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pic of your truck


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I still think you need to slam it :cool: haha I love to lower everything though.


How was your drive down? I bet it was a lot smoother than the drive up :)

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I love the hood, I'd do it to my 620 but red with green might be a bad idea :confused: Christmas colors would be good in December haha.

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got a l20 with flat top pistons and mikuni carbs right now, but im lookin for a KA


Let's see, thats 9.9051:1 compression. (assuming an open chamber head)

Damn. Every body's is nicer than mine.

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Funny about you liking the valve cover of the e, rather than the de. Me too, reminds me of the mid '60's 426 HEMI. Always was a Dodge fan and loved those huge covers. Saw this cover in a 240 sx in Ontario once, it was redish like some VG six's. The fins are great.

Is that the rad from the Z24 you were talking about? Any trouble with fitment? Beats the look of an aluminum one anyday. Strangely, I like the aluminum fins in the center of the rad but hate the black plastic with fiberglass thread upper and lower tanks. I'll take brass .

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Mike it is the 82 4x4 rad, it works alright, I wish the spout was a little farther to the passenger side.... The water outlet is hits the air intake slightly, I was thinking of heating the air intake with a torch, so I could ever so slightly form it away from the rad hose. Besides that it fit alright, I made some standoff's for it. The standoffs are good since the rad is so close to the headlights. I was pleased at the look and the price :) Later I'm gonna need a bigger, fan I think, right now I'm using a s14 ac fan and its kinda wimpy for a rad.


I want to see a ka in your truck, you'd love the torque. :)

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I still think you need to slam it :cool: haha I love to lower everything though.


How was your drive down? I bet it was a lot smoother than the drive up :)


It will get dumped. It is the highest ride height of anything I've ever owned!


Drive was great! KA24E mellows out the stock helper spring.


The KA is going in the 620!

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Not a torch, a heat gun, like a hair drier only heavy duty. Soften the plastic and push it in with a broom handle.


I drove an '87 or '88, I think it had eight plugs so assumed it was a Z24. I was blown away with the torque! This weekend I removed the 200sx Z20E head/intake EFI/ exhaust as one piece. I plan to install it on the L20B and turn it into an EFI LZ20E? if there is such a thing. Get everything working, then finish rebuilding the Z 24 block I have sitting on my wood stove, and slip it under the head. Still have to go back for the brain, harness, timing chain stuff


I already have a complete 200sx EFI system with a head in storage but this one was driven to the yard so I know it works. I can use the other for spares.


I should be able to convert the old L20B to EFI for the cost of a few gaskets.

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EFI is the way to go boys :) just make sure to keep the idle air control valve intact, it turns out to improve the idle more than you would think :)


Steve keep me updated on the ka swap, I want to know what you end up doing to the ka to engine dilemma.


Mike, I also am a cheap bastard :)

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Iceman, did you check out the link I posted about megasquirtin a KA? It talks about the IAC vavle and how to make it work. CHECK IT OUT, you can get yours working correctly based on that info!

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whats up guys, im new to the board. ive got a 1970 521, slammed. the pics im about to post aren't current, and neither is her status. its got a leak, i don't know if its a had gasket or maybe a crack in the waterjacket, but its undriveable atm. here she is. im also looking for a full ka24e write up. i love the looks of this truck and would love to have it for a while, but if i can't get her up, running, and reliable, she will have to go see a new home. btw, i think she looks better now, its got stock steelies painted black with beauty rings and tucks about an inch of the tires all the way around.




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Steve I started reading that page, I was a bissy trying to figure out the forum, finish my writeup and get people to sign up for the forums :) I'm so gunna do it though, I want megasquirt bad. I'm trying to get Tagen to start a project thread on his ka18et with megasquirt he has been building. So we can all chat about the greatness of megasquirt. Ka head on a z18et block.

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