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pic of your dime


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Dude it best be, me and Tom invested a lot of bucks into it.... I hope we can turn it into a really good page. I have a bunch of stuff I want to add as well, I'm gonna do my ka/620 write-up, then start my 510 :D

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Wow Dillon, you are making some serious progress!! Are you guys gunna be around today?


Okay now you guys need to start project threads :) I'm gunna start some for my cars.


Let the forums begin.....

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nice car man, I cant wait see the updates,. I've seen that car before, and I have to add I like the flare and wheel combo, really nice :cool:



Yeah Dillon what color is it gonna be???

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You are a young guy so bright colors might be a bad idea haha but I'm sure you will get tons of attention in that car either way. I think mint green or light orange oooww gold is nice to, there are so many good colors. I will try to find some examples and post them :)

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ooooh... Park a white one next to it and you got yourself one of those sherbert cups, you know the ones with the half orange half vanilla icecream. Damn those were delicious. Much like that tasty dime! Bitchen Ride!!! no doubt about that.

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you cats are lucky, im from the midwest (arkansas to be exact) and i think i may have seen 3 510s in my life and are w/o a doubt my favorite car of all time. cars look good guys, and icehouse, i think i love yours the most ha ha.


Thanks man :)

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