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Looking at a 620 for sale...


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I have been running around in 510's forever but I am new to the trucks.

I am looking at a 620 later this week.

What should I keep an eye out for?  What parts are hard/expensive to replace?

If there is another thread that covers this kind of basic stuff, feel free to re-direct me, thanks!


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Carter, what year of 620?


If pre 78 check the king pins or whatever.  Look for rust in the floor boards, bed seams, cowl area... really want to check the mounting points in the cab to the frame. Those seem to be a rusting point on a lot of 620s...    Looking over one of these is pretty much the same as any other datsun you would look over really man.  I think it was 74 that was kind of a one year only deal (wiring or something).  Take it for a good spin and check the brakes. pedal at the top? any wobbles coming from the back indicating a bend axle? 


If you do get this... The wiring color on the external regulator is the same as the 510. So its easy swap to an IR alternator..  throw a matchbox right on there... 


The later years, the way the intake/exhaust are bolted together it makes it a real pain in the ass getting to the bottom bolts to pull the intake/exhaust off.


IDK why but the 620s I've had, seems like the little rubber plugs are missing or gone for the running lights... the wires rub the hole and wear thru causing it to short and pop the fuse.. .give those a gander.

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As others have mentioned, be on the lookout for rust. Give the underside a good look and on the inside if you can lift up the carpet/rubber cover check to see how bad (if any) the rust is on the floorboards. Also look underneath the bed and throughout the engine bay including the battery area.


If it's been sitting for awhile bring all fluids (oil, coolant, brake, etc) just in case anything needs to be topped off. Also bring a towel to check level of said fluids. 


Check the carb and if it's having a hard time starting a dash of starting fluid might bring it to life. I'd also recommend bringing some new spark plugs and even wires in extreme cases. 

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youre in the same boat i was in. i wanted a 510 sedan, then wagon. and after fruitless searches i decided on

a 620, which was another search in itself

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youre in the same boat i was in...

 That sounds funny coming from a Navy guy.  B)


So my daugter and I looked at the truck.  We are looking for a project for her to put together before she turns 16.  It needed a dash, some trim, had a bent hood, and probably needed a new bed.  Overall it would probably work but a combination of a reluctant seller and us having the luxury of not beeing in a hurry means no sale - yet.  But we'll see what happens.  In the mean time I am officially on the lookout for a 78 or 79 620 project.  2wd 5spd and preferably a King Cab.  Let me know if you have or see anything interesting in the PNW.


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Welcome to the group sir! Hope You and your daughter can find a good project :) I have a 78 Kc and love it to death! 

most everything has been covered as for as what to look for but it should all be the same for a 510 as it is for a 620. Hope the deal works out! Looking forward to seeing another guy/girl my age with a Datsun around the same area as me! 

1: Check for rust, floorboards, cab mounts, bed, bed mounts, battery tray, frame

2: check Fluids, if it is good on fluids then it has a higher chance that is was taking care of rather then something that wasn't maintained.  

3: check the tranny to see if its sloppy or wont go into any gears and if its a 5 speed. (thats always a plus)

4: Pull a spark plug and check cylinders for rust or any pre-mature wear and if you really wanna go into it, take the valve cover off and check for wear marks on the cam lobes. 

5: Check windshield for cracks or any window gaskets for cracks and anything you would have to replace (stuff gets pricey...)   

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Is there a picture thread for 620's?  I don't see one.  I'd love to see a bunch of truck pictures all in one place so my daughter can look and kind of pick a direction to go with the project.


Something like this:











over in the 510/1600 area... 


I can start one if it doesn't yet exist.  Let me know.

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Thanks!  We'll take a good look at those.


We finally got to see the truck, looked it over really good, and took it for a drive.






We shook hands on a deal but the truck is in his brothers name so I couldn't drive it home as he was not around.  If all works out, we will have a 78 620KC soon!


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