I'm gonna need to find some ideas for rods and pistons. I know that people usually go with the z series rods because they're longer and provide a better ratio. If anyone would like to help with recommendations I would really appreciate it and I've been reading many of the threads on the lz series builds
  5. shakotan710

    Instagram handles

    IG: shakotan710
  6. shakotan710

    My '75 710 build

    So here's another update, I was able to get the engine torn down
  7. shakotan710

    My '75 710 build

    Not sure of the brand and it came off of another 710 in modesto
  8. shakotan710

    Dipped Datsuns

    I used the kit, not too expensive and it held up pretty well for the whole year, the car needs to be prepped really well and does not like gas at all, so just make sure to be careful. If you take care of it, it should hold up for a while
  9. shakotan710

    My '75 710 build

    New update Winter is coming along and I was able to buy myself a new daily, a 1987 Toyota Pickup in really good condition, I've been driving it for the past couple of weeks and it's pretty good on gas. I felt that it was the right time to put the car away and actually work on it like I have wanted to since I bought it. I have decided to stick with building the L20 and I wanted to do a stroker setup on it and I have read that there are a couple of ways to go about this, and I was just wondering what the best way is. I'm not very worried about money and I have dual 40 DCOE's and I just need to build up the motor. I have read that one can use an L20 block and fit a z series crank from the trucks and it does the trick but you need to regrind. Also read that using a z series block and an amount of l and z series parts can make an lz hybrid but I'm really thinking of going an interesting way with this. I don't have too much experience on building engines but since I don't need the car on the road anytime soon, I figured I would take my time and really learn with this. Was looking to buy a cam and ran into 3 options Rebello Isky And Schneider regrinds The plan is not to daily the car, I want it to run well but have the power in the higher ranges, I won't put a lot of mileage on it yearly and will mainly just be ran every now and then except for the winter. Plan is for new paint, back to the stock color 012 interior changes like new seats and rear upholstery install my Alpine 6411's New coilovers and adjustable suspension in the front so I can run a small bit of camber Maybe convert the straight axle to some sort of 4-link or IRS, not sure though Completely refinished engine bay And then a CRAZY L series build, I'm not looking to do a swap because I really enjoy the sound and feel of an L series Any help with advice would be very helpful, and thanks for reading!
  10. shakotan710

    My '75 710 build

    Went and bought a pair of Hayashi Commands off a guy that lived relatively close to me and the plan was to flip the faces and get them polished and this is how they turned out Before After Also bought a chin spoiler back in March and did fiberglass repair and some new paint so it would match with the car Also, i decided to have some takeyari pipes made, and they are removable which is pretty helpful, mainly gonna run these during shows, too much of a headache to run them around town all the time Roll in and final setup at BLOX, turned out to be a really good show, great atmosphere and was a really organized setup Now I'm on the lookout for a wider pair of 14's to match the rear, more updates will come soon
  11. shakotan710

    710 project thread

    I wouldn't mind getting the front fenders and valence
  12. shakotan710

    My '75 710 build

    I haven't had any problems at all with the driveshaft hitting the tunnel and I'm running 3" blocks, the car feels perfectly fine everywhere, its not too bumpy and if i air up the shocks it gets stiff. Yea, they are pretty cool, unfortunately i only had one that came with the beauty rings, i could get more, but I'm probably going to sell them at the next Datsloco meet. And thanks, we'll see how the swap goes, I'm still debating on whether i just put the sr in another datsun in the future and keep the l series in the 710 because i have some good parts for a built l series and it just seems like everyone does motor swaps these days Exactly, and you can read up on what Will was talking about, its quite helpful, since mine are going bad i think I'm gonna go for some new aftermarket struts, and the nice thing with the split collar is that I can just put it on my new struts. I also need to read up more on the swap but I'm pretty sure the struts are pretty straightforward. Yep, exactly
  13. shakotan710

    My '75 710 build

    Are you talking about the front or the rear? Because for the rear I'm just running lowering blocks, and the front are 280zx struts with a split collar adjustable coilover
  14. shakotan710

    Datsun BBQ......July 28th....12-whenever..........

    God damnit!! The only time I don't go, there's another 710.....
  15. shakotan710

    Rims...post what you have & had

    Just got these from a guy that lived close to me, just some oxidation on them, other than that they are in really good condition

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