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  1. Darin, I might be interested. I'm in Davis, CA and would be willing to travel or pay for shipping on specific parts. Send me a PM and let's set something up! Thomas
  2. Floor plugs are in. I’m going with the Wurth stone guard spray as my undercoat. This stuff is typically used for European cars and should hold up well over the long run. I had to do some minor sanding in spots that were overlooked and applied the spray and the paint took on a really good texture and cured properly. (Sanded down to bare metal, no in-between pics) This was also applied under the car where all the plugs go so that when I go and spray all the undercarriage I don’t need to go back out and pull all the plugs and interior. Everything can just be carefully masked off.
  3. Good plan, I'm running a 280zx setup in the front that just needs to be rebuilt and I used to run 3" lowering blocks with 15" wheels. Once I'm focusing on suspension I'll probably go with a minor de-arching and run a slightly smaller lowering block.
  4. Hey, A door would just be from looking around craigslist and other secondhand parts websites, I'll be sure to keep a look out and inform you if I find anything. I recently ordered a 510 trunk seal hoping that it was at least a bit similar to the 710 coupe and it is NOT. So, I'm going to try my hand at a 710 sedan trunk seal since it should at least be the same molding. I have a friend that has a 710 2dr sedan and once "shelter-in-place" has been lifted I'll go and see if we can just buy those instead. They seem to be readily available on eBay from Thailand.
  5. Are you trying to upgrade to full coilovers or do you just want stock 280zx struts?
  6. Small update Getting things together for plating and received some rubber grommets/pieces for the floor and firewall. Next steps are to order a paint for the underside of the car, as well as some more rubber pieces including door seals, a trunk seal (PS: 510 trunk seal is not the same and neither are the trunk shape between the coupe and other 710 body styles), more floor plugs, and lastly some sound deadening. Steering is getting figured out and the box is getting cleaned and a new seal installed at the moment. Installing an idler arm in the next few days a
  7. Will, Yea haha, at the time that was all I had available. Now it's sitting on all of the same 13" Riversides. Oh awesome! Sure that was helpful after you already drove that far haha. I can't thank you enough, the company I was trying to contact in New Zealand won't respond to my emails. I'll send him an email tonight, I appreciate the help so much. Thomas
  8. Paint was finish right around Christmas! Started to stock up on new steering parts and sent the box to a local friend to get restored and painted. Also planning on redoing the entire stock interior in a much more improved manner. This will include sound deadening, foams, insulation, and various other parts that I’ll be posting about. One thing I’ve been having a hard time with are rubber seals. I can’t seem to find any matching door seals, trunk seals, tail light seals online.
  9. Engine bay and trunk painted!
  10. International bumper looks a bit better IMO. I think that'll need to be the route I take. Haha, you learn something new every day! I didn't know there was a difference until last night; it took me a couple glances to notice it.
  11. Dang! The cruise looked like a bunch of fun, and I live super close to Berryessa. Can’t wait to have my 710 complete and ready to roll and meet up. Awesome build by the way, been following it for a while now!
  12. More progress. Headlight holes were filled and re-drilled to stock condition. My father and I regrettably did some plasma cutting back in the day to fit some aftermarket headlights and it looked really ragged so I had the shop shape it back to as close to stock as possible. Paint pictures coming soon! Enjoy!
  13. Thank you! Close plans are to soundproof, undercoat, and restore hardware/linkages. I'm gonna take my time and make sure everything is perfect before it's installed on the car. Within the next month or so I'll have a better idea of what the next steps will be. I have a front bumper, looking for a rear one at the moment.
  14. Will, Thank you! The rails and panels were remade.
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