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will it go lower? pic included

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I just put my front coils on.. Nervous on how high it is.. I lowered it all the way after realizing it looked lifted.. There is no engine in it. It will have a ka24de. Will it go a lot lower? (I wanna have my tire at least to the fender) :thumbup:  off the top of my head, the spring is rated at 215. datsun510_zps6ec1153a.jpg

Excuse the mess, I was just excited to get the front on the ground. Well, was until I saw it this high  :rofl:

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Jon is a dick..





So i was just now stalking you through your content,,, because you are local to me and was wondering how i missed that ,, but,, did you ever find the bushings you were looking for?? Here is a link ,, site looks terrible but me and my brother and others have gotten good parts from them.




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worse case i can come over once its in and give a look at tit.... we will make sure that bitch is a pavement eating slut storage facility..........lwets get it motored and back on four wheels .....bring me those parts  and get the back together........mychedule is freeing up that maybe i can pitch in more then just making shit clean and fresh ....... i wanna see yor car cruising agin ... olympia needs more dattos

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no sounds like maybe z brakes but not sure on that .... maybe start a thread inthe brake section or post a ststus upate that links this thread mentioning the brake differences and an a need for help identifying it ...

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